Best Strawberry Planter, Pot, Container and Tower

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Are you looking for an easy and fun way to grow strawberry plants? If so, this best strawberry planter review is your best bet!

What do I mean?

Well, you can harvest many delicious strawberries with the best strawberry planters. And, another good thing is, you’ll only need a small garden space.

Most of these strawberry planters have food safe plastic materials. Thus, they guarantee human-safe strawberries when the growing season is over.

Now, here’s the list. Your classic strawberry planter is waiting for you!

Best Strawberry Pots

  1. Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Planter Pot, 5 PotsBest Overall
  2. 3 Tier Stackable Best Tiered Strawberry Planter
  3. Reeyox Strawberry Grow BagBest Budget Strawberry Plant Planter
  4. Smart Spring Store Ultimate Hanging BasketsBest Hanging Baskets
  5. FOYUEE Raised Planter box with LegsBest Outdoor Strawberry Planter
  6. Outland Living Best Strawberry Containers for Small Spaces
  7. Garden Tower Project EcosystemBest Strawberry Tower Planter
  8. GROWNEER 15 Inches TerracottaExtra Large Strawberry Planter
  9. Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Strawberry PlanterBest For Apartments
  10. IWNTWY 7 Pockets Vertical Hanging PlanterBest Tall Strawberry Planter
  11. Kingbuy Hanging Basket Planter– Best Eco-Friendly Planter for Strawberries

Best Strawberry Pots, Planter, and Towers Reviews

You can enjoy growing berries or other summer fruits using planters, pots, or towers. And for that reason, we’ll help you pick your best pot for strawberries. All that is in this review & guide.

1. Best pot for strawberries: Mr. Stacky 5-Tier Strawberry Planter Pot, 5 Pots

Best Strawberry Planter, Pot, and Tower

[amazon box=”B00A3HFNNE” template=”horizontal”]

Kicking off our best strawberry planters list is the Mr. Stacky planter pot. It’s a powerful pick or option for planting a strawberry plant. I say so because, with it, your growing space doesn’t matter.

Whether small or big, this strawberry planter will hack it for you!

This planter’s manufacturers designed them for growing strawberry plants. But this planter is quite versatile. You can plant foods and plants like:

  • Succulents
  • Herbs
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Flowers

Without a doubt, no other strawberry planter can beat it in matters of versatility. You can even plant different berries or summer fruits all at once.

Plus, this planter has an innovative design that allows one to grow strawberry seeds. And you can grow these seeds without worrying about overwatering or root rot.

Its modular design effectively allows each berry to grow at interval spacings. That prevents your strawberry plants from overlapping. It also helps them reach the sunlight for better growth.

The Mr. Stack planter has well-sized drain holes at its bottom for enough water absorption.



2. Best Tiered Strawberry Planter: 3 Tier Stackable Terracotta Pots

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Are you after a planter that’s low-maintenance but efficient for growing strawberries? If so, this 3-tier strawberry planter pot from Mr. Stacky is for you!

Without wasting time, put it on your radar! You won’t regret it! You only need some slightly acidic soil in the pot, and your strawberry is good to go! Also, it’s a good pick if you need a strawberry planter like the Mr. Stacky 5-tier but small.

Then again, this planter pot is from the much-loved and popular brand, Mr. Stacky. So, for that reason, one should expect efficient performance from this planter.

This 3-tier garden pot is also self-watering. Therefore, it’ll still water your growing strawberries when you’re busy or away from home. And thanks to that, adding water is from its top.

Once you’ve done that, rest and let your water reservoir plant pot work its magic. I say so because it distributes equal moisture amounts through its three tire levels.

Also, its self-watering feature prevents your strawberry plants from overwatering and root rotting.

Another plus of this strawberry pot is that it’s tiny enough to fit into any garden space. We also love this classic strawberry planter since we can use it on our apartment balcony.



3. Best Budget Strawberry Plant Planter: Reeyox Strawberry Grow Bag

[amazon box=”B087QJC2CK” template=”horizontal”]

On a budget? Worry not! This strawberry-growing bag has got your back!

First, this Reeyox grow bag offers strawberry growers great value for their money. And they’ve got two bags in a pack of one that can hold 10 gallons of matter.

