Transparent Monstera Leaf

Transparent Monstera Leaf

Monstera leaves, with their iconic split-leaf design and glossy sheen, are remarkable reminders of the power of nature’s beauty. While many people may recognize them as decorative foliage for the home or office space, there is something unusual about not with a transparent monstera leaf. Many plant owners have run into difficulties with their Monsteras. … Read more

Monstera Obliqua Vs Adansonii

monstera obliqua vs adansonii

Have you ever taken a closer look at Monstera Obliqua and Monstera Adansonii? Do you get confused and wonder which plant is which? These plant species share a close similarity and cause a lot of confusion.  If you’re interested in one of these species, you must be careful when purchasing. Remember, you don’t want that … Read more

Leggy Monstera (Causes & Best Way To Fix It)

leggy monstera

I know you love your beloved Monstera plant looking big, beautiful, and with healthy leaves. Well, imagine waking up one day to find that your plant’s once-full foliage has become lanky and leggy. This can be a disheartening experience for any plant lover. But fear not. I am here to help you restore its glory. … Read more

How Often To Water Monstera

How Often To Water Monstera

Watering your Monstera can seem daunting, but it’s easy to get the hang of. You can keep your Monstera looking lush and healthy for years with proper watering techniques and regular maintenance.  In this blog post, I will tell you how often to water Monstera so that your plant always stays in tip-top shape. You’ll … Read more

Propagating Monstera Without Node

Propagating Monstera Without Node

As an avid plant lover, I’m here to share my tried-and-true tips for producing vigorous and abundant new specimens by cutting, potting, and giving your new baby Monstera the best care possible.  From choosing the right cutting to scheduling watering intervals, follow these steps to learn about propagating Monstera without a node. You will create … Read more

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha Vs Monstera Dubia

Rhaphidophora Cryptantha Vs Monstera Dubia Image

With more than 50 species of the monstera plant globally with surprisingly similar features, it’s easy to understand why many people often confuse one for the other. Rhaphidophora Cryptantha and Monstera Dubia are cute houseplants that fall into this category of monsteras. They too look nearly identical in some visual features particularly at their juvenile … Read more

Giant Monstera Plant Care Guide

Giant Monstera Plant Care Image

Monstera plants are one of the trendiest houseplants to have in your home. With their oversized leaves and unique patterning, they’re sure to catch anyone’s eye.  Suppose you don’t already own this gorgeous plant, it is definitely worth considering adding one as an addition to your collection- but with its size and different needs compared … Read more

Scale On Monstera Plant

scale on monstera

Is a white powdery substance beginning to appear on the leaves of your much beloved Monstera plant? Do you suspect it might be scale, one of many sap-sucking insects that can cause damage to houseplants? If so, you aren’t alone. Many home and plant owners have had to deal with this annoying pest. But don’t … Read more

Why Do Monsteras Have Holes?

Why Do Monsteras Have Holes?

There’s something captivating about the Monstera plant that draws us in. It’s either the lush green foliage or the distinct pattern of holes and splits in its leaves. But have you ever wondered why Monsteras have holes? These tropical beauties have become increasingly popular in recent years, gracing everything from Instagram feeds to trendy cafes.  … Read more

Monstera Pinnatipartita Vs Peru

monstera pinnatipartita vs peru

Have you ever wondered how houseplants share a close similarity yet different? This is especially common in plants within the same family. So as a new houseplant parent, you must take note of the differences. This will help you provide your plants with proper care techniques.  When you look at Monstera Pinnatipartita and Monstera Peru, … Read more