Best Pots for Aloe Plants (Reviews & Guide)

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Picking the best pots for aloe plants depends on several factors. For example, you need to factor in the sizes or materials of the aloe vera pots. Unfortunately, for some, that can be challenging.

But if you’re one of them, don’t worry! This review & guide will ease up the process of picking the best pots for aloe plants. So, read on.

Most homeowners plant aloe vera indoors for their healing properties and beauty. All succulents store excess water in their leaves. But for aloe vera, the moisture is a soothing and cooling gel.

That gel works wonders for dry, sunburned, or irritated skin. So, I recommend growing this aloe plant indoors. It’s a low-maintenance plant and only needs occasional watering and good sunlight.

Further, picking the best pot for your aloe plant helps prevent root rot, keeping it healthy. All said, here are our best pots for aloe plants.

Best Pots for Aloe Vera Plants

  1. D’Vine Dev Line Pattern Terra Cotta Plant PotsTop Pick
  2. Vivimee 2-Pack Plant PotsBest coordinated Aloe plant grouping pot
  3. Bees & Buds Large PlanterBest pots for large aloe vera plants
  4. Fivoli Ceramic PotBest lead and cadmium-free planter for aloe plant
  5. POTEY Ceramic potsBest hobnail raised pattern pot
  6. Mkono Best minimalist pot with drain holes and saucers
  7. Sietpoek Cylinder Ceramic Pots-Best uniquely textured surface pot
  8. Greenaholics Succulent Pots – Best marbleized pot for aloe plant
  9. Zoutog Succulent PlanterBest Mini planters
  10. TerraCotta Pots with SaucerBest Ventilated aloe vera planter
  11. ARTKETTY Planter with Drainage HoleBest Ceramic Aloe Planter

Best Pots for Aloe Vera Plants Reviews

1. Top Pick: D’Vine Dev Line Pattern Terra Cotta Plant Pots

[amazon box=”B089B3K3H5″ template=”horizontal”]

The first thing one notices about these aloe vera pots is their striking white and black patterns. And despite their simplicity, their design catches your eye. They also have modern flairs for any patio or room. Moreover, you can repot aloe vera with them. 

This deep pot for aloe plants is itself a terracotta. Thus, it’s a suitable aloe vera pot since it’s porous. By them being porous, it means they’re naturally breathable. Further, this terracotta pot offers proper drainage.

Aloe vera plants hate damp conditions, something these terracotta pots help avoid. That’s so since the pot allows the dissipation of excess moisture. At the same time, it also allows airflow across its pot walls.

Along with this pot, you get non-scratch mats and covers for the mesh drainage holes. These mesh screens help stop your soil from being washed out of the pot. The washing out may happen during watering. 

Moreover, that prevents the pot’s drainage holes from clogging up. 

As for the non-scratch mats, you can place them below your drip trays. When you do that, you’ll prevent errant scratches and furniture damage.



2. Best coordinated Aloe plant grouping pot: Vivimee 2-Pack Plant Pots

[amazon box=”B08PV7M2DD” template=”horizontal”]

Achieving coordinated plant groupings with this aloe vera pot is straightforward. Moreover, this aloe vera container has a soft gray coloring and a lively sunburst pattern. 

That makes it charming without overshadowing your aloe plants’ spotlight. Also, these aloe vera pots have terracotta material. Thus, they’re perfect for drainage and breathability. And in turn, they’re excellent for your aloe vera plants.

Further, these aloe vera plant pots have silicone plugs for the drainage holes. But if you plant the aloes in the pot directly, don’t plug the drainage holes.

Excess water retention is a death sentence for your aloe vera plants. But it’s a suitable option for the following:

  • When you’ve planted the aloe vera plants within a nursery pot
  • When protecting your furniture/table from leaking water

A minor downside of these aloe vera plant pots is their lack of a drip tray. Fortunately, a drip tray isn’t necessary since you won’t water the aloes often. Moreover, you can always use plastic saucers to trap stray drips when watering.

Alo, if you are looking for strawberry planter pots, Vivimee 2-Pack may be a good option for you.



3. Best pots for large aloe vera plants: Bees & Buds Large Planter

[amazon box=”B08HY755R9″ template=”horizontal”]

It would help if you had heavy pots with wide and stable bases for your aloe vera plants. That’s because such a pot structure helps reduce tripping chances. For that reason, these Bees and Buds 10-inch pots are a perfect solution. 