Isn’t that impressive? Not only that but also, these grow bags have breathable felt material. This innovative material ensures your strawberries grow and thrive in optimum conditions.

Upon purchasing these Reeyox grow bags, you’ll notice they’ve got eight side pockets. Such a grow bag’s design has a purpose to it. And the purpose is:

  • Allowing your strawberry plants’ roots to thrive.
  • Ensuring the leaves and stems bloom.

All that helps you harvest an impressive strawberry large yield. A yield that you never imagined! These growing bags also have super durable materials that allow one to reuse them.

Then again, the growing bags let you grow other fruit/vegetable plants. For example, carrots, herbs, and lettuce.



4. Best Hanging Baskets: Smart Spring Store Ultimate Hanging Baskets

[amazon box=”B07BL64VGC” template=”horizontal”]

Would you like to grow strawberries in hanging baskets instead of planter pots or grow bags? If so, I recommend using these hanging baskets from Smart Spring Store.

Please, read on to see why we recommend it for homeowners with less gardening space.

For starters, these hanging baskets are unlike other strawberry pots in the market. I say so because they have a unique design with more capacity than different hanging baskets.

For example, they’ve got six times more capacity than other hanging baskets. That makes it a perfect pick if you plan to grow more strawberry plants in a single container.

Isn’t that impressive? Of course, it is!

So, if you pick these morning glories hanging baskets, you’ll enjoy large strawberry yields. And that large yield will come time and again!

These strawberry plant hanging baskets also ensure your strawberries grow and thrive well.



5. Best Outdoor Strawberry Planter:  FOYUEE Raised Planter box with Legs

[amazon box=”B07RSXQV6G” template=”horizontal”]

Searching for planters that let you grow strawberries while keeping your spaces clean?

Well, this FOYUEE planter with legs is your best bet. So, let’s see why we front it as the best outdoor strawberry planter.

First things first, this FOYUEE Planter box comes with an ergonomic design. That design lets you grow strawberry plants in elevated positions. So, when you grow the strawberries in this planter box:

  • It’s easy to water your strawberry plants.
  • The strawberries get enough sunlight.

Then again, using this planter box saves you from frequent bending. So, the planter box is perfect for gardeners with back problems.

These FOYUEE planter boxes also come with legs and are durable. Such a structure made of galvanized steel makes them long-lasting.

That ensures that the planter box serves you for some years. Further, they’ll still protect themselves from rainfall-inflicted rust.

Besides, these planter boxes have inbuild drain holes in their cart’s middle point. The positioning of these drain holes helps the planter box prevent waterlogging.

That feature from this planter box is critical when growing strawberry plants. I say so because, with it, root rot won’t affect your strawberry plants.

Thus, your strawberry plants will remain healthy and thriving.

Also, that renders the frequent need for checking up on your strawberries useless.

If all that hasn’t impressed you, its easy setup will. Trust me!

When it arrives, all you need is to:

  • Open its excellent packaging.
  • Read the straightforward instructions from the planter box’s manufacturer.
  • Set up

All that is doable in a few minutes. After that, you’ll be ready to rock with your new FOYUEE planter box.

I’m pretty sure your strawberry plants will be thriving within a few days!



6. Best Strawberry Containers for Small Spaces: Outland Living Vertical Raised Garden Bed

[amazon box=”B081QQH576″ template=”horizontal”]

Right up, we’ve picked this small-space Outland Garden. Its vertical design has a few benefits, some of which we’ll discuss.

As you’ll see, this Garden bed has an excellent innovative design. This design ensures you can enjoy growing strawberries in garden beds.

And thanks to that, this strawberry garden bed is the perfect pick for owners with small spaces. For example, with it, you can plant your strawberries on your balcony.

With five planter tiers to use, it means you can use the vertical raised bed to grow:

  • Different vegetable plants.
  • Strawberries or other fruit types.

Unlike other raised beds, this product from Outland Living has five beds. These beds create more planting space for your strawberries. They achieve that by increasing in height.

Further, that allows one to:

  • Save on ground space.
  • Put your strawberry plants in different or separate beds.

Plus, it’s available in several colors. So, getting a match for your garden space’s decor isn’t challenging. I recommend planting flowers, herbs, succulents, or lettuce in these beds.

