Best Pot for Pothos: Review and Guide

Best Pot for Pothos Image Illustration

Pothos plants are one of the easiest houseplants to maintain among other plants. Their ability to grow all year round is an added advantage for beginner plant parents. Their heart-shaped leaves improve your home’s ambiance giving it a tropical vibe.

Choosing the best pot for pothos plants is hassle-free and makes watering easy. Almost any pot works for a pothos plant. All you need is a sturdy and wide enough pot with a porous material to suffice their growth.

In this guide, we’ve listed some of the best pots for pothos plants. 

Best Pots for Pothos Plant Reviews

1. Plastic pots

Plastic pots are amongst the most affordable pots you can come across. They are readily available and in plenty of variety, spoiling you with choice. Plastic pots are light, meaning if you are the type to hang your plants, plastic pots are ideal for you.

However, plastic pots are non-porous and hence retain soil moisture. The excess soil moisture can be dangerous to your plant. So, you need to be keen on your watering schedule.

There are varieties of plastic pots ideal for pothos plants. They include

  • Turquoise pots
  • Hanging plastic pots
  • White striped pots

i. Turquoise pots

JERIA 16-Pack 4" Plastic Flower Plant Pots Thickened Seedlings Nursery Pots, Flower Plant Container Seed Starting Pots with Pallet (Blue)
  • PACKAGE INCLUDE: Pack of 16, 8 different colors pots, Nursery Pot dimensions: Upper caliber: 4"/10cm, lower caliber: 2.8"/7cm, height: 3.3"/8.5cm, strong and durable, not easy to damage
  • DURABLE: Plastic plant pots are durable, lightweight, and flexible, It does not absorb water and therefore, it does not rot. It resists the harshness of sunlight. This means that they will last longer than other traditional pots and no matter how you drop them they would not break.
  • MATERIAL: Resin plastic, Nice thick plastic that can last a few seasons in the sun without getting crispy. It is not easily damaged broken under crush.
  • DRAINAGE SYSTERM: Adorable Nursery Pot bottom has small Drain holes to keep soil drained and ventilated. Drainage is one of the key factors concerning growing healthy plants. The bottom of mini plant pots has small drainage holes to keep the soil drained and ventilated, which can also protect the health of roots and flowering plants. Plants in pots without drainage holes are prone to becoming overwatered.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN GARDEN: Vivid Lovely flower plant pots are suitable for indoors or outdoors. Ideal for gardening all kinds of flowers, vegetables or plants. Use for decorating your room, garden, patio or office.

Turquoise pots are one of the most colorful plastic pots you can get for your pothos plant. They come in different sizes and shapes to break the monotony in your home.

Why not spruce up the ambiance with the Jeria-Thickened Seedling plastic containers?  These plastic containers are sturdy enough for your plants. They also have small drainage holes to keep the potting soil well-aerated.

ii. Hanging plastic pots

3 Pack Plastic Hanging Planters Set ,8.3 Inch Hanging Flower Plant Pot with Drainage Hole for Indoor Outdoor Plants, Round Hanging Basket with Removable tray for Home Garden Porch Balcony Patio Decor
  • Simple Style: 3 different colors hanging Planters are designed to hold your lovely plant, such as ivy, herbs, ferns, philodendrons, succulent, flowers or other plants with it's modern minimalism design.
  • Removable tray:Tray and flowerpot can be easily separated, and the bottom of flowerpot is porous design, which is convenient for ventilation and drainage
  • Strong Bearing Capacity: The hanging basket with high-quality hook can bear more than 10kg. There is no need to worry that the flowerpot will be crushed
  • Size and material:( 8.3"D *4.7"H)Flower pots are made of durable recyclable plastic and wood fibers,Strong three rope hanger is used to increase the stability of the hanging planters.
  • After Sales Guarantee: if you have any quality problems during the purchase process, please feel free to contact us

Hanging plastic pots are best for hanging your pothos plants. They are light hence the reason. This 3-type hanging planter plastic pot is ideal. It has a removable drip tray to drain excess water keeping your potting soil regenerated.

