Monstera Price Guide

Monstera plants have been a favourite of many green thumbs for decades, and their beauty will surely add life to any home.  With their bright green leaves and unique shape, a Monstera Plant is sure to give any room a boost in style and energy.  But with prices ranging from just a few bucks at … Read more

Monstera Deliciosa Fruit Benefits

Monstera Deliciosa Fruit Benefits

For centuries, the Monstera deliciosa plant has been a source of nutrition and healing for cultures around the world, with its delicious fruit being particularly sought after.  Native to tropical regions worldwide, this vining houseplant is often thought of as an ornamental species; however, recent studies have shown that it offers many possible health benefits … Read more

How To Support Monstera Plant

How to support a monstera plant

Have you been enjoying your Monstera plant lately but noticed it looks like it wants to fall? Don’t worry; it is completely normal! Monstera plants are tropical vines that need proper support to ensure their stems and leaves don’t bend and break.  You might have heard about traditional methods such as tying the stems with … Read more

How Fast Do Monstera Grow?

How Fast Do Monstera Grow?

If you’re a proud Monstera plant owner, you may have asked yourself, “How fast do Monstera grow?”  This is a question many plant parents ask, especially when they’re eager to see their beloved Monstera thrive and grow to impressive sizes. After all, nothing is beautiful like watching your plant baby flourish and fill up a … Read more

27 Different Types Of Monstera Plants

different types of monstera plants

Monstera plants have taken the world by storm in recent years. They have become a staple in many homes and offices around the globe.  With their striking foliage and unique patterns, it’s no wonder they have captured the hearts of plant enthusiasts everywhere. But did you know that Monstera plants are not created equal?  There’re … Read more

How To Air Layer Monstera

How To Air Layer Monstera

Whether you love houseplants or just getting into the game, no collection is complete without a Monstera. Unfortunately, these prolific climbers can sometimes be hard to come by.  But don’t worry. Learning how to air layer Monstera can get you exactly what you need.  Air layering summer-long stem tips from adult plants bring increased success … Read more

Why Is My Monstera Dripping Water, Sweating, Or Crying?

Why is my monstera dripping water, sweating or crying

You’ll often notice water droplets on the tips of your Monstera leaves. Guttation, common in the Swiss cheese plant, gives the impression that your plant is sweating or crying. Roots absorb moisture continually, leading to excess water in the xylem tissues. While guttation occurs at night, transpiration allows plants to get rid of the excess … Read more