From gardens to living rooms, customers say its design matches any aesthetic. But, some complained that the drain holes on the tiers clogged often.



7. Best Strawberry Tower Planter:  Garden Tower Project Ecosystem

[amazon box=”B08SJCTJ5G” template=”horizontal”]

This Garden Tower project WOWED me when I first saw what these guys had in store. In summary, they’ve designed a stackable tower planter that rotates. And has some excellent features too.

Its most notable feature is the inbuilt center column. The column lets you deposit:

  • Peelings
  • Kitchen scraps
  • Other organic waste

Within that column, one adds composting worms that work through the planting system. They do so to convert organic matter into worm castings. Thus producing nutrient-rich food for your strawberry plants.

This tower has a 23-inch diameter and a 43-inch height. That means you can stand this planter on a 2-foot space. Also, that means the stackable shelves will rotate when you:

  • Plant
  • Work
  • Pick your strawberry crops.

Moreover, of all planters, this specific one has the largest capacity. It has 50 spaces for planting strawberries in its standard tower system. So, more planting space means more strawberry yield.

More capacity but a small footprint. I mean, that’s Garden Tower Project for you!

Its small footprint makes it a perfect pick for use:

  • Indoors or outdoors.
  • On a balcony.
  • In a greenhouse

And as I said before, this planter cuts it for gardeners with limited or small spaces. Moreover, there are add-on products that can boost its system’s effectiveness. For example, the high-quality caster wheels are an excellent add-on product.

The wheels allow you to push this tower to different spaces with sunlight.

Green Tower Project fans recognize the scale and innovation of this tower. They do so because this towel lets you produce strawberries in a small footprint.

Moreover, the Green Tower project team has built a solid social media presence. Such a presence has encouraged their customers to share their feedback.



8. Extra Large Strawberry Planter: GROWNEER 15 Inches Terracotta

[amazon box=”B08631XRZF” template=”horizontal”]

These large strawberry planters are perfect for gardeners living in small-spaced apartments. They come in 15 and 17 inches sizes that can fit on your window sill.

Also, their premium quality plastic materials make them durable. That makes these window boxes reusable and long-serving.

They also have a drainage tray that ensures your floors remain clean. Then again, that makes cleaning straightforward.

These strawberry boxes stand out among other planters because of their bottom design. The design has raised feet with two drain holes. But the other six are reserved.

The drain holes provide proper water drainage and airflow to boost strawberry growth.

Without mincing words, this cute 3-pack window box planter boosts a place’s cub appeal.

This window box set comes with 15 unique plant labels. These labels help you identify your strawberry plants by writing their names on them. Their small-sized boxes also make them perfect for small or average-sized windows.

I recommend using this window box planter to plant and grow both indoor and outdoor plants. For example, you can use these window boxes to produce:

  • Fruits
  • Herbs
  • Flowers

You can also use these strawberry window boxes in places like:

  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Window sills
  • Outdoor and indoor spaces.



9. Best For Apartments: Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Strawberry Planter

[amazon box=”B08631XRZF” template=”horizontal”]

This Stackable planter from Amazing Creation has a perfect and neat design. This design is ideal for planting strawberries in 12.5-inch floor spaces. Moreover, this planter is a smaller but basic version of the 5-tier stackable module.

Each has a soil filter tray made of rubber. That allows run-off in all the modules.

At full-stack, this strawberry planter doesn’t have the following:

  • A vermiculture system (central).
  • Rotating layers.

The planter measures 24 inches which helps it hold around fifteen strawberry plants.

This Amazing creation planter is small enough, making it perfect for a worktop. Also, it has waist height for easy access. So, it’s suitable for:

  • Strawberry lovers who stay in apartments who’d like to garden.
  • A homeowner who needs a countertop that has a micro garden.

I believe this strawberry planter suits all mini gardening experiences.

They fit in any floor space since they’ve got a subtle design. You can also hang these planters if you have limited floor space.

Elsewhere, these Amazing Creation strawberry planters have garnered many positive reviews online. That means this planter’s easy access function hacks for most gardeners.



10. Best Tall Strawberry Planter: IWNTWY 7 Pockets Vertical Hanging Planter

[amazon box=”B07BSX6R31″ template=”horizontal”]

This vertical planter is your best bet if:

  • You can’t grow your strawberry plants from bottom to top.
  • You don’t have enough space for ground-level planters or pots.

