Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Turning Yellow

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Turning Yellow Image

Fiddle leaf fig plants are among the most resilient houseplants you can have in your home. However, they are also prone to certain issues that affect their health. One of those issues is the yellowing of leaves. If you’ve had your fiddle leaf fig for a long time, you may have noticed its leaves turning … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Multiple Stems

Fiddle Leaf Fig Multiple Stems

Fiddle leaf fig multiple stems; Fiddle leaf figs are lovely houseplants known for their large glossy leaves. But did you know that they can grow more than one stem in the same pot? If you’ve noticed multiple stems on your fiddle figs, you may wonder why and what to do about it.  Multiple fiddle leaf … Read more

White Spots On Fiddle Leaf Fig

White Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Image

Have you noticed some white spots on your fiddle leaf fig leaves lately? Maybe you’re worried since you haven’t seen such spots before. If so, you are not alone. White spots are a common problem that house plant owners frequently encounter. But where do these spots come from? Several factors can cause white spots and … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Curling (Causes & Solutions)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaf Curling Image

If you’re a houseplant lover, you must have encountered incidences of fiddle leaf curling. Fiddle-leaf fig plants are especially prone to curling leaves due to several reasons. And nobody loves the sight of curled-up leaves that look frail and lifeless. If your fiddle plant is showing signs of curling leaves, don’t worry. We’ll help you … Read more

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn – Causes & Fix

Fiddle Leaf Fig Sunburn  Picture

Fiddle leaf fig tree is known for its gorgeous large leaves. These tropical plants can sit in about any home. As a houseplant owner, you only need to provide it with bright indirect sunlight. Like humans, plants also suffer sunburns. Therefore, fiddle leaf figs will suffer sunburns when exposed to bright direct sunlight. The situation … Read more

Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig Image

Are you looking for the perfect planter to show off your new fiddle leaf fig tree? Look no further! We have done the research and tested out multiple planters, so you can find the best one for both your home décor style and your precious plant. With a wide range of choices in terms of … Read more