Can You Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket?

Can You Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket Image Illustration

If you’re looking to introduce a vibrant splash of colour and whimsical beauty into your space, Morning glories are the perfect way to do it.

But, can you plant morning glory in hanging basket?

Well, this question has popped up several times in my years of helping gardeners like you. Thus, I decided to do some research, and after doing so, I came up with this article.

And yes, you can plant morning glory seeds or plants in hanging baskets. But before doing so, it would help to know more about these plant species.

Can You Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket?

Yes, you can plant morning glory in a hanging basket. Morning glories like to climb, so giving them something to wrap their vines around will make them happy. Make sure to use a sturdy hanging basket with plenty of drainage holes, and put some gravel or stones at the bottom for extra drainage.

What Are Morning Glories?

Morning glory plants are annual vines blooming in early summer with vibrant flowers. Moreover, their most traditional flowers have heavenly blue colors.

But apart from the blue color, morning glories grow with the following shades:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • White
  • Purple

I’m 100% certain you’ll love having such colors complementing your home decor, right?

Trust me, with such shades in your living room, expect fluttering comments from visitors. Honestly, I mean it! I’ve kept these morning glories for some years now. And during that time, my home’s aesthetics improved a lot!

Further, morning glory plants are from the Ipomoea genus. This genus has 300 plus plant species, including sweet potatoes. As for the commonly grown morning glories grown, the following are top:

  • I. tricolor
  • Ipomoea purpurea

Why Plant Morning Glories in Hanging Baskets?

There are several benefits to planting morning glories in hanging baskets:

  1. Space-saving: Hanging baskets can be hung in small spaces, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of morning glories even if you have limited garden space.
  2. Easy maintenance: Hanging baskets can be easily moved and maintained, making it easier to water and care for the plants.
  3. Pests and diseases: By planting morning glories in hanging baskets, you can help prevent pest and disease problems that can be found in the soil of the ground.
  4. Aesthetics: Trailing morning glories in a hanging basket create a beautiful and unique display, as the flowers cascade down from the basket, providing a stunning focal point.
  5. Accessibility: Hanging baskets make it easier for those with limited mobility or disabilities to enjoy gardening, as the baskets can be hung at a comfortable height.

Morning Glory Varieties to Try

Several morning glory varieties exist, and I’d love to show you some. These varieties will make you love this plant species even more.

Right into it, here are some well-known morning glory varies:

  • Heavenly blue. This morning glory variety is my favorite, or at least everyone’s. I’ve grown it for almost a decade. Thus, I’d vouch for it any day, any time! Further, its classic blue and gorgeous look make it the best morning glory variety. They’ve got flowers with bright azure blue colors. Also, the flowers can be 4-5 inches wide. This specific morning glory variety is also fast-growing, reaching around 12 feet.
  • Flying Saucers. This variety is a unique cultivar with silvery-white streaked 5-6 inch blooms. The streaks have a sky-blue appearance. Moreover, they’re also fast-growing, reaching 10-12 feet.
  • Scarlet O’Hara. As for this morning glory variety, it has deep and wine-red blooms. The blooms have white throats and are 3-4 inches. Also, they’re fast-growing. They can grow past eight inches.
  • Sunrise Serenade. Well, this variety is somehow rare as it’s double-flowering. Its blooms are red, ruffled, and double with white centers. So, if you’d love to have a stunning display, pick this variety.
  • Kniola’s Black Night. This one has deep purple or almost black flowers with hot pink centers. Like the Sunrise Serenade, it’s also rare.
  • Grandpa Ott. Now, this specific variety is an heirloom with purple blooms and red stars in the center. Also, its flowers are somewhat smaller than the other cultivars. Fortunately, it endlessly blooms between early summer and fall.
  • Moonflower/Ipomoea alba. This variety has stirred some debates in the gardening world for several years. Why? Well, not every gardener or plant parent considers it as morning glory. Either way, it’s still an Ipomoea species.

Can You Grow Morning Glory in a Container?

Yes. You can grow your favourite morning glories in a container. Moreover, most gardeners plant morning glories in pots. That’s because, like other plants, they can sometimes become wild.

Apart from pots, you can grow these outdoor plants on fence structures or large trellis.

Growing Morning Glories in Containers

Often, controlled containers best suit gardeners with limited or restricted spaces. That’s true since this growing method keeps your plant’s growth in check. Moreover, I’d recommend growing your morning glories within containers.

Can you grow morning glories in a pot

Yes, morning glories can be grown in a pot, but it’s important to choose a pot that is large enough to accommodate their root system. Choose a well-draining potting mix and provide support for the potted morning glory vines to climb on.

Again, the depth should match one of the nursery pots. Measure the diameter of the pot and ensure that it is at least 8-10 inches in size.

When to Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket?

Ideally, if you sow directly in hanging baskets, plant the seeds of your morning glories in early spring. That’ll be around March. So, begin by obtaining some fresh seeds from different mature morning glories.

Do so in late fall, when the flowers don’t make way for tiny round pods. If the browned pods are hard, crack them. The cracking helps you find several small black seeds.

Collect them. After that, store them in a Ziploc. This Ziploc should be within a warm and dark area. Otherwise, the morning glory seeds won’t dry before the sowing time around early spring.

How to Plant Morning Glory in Hanging Basket?