Further, these pots for aloe vera are perfect for the following reasons:

  1. They weigh an excellent 8.73 pounds. So, they’ve got enough heft, countering mature aloe vera plants’ weights/sizes. 
  2. These pots’ bases don’t narrow at all. So, they provide stable foundations that resist tipping or wobbling.
  3. The pots are wide the same way they’re tall. So, they’ve got a lower center of gravity. Thus, making them extra stable.

Their single large drainage holes keep excess moisture away from your aloe’s soil. Also, they’ve got mesh screens. These screens keep your home nice and clean. Then again, they’ve got optional silicone drainage plugs.

As for their appearance, these aloe vera pots have minimalistic designs. The design type looks fantastic in any style and even room. Also, these aloe vera plant pots have the following equally pretty shades:

  • Black
  • Blush
  • White



4.Best lead and cadmium-free planter for aloe plant: Fivoli Ceramic Pot

[amazon box=”B08HY755R9″ template=”horizontal”]

At 2.5 pounds, these aloe vera pots are pretty weight, given their size. That’s to some extent because of their thick walls. Moreover, these thick walls are wide, reducing the pots’ inner diameters. They do so to 5.25 inches, while the outer diameter is 6 inches. 

And because of that, we’ve classified these pots as suitable for small aloe vera plants. Their bright and clean white colors are perfect for complementing any decor color. Further, their subtle raised line patterns are simple but sophisticated. 

These pots bear a striking resemblance to other expensive and high-end pots. Another great feature of these pots is that they’re certified cadmium and lead-free. That’s essential since such metals can affect your aloes’ nutrient absorption. 

Further, such metals are unsafe for animal or human exposure. So, when using these aloe vera plant pot, you won’t stress about them. 

Their tray bottoms have three cushion pads. The pads are essential since they ensure the aloe pots don’t leave scratches behind. Moreover, these pots get mesh drain hole screens for extra tidiness.



5. Best hobnail raised pattern pot: POTEY Ceramic pots

[amazon box=”B084MCP8YY” template=”horizontal”]

Somehow, these pots’ distinctive hobnail-raised patterns make them look modern. But at the same, they produce an evoking throwback feel. All that improves any home or office decor.

Referencing Glass Encyclopedia, these hobnail glass patterns were first developed in 1886. Moreover, such designs are always beautiful and exciting. 

Ceramic materials are heavy and sound; these pots are almost five pounds. That heaviness helps anchor your aloe vera plant, preventing tripping. Further, no tampering won’t happen toward these pots’ bases. So, their bases are pretty stable.

They’ve got great drainage holes that let excess moisture escape. Also, they’ve got optional drainage plugs for nursery pots as inner liners. You’re lucky if you’d prefer their hobnail patterns with different sizes/colors.

Poetry offers these pots in 6.1 and 4.8-inch sizes. Also, they offer them in pink or gray color options. So, there’s a color or size for your liking. 

Unfortunately, these aloe vera pots lack drip trays.



6. Best minimalist pot with drain holes and saucers: Mkono Plastic Pots with Saucers

[amazon box=”B089SP97WG” template=”horizontal”]

If you’ve got several aloes or plants you plant to pot, this Mkono planter suits you. It’s convenient and economical, so it covers every budget. Moreover, Mkono aloe pots are on sale in multiple color options.

The comprehensive color options suit homeowners with decors of different color shades. The colors are as follows:

  • Gray
  • Cream white
  • Maccha/a soft green
  • Blue
  • Multicolor, meaning it’s a mixture of the above colors

Also, if you’ve got smaller aloe vera pots, pick a 6.5 or 5.5-inch size. Unlike cement or terracotta, plastic material isn’t breathable. But don’t worry, these Mkono pots will keep your aloes happy. I say since they’ve got several drainage holes.

Often, plastic material is the most lightweight for plant pots. Moreover, such is valid for these Mkono pots. But, Mkono pots use thicker and heavier plastic materials.

Because of that, you won’t worry about the following:

  • Bowing
  • Warping
  • Bending because of the aloe vera plant’s weight



7. Best uniquely textured surface pot: Sietpoek Cylinder Ceramic Pots

[amazon box=”B07X6NL9Q7″ template=”horizontal”]

Honestly, these Sietpoek pots look attractive. They’ve got elegant designs and classic white colors, making them perfect for most decors. Also, they’re extra neutral, suiting different personal styles or designs.

Further, these Sietpoek pots come in sets of four. The best thing is each pot has a unique textured surface. Thus, they suit any office or home decor. Moreover, each pattern is subtle.