They come in various colors and have a high-quality hook that can hold up to 10kg of pot quantity. You won’t worry about your pot crushing. The pots are also very durable, and you can recycle them.

iii. White striped plastic pots 

Elly Decor Plastic Conic Planter 11x9 in. Plant Pot Striped Design Decorative for Indoor and Outdoors Plants Modern Round Flower Pot,White
  • QUALITY PLANTERS : Our plastic planter made to endure falls and weather without a scratch , the Polypropylene plastic make it sturdy and durable but very lightweight so it can be used for indoors or outdoors and the material are easy to clear
  • FOR HEALTHY ROOTS: includes a prebuild drainage hole for a good drainage so the planter had just the right amount of water
  • DECORATIVE DESIGN: made with a Stipped design than makes a perfect match with modern decor
  • FOR EVERY CORNER OF YOUR HOUSE: made of resistant but lightweight plastic , making it easy to use indoors of outdoors , fit for every decor idea
  • NO FALL OUT DIRT: the planter had a 1 inch lip , it keeps the earth inside avoiding annoying dirt, improving its ability to use it indoors

White striped plastic pots give your space a contemporary look. If you are looking for this type of pot, the Elly Decor plastic pot is best. It’s lightweight, and you can use it indoors or outdoors. It also has a drainage hole for ventilation and is easy to clean.

  • Plastic pots are cheap.
  • They have a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from.
  • Easy maintenance- You’ll spend less time cleaning your plastic pots.
  • Plastic pots are less durable as compared to other containers.
  • Plastic pots are non-porous. They do not retain the excess moisture exposing your plants to danger.
  • You may need to remember to water the pothos plant in the hanging plastic pots. This is because they are invisible compared to the ones on a bookshelf or at a centerpiece.

2. Metal pots

The second category of pots we’ll look at is metal pots. Metal pots are very durable compared to other pots. Pots such as clay, terracotta, and ceramic are very fragile hence the reason. Metal pots can blend well in an indoor garden making them ideal.

Always ensure you get a metal pot that has a drainage hole. Drilling the drainage yourself can be nerve-wracking.

Alternatively, you can use your metal pot as a cachepot. You won’t need to repot your pothos into the metal pot. Instead, you will use it for sitting your potted pothos plant inside.

i. Charcoal metal pot

Nice Rectangular Charcoal Grey Aluminum Planter - 20"X46"X20"
  • Assembly required – assembles with stainless steel screws that are completely concealed from view for a modern uncluttered look
  • Drainage – complete with bottom raised track legs and six one-inch diameter drain holes
  • Durable powder coated aluminum - rust proof, crack proof and pest proof
  • Optional – casters, bench tops and drainage trays
  • Space to grow - extra deep for large plants

Charcoal metal pots give your space an industrial design appearance. A little color blend will be good. This friendly rectangular charcoal aluminum will give your space the perfect look. 

ii. Gold metal pot-brass toned

Vixdonos Gold Metal Flower Pots Brass-Toned Garden Planters, 7.1/6.3 Inch Indoor Round Succulent Containers, Pack 2 Cactus Plant Pots with Drainage Hole
  • DURABLE: Its sturdy and durable.Because the brushed gold flower pots are made of sprayed metal,so don't worry that it may rust from the moisture in the room.There are some unavoidable traces of the craftsmanship inside the flowerpot, which does not belong to its flaws.
  • PRACTICAL: The gold finished flower pot reflect beautiful colors in the sun and light. They are a great choice for your living room, bedroom, office desk top and coffee table.It's a perfect match for all kinds of colorful plant flowers, decorating your indoor environment with green plants and purify the air.
  • FOCUS ON THE DETAILS: Brass gold-toned succulent cactus bowls have drainage holes at the bottom to prevent water accumulation in the pots to ensure the health of the plants. The product contains two sizes of metal flower pots to match different sizes of plants
  • STYLISH: Elegant small flower pots have been specially treated with external processing. The special colors and sizes are excellent for indoor decoration and garden decoration. They are also a good gift for family and friends
  • SIZE: Large - 4.2"H * 7.1"D, Small - 5.7 H* 6.3"D specification, appropriate for you to put on the bedside, coffee table, dresser, office desk top and other places you need to decorate

Houseplant owners have advanced on aesthetics. You want to achieve a simple yet elegant look with your pots. This vixdonos gold metal flower pot is best for your pothos plant. I love it because of how it displays in direct sunlight and artificial light.

The metal pot comes with a drip tray and a drainage hole. These help regenerate the potting soil, keeping your plants safe from root rot.

