How Much Soil For 5 Gallon Pot

how much soil for 5 gallon pot

As summer turns into spring, many house plant enthusiasts look forward to repotting their rootbound plants. While container gardening is becoming increasingly popular, it requires thoughtful calculations, especially when working under a budget. Knowing how much soil for 5 gallon pot minimizes wastage and ensures enough room for the roots to grow. Lucky for you, … Read more

How To Use Clay Pebbles For Houseplants

How To Use Clay Pebbles For Houseplants

Over the past few decades, clay pebbles have become a popular substrate for houseplant enthusiasts. Also known as hydro pebbles or LECA (Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate), you don’t need to water the absorbent clay pebbles as frequently as you would with soil. In addition to looking great, clay pellets are fungus free and do not … Read more

Best Pot for Snake Plant Indoor

Best Pot for Snake Plant Image

Terra cotta is, without a doubt, the best pot for snake plant. It lets the snake plant root system breathe with ease. Also, they help keep excess water from building up, preventing root rot.  Snake plants generally become prone to root rot, something fatal to it. Thus, the pot size or material you pick matters … Read more

How to Measure Plant Pots Size (Step by Step)

How to Measure Plant Pots Picture Ilustration

Learning how to measure plant pot size will help you avoid any costly mistakes when buying planters for your garden or houseplants. But with all the different sizes, shapes and materials available, how do you get the right size and shape of pot for your plants to thrive? Well, to help you navigate this often … Read more

The Best Pot for Spider Plant (Review & Guide)

Best Pot for Spider Plant Image

From drainage and growth room to design and decor, finding the right pot for your houseplant can be a challenge. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we explain the key factors to consider when picking the Best pot for a spider plant. So, whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or … Read more

Best Containers for Venus Fly Trap (Pots and Planters)

Best Containers for Venus Fly Trap Image

Picking the wrong growing bag or container can harm or kill your venus fly trap. The best container for venus fly trap should help retain moisture within the soil but still allow for good drainage. Generally, styrofoam, glazed ceramic, or plastic pots are ideal for your carnivorous plant. In contrast, you should avoid using unglazed … Read more

Best Strawberry Planter, Pot, Container and Tower

Best Strawberry Planter Image Illustration

Are you looking for an easy and fun way to grow strawberry plants? If so, this best strawberry planter review is your best bet! What do I mean? Well, you can harvest many delicious strawberries with the best strawberry planters. And, another good thing is, you’ll only need a small garden space. Most of these … Read more

13 Boat Planter Ideas With Brilliant Results

Boat Planter Ideas Image

Having a boat planter in your front yard is a great garden idea. They’re not only beautiful but also classic. Even better, you can get them ready-made or make one using old boats. An old fishing boat looks unattractive when neglected or abandoned. But when you reuse it as a planter, it can improve your … Read more

Best Self-Watering Planter and Pots: Review and Guide

Best Self Watering Planter Image

Watering outdoor or indoor plants has never been straightforward. It’s true, especially for Gardeners with tight schedules and frequent travels. But is there a way that keeps your plants flourishing even when you’re busy or out of town? Yes, a self-watering pot or planter. These outdoor or indoor self-watering planters help water your roots when … Read more