The Best Pot for Spider Plant (Review & Guide)

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From drainage and growth room to design and decor, finding the right pot for your houseplant can be a challenge.

But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

In this guide, we explain the key factors to consider when picking the Best pot for a spider plant.

So, whether you’re a seasoned green thumb or just getting started with houseplants, make sure you get the perfect pot and keep your spider plant healthy and thriving.

The Best Spider Plant Pot Review

1. Top Pick: La Jolie Muse Hanging Planter Pots

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These La Jolie Hanging baskets may look like concrete or stone, but they’re actually made of recycled plastic. So, it’s a lightweight and easy-to-hang pot for your snake plant or spider plant.

Plus, it comes in several styles and colors to choose from. And the best part? It has a raised water reservoir and drainage holes that provide the perfect environment for your spider plant.

Unfortunately, finding large hanging baskets in stores can be a bit of a hassle. But with this one, all your spider plant needs are taken care of.

In contrast, these La Jolie spider plant pots are 12 inches in diameter. That means you’ll have adequate room to repot a spider plant. 

Moreover, these spider plant pots are naturally UV-resistant and don’t frost or fade. So, you can grow your favorite mother plant under direct sunlight. On the same, they’ll push you through several growing seasons. Even better, they’re a pack of two. 

This flower pot from La Jolie has a durable but lightweight material for efficiency. Further, they’ve got adjustable hangers, easing height adjustment at will. 

The hanging basket has a waterproof design, making it perfect for indoor/outdoor use. Apart from that, these La Jolie hanging planters are straightforward to use.

With La Jolie, you can also grow morning glories in hanging baskets with ease.



2. Best Budget: Zmtech Plant Pots For Growing Spider Plants

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This plastic pot comes as a set of three, making it perfect for small houseplants. In most cases, these Zmtech plastic pots can be cheaper than your plants. 

Also, this Zmtech pot set is available in several combinations and sizes. So, you’ll get value from this pot set. That’s especially when growing multiple plants indoors. Further, each pot has a self-watering saucer.

The self-watering saucer attaches to the spider plant planter. Even better, when you tilt the saucer, it drains away excess water. Also, you can detach the saucer to let the following dry out:

  • The pot’s bottom.
  • The spider plant’s soil.
  • The spider plant roots.

This indoor-ready pot has several color options, and they’re as follows:

  • Green
  • White
  • Gray
  • Blue

Apart from color options, the three pots have varying combinations. The bottom one has speckles that replicate natural pebble finishes. And because they’re of plastic makeup, they wear faster, unlike other durable materials.

Fortunately, no other pots can beat this adorable pot set’s price. 



3. Best Fiberstone Pot: Fox & Fern Plant Pot

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For a neutral finish that lets your spider plants look better, pick these pots from Fox & Fern. I say so because they’ve got a minimalistic design that cuts across different decors. 

Moreover, these pots have high-quality materials in their makeup, even though they’re pricey. So, these pots leverage your shared office or living room space’s look.

Elsewhere, the pots’ have a proprietary Fiberstone that’s lightweight and UV-resistant. By them being lightweight, you can move them freely without straining. 

Pick these pots if you need to place your favorite spider plants close to a window. I say so because this spider plant planter will retain its initial color and finish. You can pick a finish option that suits your taste, whether matte or glossy.

If you opt for a matte finish, you’ll have an option of two colors; black or white. Also, this spider plant pots offer five different size options. Moreover, a paired or a family grouping set is available. All that gives you a broad spectrum of options to choose from.

I recommend you pick the matte white pot or one with a saucer. But specifically, go for the matte one as it has an optional saucer. This saucer is critical for moisture management in the plant pot.

Further, this planter pot has a drainage hole suitable for fresh soil. Unfortunately, moisture may drip toward your furniture or floors if it isn’t sitting in a saucer. 



4. Best Self Watering Pot: Lechuza Classico Indoor Planter

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Do you like spider plant pots that are usable indoors or outdoors? If so, this Lechuza pot makes a perfect all-weather planter. It’s UV-resistant. Thus, with it, you can place your spider plants by the window. 

In warmer months, your spider plants can stay outdoors in these larger planters. Moreover, these spider plant pots are lightweight and durable plastic. Thus, they’re ideal for several growing seasons.

Again, bringing your spider plants indoors during harsh weather will be straightforward. Its self-watering design also lets the roots absorb adequate moisture.

Further, these Lechuza pots reduce the need for constant watering of a picky plant. The pots have interior trays lifting your plants and their roots. They do so from the moisture reservoir. 

The tray also lifts inorganic granules. Thus, regulating the moisture path to the spider plant.

The moisture level indicator helps one know when the pot needs refilling. Elsewhere, this pot has several color options, including:

  • Purple garnet
  • Slate
  • Nutmeg
  • White

Trust me; these Lechuza pots will make you and your spider plants. I say so because they complement different plant foliages and decor. As always, the white Lechuza pots have been popular neutral choices. They go well with any style.