  • Metal pots are highly durable and can serve you a long time before changing.
  • It’s easier to make metal pots look their best. In case of any stains or marks, you can easily wipe them off.
  • Variety- metal pots made from aluminum are available in various shapes and sizes. Aluminum is malleable, making it easy to mold into different designs.  
  • Metal pots are prone to rust hence giving your space a hideous appearance. 
  • Metal pots are heavier compared to plastic pots.
  • Extremely hot weather is not good for metal pots. They can burn your pothos and dry up the soil, causing root rot.

3. Ceramic pots 

Ceramics is a non-porous material that helps absorb moisture, keeping the plant healthy. Pots made from ceramic are suitable for pothos plants. They come in two categories, glazed and unglazed.

Glazed ceramic pots are best for your pothos plant. This is because they have a coat of lacquer that helps keep soil moisture. This in the end will save you the hassle of watering frequently.

You can still use unglazed ceramic pots, but they are unlikely to absorb moisture. This will force you to water your pothos plants frequently

i. Khaki-bottomed ceramic pot with sand patterns

JOFAMY Ceramic Planters Indoor Outdoor, 6.7/5.3" Black & Sand Yellow Two-Tone Plant Pots Flower Pots with Drainage Hole, Mesh Pad & Plug
  • 【Artwork of Both Color and Craftmanship】These 2 sets of decorative ceramic planters not only features color blocks designing, black & sand yellow combined in harmony and is a classical match, but also we adopted two crafts on every single commodity, matte finish upper part is delicate while rough textured on the bottom has a natural style. They can make your plants and flowers stand out in your home decor
  • 【Outperforming Design】With smooth curves that end up in a slight slope, this planter offers a unique appearance between traditional and contemporary. Better line art than general straight pot, and outperforming from traditional flared arc pot!
  • 【Mid-Century Ceramic Planter】These planters are classic black with a matte finish, they look great indoors and out and make your window sills, table tops, shelves, and desks in your bedroom, kitchen, office, or living room more vivid.
  • 【Plant Suggestions for Indoor Ceramic Pots】These planters add a decorative touch and provide a stylish home for a variety of authentic or synthetic flora including succulents, cactus, flowers, Aloe, Pothos, and Snake Plants. Indoor planter perfect for bedroom, balcony, living room, bookshelf.
  • 【Great Gift Choice for Plant/Flower Lover】Give your loved family members and friends this plant pot as a gift to better decorate their home and greenery. They make a great birthday gift, anniversary gift, housewarming gift, Thanksgiving or Christmas gift, and more!

With the advanced trends, houseplant owners have become more diverse with pot varieties. If you are this person, this Jofamy ceramic planter will work best for your pothos plants. It gives your space a traditional and contemporary appearance, adding a calming look.

ii. Woody ceramic pot

POTEY 053701 Ceramic Planter Flowerpots - 6 + 4.8 inch Modern Decorative Plant Pot Containers for Aloe Plants Flower Home Decor Indoor(Natural Wood Texture, Plant NOT Included)
  • 🌿STYLISH HOME PLANT DECOR. The creative and special design of this natural wooden patterned planter will make your home more lively. Great for home decor, its clean lines are greatly suitable for decorating your windowsill, desktop, kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom.
  • 🌿DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY COMBINED. Each set includes a 6 inches plant pot and a smaller 4.8 inches plant pot, featuring a drainage hole and a rubber plug so you can manage the amount of water your plants get, without any spills or messes. **Plants are NOT included.**
  • 🌿GOOD FOR YOUR GREEN FRIENDS. These 100% glazed ceramic pots for plants are made from natural soil which processed through hot oven. Making from natural soil benefits to your plant ventilation and growth, it also keep water for your plant not like terracotta materials.
  • 🌿MULTIFUNCTIONAL MODERN MINIMALIST CONTAINER. You can not only plant flowers inside, but also use them to hold and store small accessories and miscellaneous items. Mini and exquisite plant pots, suitable for Housewarming gift, Mother’s Day, Christmas’s Day and wedding gift.
  • 🌿CARING FOR PLANTS AND FOR OUR CUSTOMERS! Our customers’ satisfaction is very important for us. That’s why our Customer Support team is ready to assist you with any issues you might have with our products, offering refunds or replacements.