You’ll only need to fix this hanging planter to your sunny wall. After that, you’re all set to add your strawberry plants and soil to the pouches. But it would help to water and watch your strawberry plants often. Otherwise, they won’t flourish.

This fabric planter’s felt pouches drain away excess water. They do that while remaining damp to maintain the soil’s moisture.

Also, its non-woven fabric is breathable. The breathable fabric:

  • Keeps the strawberry plant roots healthy and well-ventilated.
  • Helps the soil maintain its nutrients long enough.

Their design is 12 inches wide and 40 inches high. That clever design has eyelets at the bottom and top too. All that makes hanging your strawberry plants from walls neat.

They also make planting strawberry plants simple since each planter has seven pouches. These pouches expand to around 4.3 inches.

In short, this strawberry planter is high-functioning, neat, and tidy. All that in a single planter. Isn’t that fantastic?

I bet it is!

Well, you can fix this planter for outdoor or indoor walls. But ensure you’re careful whenever you water your strawberries. That’s because the drips may water damage your floor.



11. Best Eco-friendly Planter for Strawberries: Kingbuy Hanging Basket Planter

[amazon box=”B01FXFEFHA” template=”horizontal”]

You can place these hanging strawberry planters just about anywhere. Moreover, their sturdy frame is made of powder-coated steel. This steel coating protects the planters from harsh weather conditions.

Also, this Kingbuy basket is made of metal and natural coconut fiber. Therefore, it’s ideal for growing plants like:

  • Live plants
  • Artificial plants
  • Cactus
  • Moss
  • Grass
  • Geranium
  • Succulent
  • Begonias
  • Flowers

These Kingbuy strawberry baskets have 100% natural coconut fiber pre-formed coco liners. The liners help keep your strawberry plants moisturized. Also, it’s breathable, promoting strawberry plant growth.

They’re also sturdy and durable, making them ideal options for long-term use. Then again, they’ve got adjustable hangers with three chains. That helps the baskets bear heavy loads.

Elsewhere, the hanging baskets come in different sizes; 14-inch, 12-inch, 10-inch, etc.

So, there’s a size for everyone!

With a single hanging basket, you can plant two strawberry plants. Therefore, guaranteeing you a bountiful strawberry harvest.



The Best Planter for Strawberries Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B00A3HFNNE, B00WX4GBGI, B087QJC2CK, B07BL64VGC, B07RSXQV6G, B081QQH576, B08SJCTJ5G, B08631XRZF, B08631XRZF, B07BSX6R31, B01FXFEFHA” template=”table” link_id=”6106″]

Your Options When Choosing the ​​Best Planters for Strawberries

Knowing the space, you’ll work with is crucial when picking a strawberry planter type. So, if you’ve limited space, consider going for a vertical strawberry tower.

That’s because the planters will save you some precious space.

Best Strawberry Planter Image

Strawberry Planters

Classic strawberry planters are upright containers with open tops and large side holes. Moreover, the design’s basic principle is to allow maximum plant growth. Each strawberry plant grows and then cascades down the planter’s side.

The plants cascading helps them reach closer to the sunlight. Using traditional strawberry planters has several advantages:

  • High strawberry yield due to more plants per planter.
  • Keeping the strawberry off the ground, safeguarding them against snails and slugs.
  • Boosting airflow, thus, prevent your strawberry fruits from rooting because of wet soil.

Strawberry planters produce optimum growing conditions and flexibility for your plants.

Strawberry Pots

Growing strawberries in ceramic and terracotta pots have similar advantages to planters. That is:

  • Maximizing the strawberry yield.
  • Keeping the strawberries off the ground.

Users prefer placing these pot types on balconies, patios, or where they’d move them. Typically, these strawberry pots are twelve inches tall. Therefore, straightforward to move around.

Unfortunately, unlike their alternative options, strawberry pots hold fewer berries per pot.

Tiered Strawberry Towers

Strawberry towers are a mobile option for keeping strawberries safe against pests. And they do that since they raise the strawberries from the ground.

You can vertically stack them using their modular system.