Since they’re subtle, they complement each other rather than compete. Nonetheless, as a group, these pots look elegant and impressive. 

Then again, these pots have drip trays and small openings at their undersides. This structure helps the pots drain away excess moisture. Elsewhere, their single-piece designs are excellent in matters of convenience.

After all, you’ll have a few components/parts to deal with! Also, you’ll have pots with stable bases that won’t tip or wobble over easily. That’s so since they’ve got attached drip trays.



8. Best marbleized pot for aloe plant: Greenaholics Succulent Pots

[amazon box=”B07YG5BF29″ template=”horizontal”]

Regarding growing pretty and tiny aloes, equally adorable pots are in order. Fortunately, these 3-set Greenaholics marbleized pots fit the bill well enough. At just above three inches in diameter, they’re perfect for grouping aloes.

Furthermore, when using these pots, you can group several mini aloes on sunny windowsills. Also, the small pots are perfect starter homes for your aloe pups.

Elsewhere, these pots’ marbleized designs add instant touches of class to all rooms. Moreover, their patterns are subtle enough, making them suitable for any decor type or potted houseplant.

These pots’ have wooden drip trays, which is a fantastic bonus. The function and look of their wooden drip trays are fabulous. Unfortunately, wood may mildew or warp from prolonged or repeated moisture exposure.

Fortunately, if you dry their drip trays after watering your aloes, they’ll stay durable for a long. Thus, these pots will remain in tip-top condition while serving aloe vera plants.



9. Best Mini planters : Zoutog Succulent Planter

[amazon box=”B07DWJMP12″ template=”horizontal”]

These pots are perfect for aloe vera plants since they’re wide but not too deep. That’s critical since it lets their roots grow, spreading out horizontally. When they do so, they’ll be healthier, thus living longer. 

The drainage holes at their bases allow adequate moisture to escape. So the potting soil won’t get too wet. Moreover, these pots are glazed inside and outside. The pots have high-quality material in their makeup. Thus, they won’t break or chip.

Their brown bamboo trays contrast nicely with their bright white ceramic. In short, all that creates neural and minimalistic looks. Further, these aloe pots make lovely gifts for friends or family members who love plants.



10. Best Ventilated aloe vera planter: TerraCotta Pots with Saucer

[amazon box=”B07HCF7YKW” template=”horizontal”]

In most instances, classic terracotta pots ring the mind when picking pots for aloes. Funny enough, it isn’t any different with this pot. Their 3-inch variants are the perfect size for planting aloe vera plants. 

Also, you can use these aloe pots outdoors and indoors. 

Terracotta pot material is the best for use in climatic regions that are less humid. That’s because it has efficient drainage properties. Such properties help prevent your aloes from mold and getting too moist.

Further, these aloe pots have suitable drainage holes at their base. Also, they’ve got tiny saucers at their base to trap excess moisture. Apart from that, the drain holes help keep your aloes well ventilated.

These pots have terracotta material in their makeup. Excitingly, the material is smooth and fired up to perfection. 

Moreover, their classic burnt orange colors are almost neutral. Thus, these aloe pots match any home/office decor.



11. Best Ceramic Aloe Planter: ARTKETTY Planter with Drainage Hole

[amazon box=”B07FZ26WNF” template=”horizontal”]

These broad and round pots measure 7.3 inches and are large enough for colossal aloe vera plants. Moreover, they aren’t too deep, but they let the aloe roots spread out. That’s critical for your aloe vera plants since they’ve got shallow roots.

Apart from being functional, these rich glazed ceramic pots are also beautiful. In addition, they’ve got smooth finishes and unique patterns.

The drain holes at their base let your aloe vera breathe with ease. So, the aloes stay healthy and will also get enough hydration. And because they’re pretty broad, you can add rocks above the potted plant for an extra touch.

Also, you can add some succulents to the pots to keep your aloes company. Further, you can do so by creating tiny gardens inside the pots.



Best Planter for Aloe Plant Comparison Table

[amazon box=” B089B3K3H5, B08PV7M2DD, B08HY755R9, B08HY755R9, B084MCP8YY, B089SP97WG, B07X6NL9Q7, B07YG5BF29, B07DWJMP12, B07HCF7YKW, B07FZ26WNF” template=”table” link_id=”6106″]

What to Consider When Choosing the Aloe Plant pots

To make sure your Aloe flourishes by choosing the proper planter with all its necessary qualities, then read on;

1. Aloe vera pot size

What size pot for the aloe plant? Start with a four or 5-inch pot since aloe vera plants do well in tiny pots. But it would be best if you measure the plant pots and be sure the pots drain efficiently.