Woody ceramic pots have a natural wood patterned design. These patterned designs blend with your space.

If you are that country-cousin plant parent, don’t stress. This Potey ceramic planter is an excellent pot for aloe plants and pothos.

It’s glazed, has drainage holes and a rubber plug. These will assist you in controlling your watering process.

iii. Embossed ceramic pot white in color 

Set of 2 Modern Matte White Floral Embossed Ceramic Planter Pot with Saucer and Drainage Hole, 4 Inch & 6 Inch, 99-C-GE
  • Modern & Unique Design - The plant pot is matte white with chic and unique floral texture which combines modern and vintage style. It will easily accent your space look great with indoor plants and flowers, such as succulents, snake plant, cacti, orchid, artificial plants.
  • Size & Dimension - Small: 4 Inch, 4" Diameter x 3.6" Interior x 4.2"Height; Medium: 6 Inch, 6.1" Diameter x 5.5" Interior x 6.4" Height
  • Drainage Hole & Tray - Each pot comes with a drainage holes at the bottom of the planter pot. Besides, the ceramic tray is to catch excess water that will keep your place clean.
  • Drainage Net & Scratch Pad - Please put the pad under the tray to avoid scratching the wooden desktop, then place the net inside the pot to cover the drainage hole to prevent soil from falling while allowing excessive water drainage.
  • Love it or Full Refund - With confidence in D'vine Dev products and commitment to bring high quality products to the market, we provide full refunds or hassle-free replacement if there is any issue with our products. If there is any damage occurred during fulfillment and delivery, please contact us immediately for full satisfying resolution.

White embossed ceramic pots give a modern and vintage look to your decor. If you are into vintage decor, this modern matte white floral ceramic pot is an excellent choice for your pothos plants. It has a drip tray and drainage holes allowing water to drain freely.  

  • Ceramic pots are porous. They absorb moisture and allow air circulation, preventing the pothos plants from damaging.
  • Due to their porous nature, they require frequent watering, which may be tedious.

4. Terracotta pots 

Terracotta pots come from baked clay. The term terracotta is an Italian name meaning baked earth. 

Terracotta pots are the standard pots used for houseplants. Which means, they are best for your pothos plants.

They are affordable and readily available and blend well with your decor. Most terracotta pots are not coated with a glossy finish, forcing you to water frequently.

i. Black and white terracotta pot

Set of 2 Terracotta Pots, Diamond Pattern Planter Pot, 4 Inch and 6 Inch, Pot with Drainage Hole and Saucer, Terracotta/Black, 31-958-G-2
  • Design Terracotta Pots - Handcrafted elegant design terra cotta planters for indoor plants or succulents.
  • Size & Dimensions - Small: 4.4" Diameter (3.8" Inner Diameter) * 4.5" Height; Medium: 6.3" Diameter (5.7" Inner Diameter) * 6.5" Height. Potting Soil Needed: 4-inch 0.8 qt; 6-inch 2.4 qt.
  • Drain Holes & Drip Trays - Each planter pot comes with a drainage hole and drip tray for small amount water drainage.
  • Plants Lover Accessories - Stainless steel drainage hole mesh net and tabletop felt pad. (Plants Not Included.)
  • Hassle-Free Replacement - If there is any damages, simply reach out, problem solved.

You don’t want to be monotonous with a plain terracotta pot! This Diamond pattern terracotta pot gives your space a cool yet fancy look. The blend of red, black, and white patterns makes it gorgeous to sit in any space in your home. It has a dip tray for water drainage and a drainage hole to support air circulation.

ii. Gold marbled terracotta pot

PETSWI Ceramic Plant pots (7 & 5.5 Inch, Set of 2), Modern Flower Planter, Gold Marble Gardening Pots with Drainage Hole and Saucer for Outdoor Indoor Yard Garden Home Office Decoration
  • 🍀【MINIMALIST DESIGN】 - The elegant house planter stand reflects minimalist which inspired by the classic mid-century style. Well fits most home/office decor and furniture and can be paired with a variety of plants.
  • 🍀【STRONG, HEALTHY PLANTS】 - This set of plant pot is made of quality clay and hand glazed. At the same time, our ceramic pots keep the soil moist so you can water less!
  • 🍀【EXTENDED USING】 - In addition to being the plant pots, they can become house or office decorations. Rest assured use to decorate your office, windowsill, desktop, shelf, bedroom, living room, kitchen, garden, etc.
  • 🍀【DRAINAGE HOLE】 - The ceramic flower pot comes with a drainage hole in the bottom to prevent overwatering for the aloe Vera plants, snake plants, flowers.
  • 🍀【DIMENSION】 - [Large Size]: W: 7.1 Inch, H: 6.1 Inch; [Small Size]: W: 5.5 Inch, H: 5.1 Inch. Plants are not included.

