Why Is Lawn Mower Pull Cord Hard To Pull?

why is lawn mower pull cord hard to pull

Why is my lawn mower cord hard to pull? If you have a mower that employs a pull cord, starting it may require a bit of strength even while the unit is new. And you may have asked this question at some point. Other than that physical quality, various problems can make the cord harder to … Read more

Honda Pioneer 700 Problems

The Honda Pioneer 700 is a utility vehicle, a testament to Honda’s commitment to excellence and innovation. It’s the go-to for many outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. The Honda Pioneer 700 is designed to tackle tough terrains and heavy workloads. But, like all machines, it’s not immune to hitches and glitches. Identifying and fixing the … Read more

Symptoms Of Bad Ignition Coil On Lawn Mower

You love your lawn; your lawn mower is your trusty sidekick, keeping it lush and beautiful. But what happens when your mower starts acting up, leaving you puzzled and your lawn unfinished? The culprit might be a bad ignition coil.  Understanding what’s going on under that mower hood is essential for DIY enthusiasts and anyone … Read more

Kohler Fuel Pump Problems

Kohler fuel pump is your engine’s silent hero. But what happens when this unsung champion starts acting up? You’re suddenly stuck with a sputtering engine or no engine. According to industry data, fuel pump failures account for roughly 5% of all engine breakdowns. That’s not a gamble you’d want to take. This article will dive … Read more

9 Kohler 7000 Series Problems

So, you’ve invested in a Kohler 7000 series engine, lured by its robust features and sterling reputation. But what happens when your powerhouse starts sputtering or refuses to start? According to a recent study, almost 20% of small engine problems are often related to avoidable issues. Ignoring these can lead to a domino effect of … Read more

Too Much Sun For Plants

Too Much Sun For Plants Image

Plants need moisture, nutrients, and light to survive. However, you should provide all these ingredients in moderation.  Indoor plants, in particular, require moderate sunlight and intermittent watering. However, if you expose them to too much sunlight, they wilt, wither and die. Fortunately, you will easily tell when your indoor plant is exposed to too much … Read more

Different Colored Flowers On Same Plant

Different Colored Flowers On Same Plant Image

Have you ever walked around your garden and noticed flowers of different colors growing on the same plant? Or maybe you’re fascinated by the thought of multi-colored flowers adorning your single houseplant.                   Different flower colors from the same plant can bring extra glamour to your living space. But what causes different colored flowers on … Read more

Which is the Slowest Growing Plant in the World?

Slowest Growing Plant in the World

Are you looking for the perfect houseplant that won’t outgrow its allotted space, but will still provide plenty of eye-catching foliage? Look no further.  The slowest growing plant in the world may be exactly what you need. I know how difficult it can be to find plants that fit perfectly into your home or garden. … Read more