These towers house the right soil amount that your strawberry plants need. And you can use drip irrigation or your hands to water your plants. You’ll do the watering from the top down.

Also, you can place these strawberry towers on your garden, patio, or decked areas. Doing so saves your space. They’re perfect for plant owners with limited mobility. That’s because they sometimes rotate for easy plant access.

In our home, we’re strawberry lovers. We love planting them since they are perfect for our small-spaced home. Furthermore, these towers accommodate 90+ strawberry plants each.

Also, they’re 7 feet tall, creating room for more strawberry yield. Trust me. You’ll have more strawberries for composite and jam.

Hanging Strawberry Planter – wall strawberry planter

Hanging planters open up new ways of growing strawberries on balconies or gardens. You hang these planters against walls or overhead positions. Moreover, they soak in maximum sunlight when you face them south or west of your walls.

They also allow plant parents to utilize spaces that would otherwise be useless. For example, external outhouse sheds or walls.

It’s worth noting that hanging planters have soil pockets that dry out when you neglect them. So, it would help if you watered these planters frequently.

Vertical Strawberry Containers

These vertical strawberry containers are a perfect space-saving option. I also believe they’re the best option for strawberry growers. They’re also suitable for:

  • Fruit rot prevention.
  • Pest damage prevention.
  • Maximizing the strawberry yield within a relatively tiny floor space.

The vertical planter is a well-known fruit-growing system for outdoor and indoor growers. In some models, you’ll find three and seven-tier options.

While in other models, you can move or rotate the planters on the vertical frame.

Take advantage of these African violet pots to show off your green thumb without breaking the bank.

Advantages of Using a Planter or Pot for Your Strawberries

  1. Using planters or pots keeps your strawberry off the ground. That’s critical since strawberries rot faster when they touch wet soil. Also, they prevent pest attacks from snails or slugs.
  2. You’ll get higher strawberry yield from these planters, unlike the same space within a garden. That’s because most planters and pots use vertical spaces efficiently.
  3. These planters and pots are perfect for those with limited or no garden space.
  4. You can move these planters and pots around when need be. That includes moving the planters for more sun exposure.
  5. The planters and pots also beautify or improve your home’s decor.

Tips for Growing Strawberries in a Pot

  • Pick a strawberry pot 6” deep or more with a drain hole. Strawberry plants news soil that’s well-drained. So, that’s enough reason to use lightweight fillers.
  • Plant your strawberries four to six inches apart. Also, separate the roots after removing your strawberries from the container. After that, ensure the plant’s crown is at the soil line’s top.
  • Move the strawberry pot to a sunny place and moisten the soil. Unlike garden beds, these containers dry out faster. But check them out often to avoid such water issues. Otherwise, you won’t get plump strawberries.
  • Harvest the strawberries after they’ve matured well and are evenly red. But remember, these berries won’t continue ripening after you’ve picked them.
  • Pich off any buds or flowers when planting during early spring. That prevents the strawberries from developing too early.

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How To Plant A Strawberry Pot: Step By Step

Materials Needed

  • PVC pipe or old gutters
  • Water
  • Potting soil
  • Mesh or gravel

Strawberry towers and pots need special planting techniques that beginners should know. But the good news is these planting techniques are easy to master or comprehend.

And once you master them, your pot will look better during the growing season.

Planting strawberries in pots is somewhat different from doing the same in containers. But here are nine steps to plant strawberries in traditional pots or towers.

Step 1

You’ll need a PVC water column to ensure the pot has enough moisture. You can make the column using PVC pipe. So, if there’s a lingering or an old gutter around, use it. It would help to drill some drain holes 2 inches apart on its sides.

They should be a bit longer than your strawberry pot’s height.

Step 2

When using terracotta pots, ensure you lay the pots in the water. Let the pot soak for 60 minutes before planting your berries. Otherwise, these pots will absorb all the water from your soil. Therefore, leave your strawberry plants’ leaves high and dry.

Step 3

Cover the pot’s drain holes loosely, then place gravel or mesh over them. Doing so prevents it from flashing out of the planter pot via its large openings.

Step 4

Hold the PVC column in position to prevent it from covering the drain holes directly.

Step 5

It’s now time to place your strawberries into the lower pockets. After that, ensure the plants’ crowns are on top of the soil level.