Gold marbled terracotta pot gives a mid-century style to your decor. Are you looking to achieve this style with your pothos plants in your house? 

The modern Petswi terracotta gold marbled pot will do it for you. It’s elegant and minimalistic for your decor. It has drainage holes and a drip tray, saving you the worry of plant rot.

iii. White patterned terracotta pot

Set of 2 Terracotta Planter Pots, 4.4 Inch & 6.4 Inch, Leaves Pattern Plants Pot with Drainage Hole, Terracotta/White, 31-953-H-1
  • 【Design Terracotta Pots】Handcrafted elegant design terra cotta planters for indoor plants or succulents.
  • 【Size & Dimensions】Smaller: 4.4" Diameter (3.9" Inner Diameter) * 4.4" Height; Larger: 6.4" Diameter (5.7" Inner Diameter) * 6" Height. Potting Soil Needed: 4-inch 0.8 qt; 6-inch 2.2 qt.
  • 【Classical & Elegant Design】This Leave Pattern handcrafted planter pot is glazed by hand and fired with high temperature. It could decorate your room with stylish style, meanwhile bringing a fresh and peaceful vibe to your room.
  • 【Plants Lover Accessories】Stainless steel drainage hole mesh net and tabletop felt pad. (Plants Not Included.)
  • 【Hassle-Free Replacement】If there is any damages, simply reach out, problem solved.

White patterned terracotta pots bring a fresh and peaceful ambiance to your room. This makes them the best for pothos plants. The green heart-shaped leaves will look gorgeous dropping from this patterned terracotta planter.

  • Terracotta pots blend with any decor due to their earthy tone.
  • Terracotta pots are versatile- They come in many ranges and sizes for your pothos plants.
  • They are affordable.
  • They are porous and let water and air move through, preventing pothos root rot and soil disease.
  • Terracotta pots are highly fragile, so you need to handle them carefully.
  • Due to its porous nature, one needs to water the pothos plants regularly, which is tedious.
  • Terracotta pots don’t do well in freezing temperatures. They quickly crack due to frost and thaw cycles.
  • Occasionally, you may realize white fuzzy mold on terracotta pots that may present health issues if it spreads in the potting mix.

5. Self-watering pots 

GARDIFE Plant Pots 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 Inch Self Watering Planters with Drainage Hole, Plastic Flower Pots, Nursery Planting Pot for All House Plants, African Violet, Flowers, and Cactus,Green
  • 【Different Size Combo】These plastic planters indoor combines with 5 different sizes, which are suitable for planting most small and medium-sized home/office plants works well with orchid, cactus, succulents, aloe vera, basil, flowers, Peace Lily,air plants, snake plant to brighten up your living place,
  • 【Modern Simple Design】A simple modern aesthetic and clean matte finish planters indoor plants bringing out a minimalistic styled. the pots are perfect for indoor plants of different colors ,brings out a modern stylish visual representation for any home/office decor without any sense of violation.
  • 【Excellent Drainage Holes and Watering Lip】These flower pots for plants come with multiple drainage holes in the bottom. The holes and watering lip provide an air circulation system for the plant roots, which greatly reduces the problem of root rot of plants in a closed environment. The independent watering lip replenishes water for plants, so that water does not have to pass through the plant itself, At the same time, it is convenient to observe the current water level.
  • 【Self Watering For a Long Time】GARDIFE designed the saucer as a reservoir, which can store up lots of water at one time to meet the water required by plants for a week or even longer without frequent watering. A separate reservoir completely separates the plant growth environment from the water storage environment, and we don't have to worry about the flooding of plants anymore.
  • 【Environmental Material】Made of durable recyclable plastic,solid plastic plant pots protect plants and soil. Premium polypropylene planters feel sturdy in hand but not too heavy. Thick sidewalls 4mm in size keep everything in place.These planters are perfect gardening gift for your mom, your father, your sister or your friends who are plant lover.