It would help to consider the plant’s size when picking the best pots food aloe plants. Moreover, picking larger pots for aloe vera plants is a bad idea or strategy. That’s because larger pots let roots grow faster than the aloe itself.

When that happens, your aloe vera plant becomes fragile. Elsewhere, a tiny pot won’t provide your aloe roots enough room. Thus, your aloe vera plant experiences roo rot, becoming stagnant.

2. Material

Aloe vera plants thrive in different pot materials. Good pots for aloe plants can be made using the following materials:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Resin
  • Plastic
  • Terracotta
  • Ceramic

In most instances, you can treat the above pot materials for outdoor or indoor use. It would help to consider ceramic or terracotta pots. That’s because they produce excellent results for aloe vera plants.

Moreover, the two materials help in airflow exchange when the potting soil is inside the pot. Also, terracotta material offers better drainage. That’s so since it pulls moisture away from an aloe vera plant root.

3. Drainage holes

It would be helpful to remember that small amounts of moisture go a very long way. And that’s when watering your aloe vera plant. Moreover, aloe vera plants are succulents. So they need proper drainage.

Otherwise, excess moisture won’t drain away from your loose soil.


Succulents like aloe vera plants look excellent on their own. Also, their striking leaves easily steal anyone’s attention. But, there exist several aesthetic options that fit different decor preferences.

For some, that may be simple, round pots painted white and made of ceramic. But for others, terracotta is their sole preference. That’s so since they offer a different visual appeal. Also, different pots with earth-tone and vivid patterns or colors are available.

Such pots match almost every office or home style.

Depth of the Pot

Aloe veras are slow-growing plants; the same applies to their root system. So, deep pots stimulate their roots’ growth rather than the plant itself. Furthermore, you may notice baby aloes missing when using a deep pot for your aloes.

Small aloe vera offsets have been frequent and common in shallow pots, unlike deeper ones. Hence, ensure your aloe vera pot sits around 2-3 inches deep.

Water Collection Tray

Water collection trays look aesthetically pleasing and make water estimation easy. With this, you can estimate the amount of moisture your aloe vera plants need.

Once you see moisture collecting within the tray, the trick is to halt watering your aloe plants. Suppose you don’t empty the trays: the moisture gathers and reabsorbs in your pot. Thus, the aloe roots will stay longer in moisture.

Among aloe vera plant deaths, root rot is a repeated offender. Then again, improper use of moisture trays amplifies the chances of root rot. Well, I recommend in plant pots with complementary drainage trays.

Best Material For Aloe Pots

Best Pots for Aloe Plants Picture Illustration

1. Plastic Pots

Aloe vera plants are often light and succulent. Thus, a plastic pot is flexible and will always allow the movement of the aloes. But, it’ll require position changes each summer. And that’s when the aloe vera plants need extra sunlight.

During winter, one can take their large aloe vera plant indoors. Doing so will offer the plants protection or favorable health conditions.

2. Terracotta Pots

Terracotta pots protect your aloe vera pups roots from being dumped. Therefore, preventing it from excessive bacteria and rust. Moreover, these pots are on offer in several dimensions. 

With such dimensions, they’re available for purchase from stores around you. Also, terracotta pots make your aloe vera look excellent inside them.

They are also among the best pots for pothos to allow airflow. So the plants can breathe.

3. Ceramic Pots

Typically, ceramic pots come with water-resistant cover coats. Thus, making them susceptible to water damage. 

The primary feature of these aloe pots is that their drainage is adequate and efficient. The efficient drainage helps your lovely aloe veras to grow healthy.

Further, ceramic aloe pots have fantastic and unique designs. These designs boost and fit any decor.

Tips for Choosing the best type of pot for aloe plant

  • The aloe vera pot significantly impacts fertilizer, soil, and watering.
  • Choose aloe vera pots that don’t disappear somewhere in the background. Also, the pot shouldn’t take up acres of space.
  • Your aloe vera plants won’t stay healthy without a suitable pot type. If so, there will be issues like droopy/discolored leaves, rootbound, overwatering, or root rot.
  • The aloe pot should have drainage and retention, just like your soil. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t retain moisture for too long. Also, it shouldn’t wick away water too fast.
  • The aloe vera pot should come with one to two drainage holes. The holes should be of the perfect size. Otherwise, the drain holes won’t drain out moisture.
  • You can pick plastic or glazed pots for your aloe plants. But as a beginner, choose clay or terracotta pots.