5. Best Hanging: Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter

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These Mkono hanging pots work fine whether you place them alone or as a group. They’re available in different modern geometrical shapes and white porcelain. Moreover, the Mkono Planter drilled drain holes for the polyester rope.

Also, the pot has several drainage holes at its bottom.

These indoor pots often come with plugs that cover the drainage holes. Their plugs help prevent leaks and drips when you cannot monitor your plants closely. 

However, it’s essential to remember to allow the plants to drain to prevent root rot. When setting up these pots, you may need to adjust the rope. But that’s if you want to get the pots to the desired height and location. 

Be sure to follow the tying instructions included with the pots carefully. Doing so ensures they remain securely in place and do not fall. Also, you’ll avoid potential dirt and plant spillage.

With this pot set, you’ll produce a mature plant. But that’s true if you’ve got a well-draining potting mix. Moreover, it’s more efficient than a clay pot. 



6. Best Textured Crosshatch Design: Rivet Rustic Stoneware Plant Pot

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Rivet offers a selection of decorative stoneware pots in three sizes and colors. Each pot comprises 100% stoneware and features a textured crosshatch design. 

Further, the design has an ombre effect on the exterior and a dark gray high gloss finish on the interior. Customers can choose from coral and white, silver and white, or bronze and white. 

The pots are available in the following sizes, and you can buy them individually:

  • Small (5.8 inches)
  • Medium (7 inches)
  • Large (8.7 inches) diameters 

In addition to the pots, Rivet also offers stoneware vases in the same color scheme and three sizes. These vases make a great addition to the pots. And are also a perfect gift or a way to add color and interest to any home. 

With so many options, these pots and vases are an excellent addition to any collection of indoor planters.



7. Best High-density Ceramic Pot: Modern Flower Plant Pot

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These plant pots are a beautiful and stylish addition to any home or garden. They come in a set of two and are available in two striking colors. 

Moreover, the exterior of the pots adorns an intricate printed pattern. Thus, giving them a distinct and eye-catching appearance. The pots have a rounded shape design and sturdy construction. And because of that, they’re both practical and attractive. 

They’re the perfect way to display and showcase indoor or outdoor plants. And the North African-inspired design adds a unique touch to your space. 

Overall, these pots are a lovely decorative choice. That’s so for anyone looking to add a touch of greenery to their home.

These plant pots are of high-density ceramic makeup. That makes them both durable and resistant to extreme weather conditions. Also, the ceramic’s thickness helps prevent water seepage. Thus, making the pots less porous. 

The pots have glazed exteriors, giving them an attractive and decorative appearance. On the same, the glazed surface makes it straightforward to wipe clean. Additionally, both designs feature removable plastic bugs and drainage holes.

The two make this pot type suitable for a variety of indoor plants. And that’s regardless of whether they are sensitive to root rot. Again, these pots are practical and stylish. They’re so for anyone looking to add some greenery to their home.



Best Pots for Spider Plants Comparison Table.

[amazon box=” B07CWPZCNC, B09Q5KWXGV, B07D9WLNHH, B00JCWVSLC, B07ZVP79Y1, B07QD5FXRZ, B08CVSWVXH” template=”table” link_id=”6106″]

What To Look For When Buying the Best Planter for Spider Plant

Spider plant pot size

It’s essential to consider the pot’s size when caring for spider plants. The pot’s size can significantly affect the overall health and growth of the plant.

Always spider plants are relatively small and don’t require a lot of space.

But if you use a too-small pot, the plant’s roots may become crowded/unhealthy.

That’s known as becoming rootbound. Further, use well-sized pots to ensure the best possible spider plant health or growth.

Drainage Hole 

Proper drainage is an essential element of plant care and maintenance. If your spider plant’s pot retains standing moisture, it can cause root rot or other issues. And to prevent that from happening, using pots with drain holes is critical. 

You have a few options if your pot doesn’t have a drainage hole. 

You can try drilling a hole in the bottom of the pot yourself. Or you can use an interior pot with drainage holes inside a decorative outer planter.

Either way, proper drainage is crucial for the health and well-being of your spider plant.

Pot Material

Spider plants can thrive in pots made from a variety of materials, including plastic, terracotta, ceramic, or metal.

However, it is important to choose a pot that suits your specific needs, such as the desired aesthetic, moisture retention, and airflow.

For example, terracotta pots are porous and allow for good airflow, but they may dry out the soil more quickly, while plastic pots retain moisture better but may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

Overall, spider plants are relatively adaptable to different pot types and materials, as long as the pot allows for proper drainage and is appropriately sized for the plant.

The Different Types of Pots To Consider

Plastic Pots for Spider Plants

I generally recommend using plastic pots for growing spider plants. I say so since they’re cheaper and lighter than other options. Additionally, they are less prone to breaking if the root system becomes too large.

