Epipremnum Shangri La Pothos Care Guide

epipremnum shangri la pothos care

Looking to add a touch of lush greenery to your indoor space? The Epipremnum Shangri La Pothos might be the plant for you. This stunning vine plant features gorgeous heart-shaped leaves in shades of green and cream, making it a beautiful addition to any room. But don’t let its beauty fool you – the Epipremnum … Read more

Hawaiian Pothos Plant Care Guide

hawaiian pothos plant care

Hawaiian Pothos, also known as Epipremnum pinnatum ‘Cebu Blue’, is a popular houseplant prized for its striking blue-green leaves and ease of care. These tropical plants are native to the Solomon Islands and thrive in warm, humid environments, making them a great addition to any indoor plant collection. In this article, we’ll cover everything you … Read more

Silver Satin Pothos Plant Care Guide

Silver Satin Pothos Plant Care

Looking for a stunning plant to add some life to your home decor? Look no further than the Silver Satin Pothos (Scindapsus pictus). With its heart-shaped leaves adorned with striking silver markings, this low-maintenance houseplant is sure to turn heads. Native to Southeast Asia, the Silver Satin Pothos is an easy-care plant that’s perfect for … Read more

Global Green Pothos

Global Green Pothos

Do you find yourself longing for a houseplant with glossy green leaves that will thrive even if you (let’s face it) forget to water it? The global green pothos might be your match made in heaven. With its spectacular, heart-shaped foliage and easy care needs, the global green pothos will bring charm and life to … Read more

Are Pothos Toxic To Dogs And Cats?

are pothos toxic to dogs

Are you a pet owner who just got a new pothos plant? Or maybe you’ve had one for some time and now wonder if it could be hazardous to your four-legged companions. Fret not, I understand that you want the best for both your furry friends and your beloved home greenery. In this blog post, … Read more

Can Pothos Live Outside?

Can Pothos Live Outside image

Do you love the beauty of pothos plants in your indoor garden but wish you could enjoy them outdoors too? You may have considered planting pothos vines in your outdoor garden. But can pothos live outside? This is a common question among houseplant lovers who want to spruce up their yards or balconies. In this … Read more

Pothos Moss Pole

Pothos moss pole image

I’m a houseplant fanatic, and growing Pothos is my craze. They’re so easy to propagate and keep alive. Clip clip, a new vine! That’s how I ended up with dozens of grown Pothos—all from cutting off one plant in my laundry room.  Yupe! You may know it as the devil’s ivy, money plant, or ‘Epipremnum … Read more

Snow Queen Vs Marble Queen Pothos

Snow Queen Vs Marble Queen Pothos Image

Indoor plants have become a popular way to brighten our rooms and add a little life to our homes. One of the most versatile and low-maintenance houseplants is Pothos.  In the pothos family, there are two main varieties that stand out. These are the Snow Queen and Marble Queen pothos. These houseplants look similar and … Read more

Why is My Pothos Dripping Water?

Why is My Pothos Dripping Water

It’s never a pleasant experience when you look over to your beloved indoor plants and find that they have been leaking water. If this scenario is familiar, you are likely to ask yourself, “why is my pothos dripping water?” This could be due to a combination of factors. Keep reading to learn why your pothos … Read more

Why is My Pothos Droopy? (12 Ways to Revive it)

Why is My Pothos Droopy

Do you have a pothos plant in your home that looks droopy and sickly? Are you concerned about the health of your beloved green friend? Having an unwell houseplant can be disheartening and scary, but don’t worry. In this blog post, we’ll explore possible reasons why your money plant might be drooping as well as … Read more