Step 6

At this point, it would help to fill the side pocket’s next level using more potting soil. Repeat this step until you’ve filled the pockets using your strawberry plants.

Step 7

The strawberry pot needs to be filled with potting soil. The soil must be four inches under the rim. You can plant three or four strawberry plants on the pot’s top opening.

Three or four are enough. Never go past that.

Step 8

Pour water through the PVC column slowly once you’ve planted your strawberry plants. Be careful. Otherwise, you’ll dislodge your strawberry plants’ roots.

Step 9

Turn your strawberry pot in another direction after a few days. That ensures strawberry plants get equal sunlight exposure.

Strawberry Planter Material

The construction/materials of your strawberry planter might not pass as essential factors. But, the two affect the frequency and amount of moisture your strawberry plants need. That’s especially when it’s time for fruiting.

For instance, pots without drain holes can lead to soil saturation. Overall, that’ll affect your strawberry plant’s health adversely. Therefore, exposing your plant’s leaves to other diseases or root rot.

So, it would help to pick strawberry planters with well-sized drain holes. Here are suitable planter materials:

i. Heavy Duty Fabric Bags And Planters

Unwoven fabric is breathable, hard-wearing, and helps the plant soil retain heat. Also, it’s water permeable, making it suitable for proper drainage. Further, they prevent root rot.

Fabric containers and bags often have handles, making them highly portable. Apart from that, those bags are lightweight. You can buy them with pockets for stackable planting.

They fold away to ease storage before the growing season sets in. That makes them super convenient. Moreover, these planting bags are environmentally friendly, unlike plastic growing bags.

ii. Heavy Duty Plastic Strawberry Planters

These bags are similar in size, shape, and design to fabric-growing bags. They’re also lightweight and have handles.

The handles make these heavy-duty plastics a good choice for outdoor spaces.

These bags are often available for purchase in vibrant colors. The colors enhance your outdoor space’s aesthetics. Also, they’ve got several planting pockets.

The pockets enable one to stack-grow many strawberry plants in small spaces.

Like the fabric growing bags, these bags are easy to fold and store.

You can fold and store them when after the growing season. I prefer using fabric over plastic bags.

That’s because fabric bags offer better and more efficient root aeration to prevent rot.

iii. Terracotta Strawberry Pot

Terracotta pots from clay usually have brownish-orange colors. And despite that, these pot types are inexpensive. Moreover, these pots can serve you for many years. But that’s if you maintain them properly.

It would help to water your strawberries frequently when using these terracotta pots. I say so because they’re porous.

Often, unglazed terracotta pots suck up moisture from the soil. That prevents your strawberry plant’s roots from rotting. But it would help to water your soil often.

Elsewhere, glazed terracotta pots are extra decorative. And you can also use these pot types as vertical planters. The same applies to plastic pots. But the only downside of these pots is their heavy weight.

So, that means they’ll shatter when someone drops them.

iv. Ceramic strawberry planter

Ceramic pots for strawberries are beautiful and heavy, similar to terracotta ones. But water retention ability is their main difference. That is, ceramic pots hold more moisture, unlike terracotta pots

These strawberry pots come in several colors, shapes, and sizes. But cost more than terracotta pots. Ensure you pick a large ceramic strawberry planter with enough drain holes for the best results.

Remember, the drain holes should be on the pot’s button. Otherwise, prep for root rot.

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v. Plastic Strawberry Containers

Consider picking plastic strawberry containers if you’re after a cheaper option. These lightweight strawberry containers are easy to move around. So, you can relocate them to wherever the sunlight goes.

These plastic containers retain more water, unlike ceramic and terracotta pots. But selection comes down to aesthetics and cost sometimes.

Remember that their plastic material topples over when full of lightweight soil. So, to avoid that, use pebbles to fill the pot’s bottom. Doing so adds more stability to your plastic strawberry container.