If you are the forgetful type to water your plants, consider self-watering pots. Although this is not the best pot for your pothos, it can save them from root rot. 

Self-watering pots have two sections. The top, which holds the potting mix and your plant, and the bottom, which has a reservoir. 

These gardiffe self-watering planters come with drainage holes and an independent watering lip. Their function is to replenishe water for your pothos plants and monitor the water level.

They have reservoirs that store water for up to a week or more to meet plant watering requirements.

  • Reduce the watering frequency and enhance moisture retention. 
  • Efficient use of water. The water in the reservoir goes into the pothos plant root without evaporating into the air.
  • Pothos plants do not grow well in moist conditions. This makes self-watering pots a bad idea for your plants.
  • Self-watering pots increase chances of overwatering, leading to pothos plant root rot.

6. Right-size pot for your pothos

When choosing a pot for your pothos plants, you may want to know how to measure plant pots first. Ensure the size of your plant matches the size of your pothos pot. Don’t go for too large a pot or too small a pot.

When the pothos pot is too large, the pothos roots won’t be able to absorb soil moisture. This exposes your plants to diseases and unpleasant growth.

Since pothos plant roots grow faster, you’ll choose a pot 2 inches larger than the root ball and the previous pot.

Choosing a pothos pot with the right size will make your work easier.  A good sized pot will provide a conducive environment for your plant’s growth.

7. A Pot that is compatible with your interior decor

Choosing a pot that doesn’t match your theme is very daunting. Your plant choice may agree with your decor, but does the pot fulfill the same goal? Before making any purchases, you need to put your decor into consideration.

With the excitement of owning a pothos plant, you may buy your pot without thinking about your decor. This can be more frustrating. Don’t be that person. Take your time and match your pot with your decor.

8. A pot with drainage holes

Did you know you can plant your pothos in a pot with no drainage hole? Yes, it’s possible. But do you think your plants are safe without proper drainage? No. 

When purchasing a pot, you need to check whether your pot has a drainage hole. A pot without a drainage hole means the water will sit in the soil, making it soggy. The soggy soil is what causes pothos root rot. You’ll need to be keen on your pot drainage system to prevent root rot.

9. A pot that best fits your desired space

Whether you want to place your pothos plant on your window seal, office desk, house corridor, or even bookshelf, you’ll need to take measurements of the spaces and get a pot that fits.

Avoid visual measurements at all cost. You will be extremely frustrated if the pot doesn’t fit.

Other space factors that you need to look at are:

  •  Does the space you intend to place your pothos plant match the pot? 
  • Are there any adjustments to accommodate the pot? 

Once you respond to these questions, you are good to select a pot that fits and compliments your space.

10. Glass Pots

NUPTIO 4 Pcs Wall Hanging Planters Glass Planter Terrariums Round Glass Plant Pot - Glass Hanging Vases for Plant Plant Terrariums Plant Container 4 Inches Diameter (4 Pcs)
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES: 4 pcs wall hanging planters. Plants are not included. It is the most eye-catching decorations in your home, office or other occasion.
  • SECURELY PACKAGED: We wraps these glass pots with both foam and box to avoid any damage. Each glass pot is kept in a private foam with a nail inside.
  • MATERIAL: Made of high boron silicon heat resistant glass. Strong and durable, water-saving drought- resistant, pervious to light, not easy deformation, corrosion resistance.
  • FEATURES: The small hole in the back allows you to attach this glass vase to any wall with the nails included. With a round hole at the very top that allows you to add plants, white rocks, pebbles, acrylic, and other decorative items with ease.
  • GREAT SMALL AIR CLEANER: Air planting help you refresh environment atmosphere and prevent bacterial where you are that can strong your body.

Glass pots are considered chemically safe and ideal for pothos plants. Glass pots are readily available in various sizes and designs and are affordable. Manufacturers have recently become more innovative. The market now has different designs ideal for your pothos plant. 

Failing to water your plants is disastrous and potting soil can be messy. If you still want to enjoy the beauty of the pothos plant without going through the hassle, you can opt for a glass pot. 

You only need a cutting from a pothos plant with two to three nodes, water, and all-purpose fertilizer.