Aloe Pots Indoors vs Outdoors

Depending on your aloe vera plant needs, being outdoors or indoors won’t make any significant difference when picking pots. Importantly, your aloe vera plants still need the following:

  • A pot with excellent drainage
  • A pot of the right shape or size

However, the following pose a greater danger to your aloe vera plants:

  • Inclement weather outdoors
  • Curious children or pets

Because of that, your aloes need pots with heavy and sturdy materials. That’s because materials provide excellent protection. Still, on that material point, the following are great options:

  • Heavy earthenware
  • Stone
  • Cement

Further, large terracotta pots are pretty weighty. But that material type is more delicate.

Which Pot Types Are Bad for Aloe Vera?

When it comes to growing aloe vera, the type of pot you choose can make a big difference in the success of your plant.

Aloe vera is typically grown as a houseplant and needs specific conditions for proper growth. The wrong pot can impede its growth or even be detrimental to its health.

Avoid these types of pots when growing aloe vera:

– Clay Pots:

Clay is a porous material that can easily dry out. Aloe vera needs consistently moist soil, so a clay pot may not be the best choice for it as it won’t hold enough moisture for the plant’s needs.

– Metal Pots:

Metal pots tend to retain heat, which can be damaging for aloe vera. High temperatures can cause the plant to become stressed and may even lead to root damage.

The best pot for growing aloe vera is one made from a porous material like terracotta or unglazed ceramic. These pots allow soil moisture to evaporate, preventing overwatering while still providing enough water for the plant’s needs.

Additionally, terracotta and unglazed ceramic pots are relatively inexpensive, making them an ideal choice for aloe vera growers on a budget


Do aloe plants need deep pots? 

Pots that provide excellent drainage systems, such as orchid pots, are excellent choices. That’s because such pots help prevent root rot in aloe plants. It’s worth noting that root rot is a common disorder for succulents. 

Start with a four or 5-inch pot since aloe vera plants do well in shallow pots. But it would be best if the pots drain efficiently.

What should Aloe Vera be potted in? 

Plant aloe vera in a terracotta pot that’s well-drained with soil to keep aloe vera happy. Mixing equal parts of potting soil and sand is your best bet. Nonetheless, you can buy special succulent mixtures. Unfortunately, terracotta pots die faster than glazed or plastic pots.

When should you repot an aloe plant?

Aloe vera plants often need repotting after two to five years. But that depends on your aloe vera plant’s age and soil. Moreover, aloe vera may need a different pot once it develops more slowly. The plant may also need pot change when the offshoots extend to the pot’s edge.

Do aloe plants need drainage? 

Aloe vera plants have always been hardy. Unfortunately, improper drainage systems can cause them to wilt or rot. Thus, if the aloe dies, blame the drainage. I say so since it’s a common culprit for most aloe vera deaths. 

A layer of clay balls, gravel, or other drainage material on the pot’s base isn’t necessary. That only occupies the space that would otherwise be for the aloe plant’s roots.

How big of a pot for aloe vera plant?

The ideal pot size is five to ten percent bigger than the aloe vera. Such a size won’t leave more than one or two inches of extra room on the plant’s sides.

Do aloe plants need direct sunlight?

Light is where most succulent gardeners or parents fall short of their plants’ needs. Moreover, one must place aloe plants in the windows. That’s because, on windows, the aloes will receive six hours of sun per day. 

Without excess direct light, the succulents stretch, losing their attractive and compact shape. Further, they may topple over when the stem grows weak.

Plant pot for aloe vera summary

Finally, to this point, we hope you’re aware of the steps involved in picking aloe pots. And that’s essential, especially if you’ve been putting your aloes in unfit pots. So, without delay, order a new pot that keeps your aloe vera plants healthy.

To help you with that, we recommend picking the best pots for aloe plants. 

Our top pick is the D’Vine Dev pot. This deep pot for aloe plants is itself a terracotta. Thus, it’s a suitable aloe vera pot since it’s porous. By them being porous, it means they’re naturally breathable. Further, this terracotta pot offers proper drainage.

Our runner-up is the Fivoli Ceramic Pot. These pots bear a striking resemblance to other expensive and high-end pots. Another great feature of these pots is that they’re certified cadmium and lead-free. 

That’s essential since such metals can affect your aloes’ nutrient absorption. 

All said, among the best pots for aloe pots we’ve reviewed here, which is your favorite?

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