4 Pots to Avoid at All Costs

When you want to plant strawberries, it’s important to choose the right type of pot so that they can grow well. Here are some types of pots that you should avoid:

  • Metal pots: Metal pots can get hot and dry out the soil too quickly, which can make it hard for your strawberries to grow. Sometimes, the metal can also be bad for the plant.
  • Small pots: Even though strawberries don’t need a lot of space for their roots, they still need some room to grow. If you use a pot that’s too small, your strawberries might not grow as big and healthy as they could.
  • Pots without drainage holes: If your pot doesn’t have any holes for water to drain out, your strawberry plant could get sick. Too much water can cause the roots to rot and kill your strawberry.
  • Dark-colored pots: If your pot is dark, it can get too hot in the sun and make the soil dry out too quickly.

Instead, choose a pot made of plastic, terracotta, or ceramic, and has drainage holes at the bottom for water to drain out. Make sure it’s big enough for your strawberries to grow and have some room to spread out.


What Is The Best Way To Grow Strawberries?

Opt for the hanging planter method if you’ve got a restricted space or a small backyard. We recommend this hanging method since it ensures strawberries grow in such areas. 

Also, hanging towers within your garden ensure that the strawberries get better conditions.

Elsewhere, plant your strawberries in locations that receive plenty of sunshine. Do that if you’ve got a huge back garden and plenty of space. Remember, strawberry plants grow well under the beaming sun.

How Long Does It Take For Strawberries To Grow Fully?

Strawberries grow for picking in three months after planting seeds into the soil. But sometimes strawberry plants may take longer/shorter time to develop fully.

That’s because different external/internal factors impact the plant’s maturity period. Such factors are:

  • Soil type
  • Soil pH
  • Climate

Moreover, it’s worth noting that strawberry plants are late spring or early summer fruits. Therefore, unexpected weather/climate conditions can potentially affect their maturity period.

Also, they could potentially affect your strawberries’ taste or appearance.

Do Strawberries Need Full Sun?

Yes and no. Strawberry fruits need plenty of sunshine to become ripe and deliciously juicy. But they still need some shelter away from sunlight from time to time.

That explains why these strawberry plants only grow in the summer and spring seasons.

I recommend planting/growing your strawberries in spots within your backyard with sunlight. The areas should experience eight hours of sunshine every day. That amount of sun will ensure your strawberries are:

  • Deliciously red
  • Deliciously plump
  • Sweet tasting

Do Strawberries Like Coffee Grounds?

Although this sounds crazy, your strawberry seeds can thrive well on coffee grounds. Moreover, they can grow twice taller when exposed to such coffee spots.

These coffee grounds also repel pests from reaching garden beds. Thus, keeping strawberry plants pest-free. Apart from that, they enhance your strawberries’ juiciness and sweetness.

They annoy and repel pests like:

  • Ants
  • Pill bugs

How Many Strawberries Do You Get Per Plant?

If growing conditions are optimal, you can get five to seven strawberry fruits per plant. Moreover, that fruit number is average. So, you can get less or more fruits per strawberry plant.

It isn’t uncommon for a single strawberry plant to bore ten strawberries. But that only happens when the strawberry plants grow in soils with enough nutrients.

Remember, don’t let fewer strawberry yields dishearten you! Keep improving your soil’s nutrient and pH levels for bountiful harvests.

What is the best container for growing strawberries? 

Strawberry urns with towers or little pockets are the best containers for strawberries. Moreover, strawberry have shallow roots, which makes them one of the best indoor plants with shallow roots.

That’s because planting strawberries in such containers will waste your potting mix.

Further, I recommend using wider and shallow strawberry containers that house five plants. It will help if the pots have between 12 and 14-inch diameters.

The Best Planters for Strawberries Summary

I love, you love, we love strawberries. But sometimes, our garden spaces may not allow us to grow them. Fortunately, you can use several ideal planters, pots, and towers to plant strawberries.

And to save you time and effort, we came up with this best strawberry planter review & guide. So, we hope you’ve picked one for your liking.

But for us, we’ve picked the 5-tier strawberry pot from Mr. Stacky. Its size makes it perfect for both small and big floor spaces. Also, it has a modular design that lets you grow each berry plant at interval spacings.

That prevents your strawberry plants from overlapping.

Our runner-up is the Reeyox grow bags. It offers strawberry growers great value for their money. And they’ve got two bags in a pack of one that can hold 10 gallons of matter.

Then again, the growing bags let you grow other fruit/vegetable plants. For example, carrots, herbs, and lettuce.

So, of the two or the others, which is your best strawberry planter?

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