Supplies needed:

  • Hanging basket
  • Potting soil
  • Water
  • Ropes

Growing morning glory flowers step by step:

  1. Use high-quality potting soil to fill up the morning glory hanging basket. Also, ensure your preferred potting soil is well-draining.
  2. Plant your morning glory plant in its hanging basket. The depth should match the one on the previous nursery pot. But remember, don’t plant the morning glory too deep.
  3. Water the morning glory often to keep it moist. Do so until it develops roots.
  4. Place the morning glory basket under the full sun as it helps it grow adequately. But if that isn’t possible, grow it indoors in spots with enough light.
  5. Stake or tie your morning glories, keeping them upright. That’ll depend on the variety and its tallness when it grows fully.
  6. Tidy up your plants periodically. Do so by removing diseased flower tops or leaves.

Tips to Care for Hanging Morning Glory

  1. Morning glory flowers flourish best under optimal direct sunlight. Hence, put your morning glory basket in a south-facing direction. Also, 6-hour sunlight every day is advisable.
  2. Water the hanging basket once/twice a week. Do that within an inch of moisture. But avoid overwatering the morning glory.
  3. Ensure the morning glory basket has several drainage holes. Also, add a layer of pine mulch to the soil. That helps retain moisture, thus increasing root growth.
  4. Morning glories flourish in a 65-85℉ temperature range during their growing period. This period is often between spring and summer.

Basket Size

Dwarf morning glory hanging basket

Dwarf morning glory plants typically have a smaller root system than their larger counterparts, which means they can thrive in smaller hanging baskets.

A hanging basket with a diameter of around 8-10 inches and a depth of 6-8 inches is typically sufficient for a single dwarf morning glory plant.

However, if you want to plant multiple dwarf morning glory plants in a single hanging basket, it’s best to use a larger basket with a diameter of around 12-14 inches and a depth of at least 8-10 inches to allow enough space for their roots to grow and spread out.

How Many Morning Glory Seeds Per Pot?

The number of glory seeds in each hanging basket depends on the size of the pot or container.

Generally, growing two to three-morning glory seeds in a 2-inch hanging basket can yield proportionate outcomes. Moreover, in most cases, that ratio fills but not crowds the hanging basket.

Further, if your hanging basket is 2-plus inches, plant around three to four seeds.

Too Many Morning Glory Seeds In One Hanging Basket

Excess morning glory seeds can turn out problematic. That’s because morning glories often sprout vines and start winding around objects.


Where is the best place to plant morning glories?

A sunny spot is the best place to plant your morning glories. I say so because when blooming, they’ll need adequate sunlight. Otherwise, they won’t bloom to their full potential.

Further, ensure you plant the morning glory seeds in well-draining and fertile soil. Again, pick spots without strong winds. Where possible, provide trellis or fences to your morning glories.

Do morning glories like sun or shade?

Sun. Morning glories love the sun instead of shade. So, pick a sunny spot. They like the sun since it helps them bloom their best. Also, ensure you plant your morning glories in well-draining and moderately fertile soil. That encourages better foliage growth and more flowers.

Do morning glories need a lot of water?

Water. Ensure your morning glories get regular water, one inch every other week. Also, provide them with mulch around their roots, helping them retain moisture. The plants need more moisture during their growing period.

Do morning glories come back every year?

Depending on the climate, your morning glories can come back each year. If you’re in colder areas, they can reseed without any help. However, the plant may not come back every year in warmer or more tropical climates.

What is the best trailing morning glory hanging basket?

La Jolíe Hanging baskets are the best morning glory hanging baskets. Further, they’re lightweight but durable. This trailing morning glory hanging basket is a beautiful addition to any garden or porch.

Additionally, they best suit indoor or outdoor plants since they’re weatherproof.

The best thing is that these hanging baskets by La Jolie are easy-to-assemble and use.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hanging Morning Glory

When planting morning glory in hanging baskets, there are a few things to avoid:

  1. Overcrowding: Morning glory plants need space for their roots to spread out, so avoid overcrowding the plants in the basket.
  2. Insufficient drainage: Hanging baskets need proper drainage to prevent water from accumulating in the bottom of the basket. Make sure the basket has drainage holes and a saucer to catch excess water.
  3. Inadequate support: Morning glories are climbing plants and need support to climb and trail properly. Avoid planting them in a hanging basket without support or providing inadequate support, which can cause the vines to break or become tangled.
  4. Lack of sunlight: Morning glories need plenty of sunlight to thrive and produce blooms. Avoid placing the hanging basket in a location with insufficient sunlight.
  5. Poor soil quality: Morning glories grow best in well-draining soil that is rich in nutrients. Avoid using poor-quality soil or soil that is too compacted, as this can impede root growth and affect plant health.


It can be rewarding to grow your own morning glory plants in hanging baskets. The blooms will add a lively, beautiful touch to any space.

Besides, having the flexibility to move the basket gives you an extra edge of creativity when playing with flower placement.

You can even pair the morning glories with other climbing plants, such as clematis and ivy varieties, to create a diverse hanging garden.

No matter where you hang these iconic flowers, you’ll have a delightful spot of natural beauty.

Growing morning glories in hanging baskets may not be rocket science, but it is a wonderful way to bring color and life into your home.

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