Clay Pots/ Terra Cotta Pots

Clay or terra cotta pots are other popular choices for growing spider plants. They have a natural appearance and can add a decorative touch to your home or garden. 

However, they’re generally heavier and extra expensive than plastic pots. One potential drawback to using a clay pot is that it may break if you do not repot the plant frequently enough.

Ceramic Pots

Ceramic and clay pots are similar in that they are both from fired clay. But ceramic pots are usually glazed and more decorative. However, like clay pots, they are prone to breaking. And are often more expensive than other options.

Metal Pots

Metal pots are less common than other materials. But they can be a good choice for growing plants. They are unlikely to break.

Unfortunately, they can get hot in direct sunlight and rust over time. Keep these potential drawbacks in mind. 

Do so if you’re considering using a metal pot for your plants.

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets are an excellent pick for spider plants. They allow the plant to hang down and create a dramatic, attention-grabbing display. Ensure you pick a good drainage basket so your plant doesn’t sit in water.

Repotting Spider Plant Babies

To repot your young spider plant, use a sharp and clean knife or scissors to cut it from the mother plant. Then, pot it in a small planter with the same soil mixture you use for adult spider plants. 

Spider plant in a white plastic pot
Multiple spider plants in one pot

Keep the potting soil less moist but not wet. The plantlet should root and continue growing faster.

You can also try water propagation to ensure the plantlet is rooted before potting it. Separate the plantlet and place it in a vase or glass of water. 

Ensure the bottom is submerged, but the leaves stay dry. Once the roots are about an inch long, you can pot the plantlet described above. Or leave it in water indefinitely.


What kind of pots do spider plants like?

Terracotta planter with a drainage hole is the ideal pot for spider plants. It helps in providing proper drainage and aeration to the roots of the plant. Plastic or ceramic pots also work well with spider plants. Make sure that the containers are not too large, as it may encourage root rot due to poor airflow.

How big of a pot does a spider plant need?

Spider plants are great for hanging baskets. That’s because they’ve got a fountain-like shape and trailing plantlets. Choose a container that’s no more than one-third larger than your plant’s root ball.

Do spider plants like to be root bound?

Spider plants prefer to be somewhat root bound. So, it can be easy to overlook when they outgrow their pot. Or block the drainage holes. Check regularly, as they may sit in excess moisture, causing rot. But that’s if the plant’s roots prevent proper drainage.

Can you have multiple spider plants in one pot?

I live in an urban apartment with limited well-lit space for my plants. To save space, I transplanted several spiderettes outgrowing their small pots into one container as one plant. You can use this specific technique on different plants, not just spider plants.

Do spider plants need drainage?

Planting spider plants in a pot with drainage holes is crucial to prevent root rot. And to keep the soil from washing out, cover the holes using broken pottery. Afterward, use standard potting soil. Don’t overwater the plant, as spider plants are susceptible to root rot if waterlogged.

How do I know if my spider plant needs to be repotted?

There are several signs that it may be time to repot your spider plant; if you ever wonder, “Can you leave a plant in the container it came in?”

  • The roots protruding from the drainage hole
  • The roots are starting to show above the soil level
  • The spider plant’s soil dries faster, causing droopy leaves
  • The planter has cracked

If you notice these signs, it’s probably time to repot your spider plant.

Do spider plants like deep or wide pots?

When repotting your spider plant, choose a pot slightly larger than its current pot. There’s no need to get a much bigger pot. That’s because the plant is happiest when it can take over the soil with its roots. Moreover, the spider plant will thrive when it can expand. And then set into a confined area.

What size pot does my spider plant need?

Spider plants don’t necessarily need large pots to thrive. The best pot size is one/two sizes larger than its root ball. Also, it’s essential to look for signs that the plant needs repotting. 

Do so before deciding to upgrade to a slightly larger pot. These signs may include:

  • Roots coming out of the drainage hole
  • Roots showing above the soil level
  • Soil that dries faster
  • A cracked planter.


As we’ve seen, picking the best pot for spider plant can be complicated. You’ll need to look at different factors. Otherwise, you’ll get a pot that doesn’t suit your spider plants.

Fortunately, this spider plant pot review & guide has your back. With it, you can now buy a planter pot that keeps your spider plants healthy and happy!

Our top pick is the La Jolie Hanging baskets. These spider plant pots are naturally UV-resistant and don’t frost or fade. So, you can grow your favorite mother plant under direct sunlight. 

On the same, they’ll push you through several growing seasons. Even better, they’re a pack of two. 

As for our runner-up, we’ve picked the Lechuza Classic pots. It’s UV-resistant. Thus, with it, you can place your spider plants by the window.  

Further, these Lechuza pots reduce the need for constant watering of a picky plant. The pots have interior trays lifting your plants and their roots. They do so from the moisture reservoir. 

Finally, between the two, which one cuts it for you?

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