What you’ll need to remember:

  • Change the water after every two to three weeks.
  • Ensure the pothos roots are below the water line.
  • Clean algae regularly.
  • Add fertilizer every four to six weeks.    
  • Glass pots save you the hassle of frequent watering.
  • Glass pots can match any decor, saving you the headache of getting the right color.
  • Glass pots are visible, allowing you to monitor the condition of your pothos plants.
  • Glass pots are fragile. They can easily break and hence needs proper handling.
  • No color varieties, limiting color lovers to choice.

11. Concrete Pots

Pageqiu Plant Pots - 5.5 inch Cement Planters Indoor - Modern Grey Flower Pot with Drainage Hole - Home Office Decor
  • 🌿【Drainage Hole】Roots love moisture but are afraid of excessive water. That’s why there’s a drainage hole to keep the plant from getting root rot.
  • 🌿【Small Pads】Small pads on the bottom of the plant pot help protect the table or floor from scratches.
  • 🌿【Sturdy Cement Material】The flower pots are gray in color with an unglazed finish. Cement lets plants breathe more than glazed ceramic fit indoors, helps the soil to dry out a little more quickly.
  • 🌿【Modern Minimalist Style】It has a sleek style that will compliment any house. These planter pots can be used for a wide variety of plants like cactus, snake plant, aloe, herbs and succulent, especially suitable for root-depth plants.
  • 🌿【Finishing Touch to Any Room】This cement pots for plants is great for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining table, kitchen, windowsill, desktop.

If you live in areas with warm temperatures, a concrete pot will be ideal for your pothos plants. Their dense nature promotes insulation keeping your potting mixture warm during winter. They are strong enough to hold your plants and are porous. You won’t have problems with moisture.

This pageqiu concrete pot is the to-go-to pot. It is an unglazed cement pot that lets your pothos breathe with ease. It has a sleek style to compliment your space and small pads at the bottom to protect your surfaces.

  • Concrete pots are highly durable. They can withstand weather changes such as rain or wind, preventing your plants from damage.
  • Concrete pots are porous. They absorb moisture and keep your pothos safe from root rot.
  • Concrete pots come in different sizes giving you variety to choose from.
  • Concrete pots are a hazard to the environment. During their production, there is excessive carbon dioxide emissions that threaten the environment.
  • Due to their heavy nature, they can give you a hard time carrying around in case you want to rearrange your space.
  • There is little color variety. They are mostly available in gray and black.

12. Wood pots 

Furinno 2-FG16450 Tioman Hardwood Flower Box, Two-Pack, Natural
  • Dark Red meranti wood treated with teak oil: more durable and water resistant.
  • Great for use in back yard, garden or patio. Natural color blends easily with your outdoor furniture and dé decor
  • Fits in your space, fits on your budget. Easy assembly with instruction provided.
  • Planter box does not have bottom panel.
  • Product Dimension: 15. 4(W)x17. 7(H)x15. 4(D) inches.

Wood pots are the most natural pots you can get for your pothos plants. They are made from natural wood and will not expose your pothos plants to chemical threats.

They blend with the  indoor and outdoor decor, bringing a relaxed and calming ambiance. Wood pots need attention. Because of their rotting nature, they will likely expose your pothos plants to root rot.

However, you can prevent rotting if you know how to waterproof the inside of a wood planter box.

If you want a woody vibe in your house, this Furinno hardwood flower pot is ideal.

This wood plant pot has teak oil coated on its surface. The coat makes it water resistant. Its also lightweight which makes work easier when assembling and potting.


  • Design- Wood pots are available in any design, traditional or modern.
  • Size-wood pots are available and different sizes, spoiling you with choice.
  • Aesthetics-Wood pots can match your decor, giving your space a natural look.


  • Durability– Wooden pots are short-lasting. They are non-resistant to water and hence prone to rotting.
  • High maintenance– Due to their rotting nature, wood pots need frequent recoating. This could be the case if the surface has a finishing coat.

 13. Fabric pots

FOLIA GROW 6-Pack 5 Gallons Plant Grow Bags, Indoor Outdoor Heavy Duty Nonwoven Fabric Aeration Pots with Reinforced Handles
  • 【Premium Non woven fabric Material】 Made of premium 300G thickened Non woven fabric, Folia Grow bags are heavy duty & extremely durable.
  • 【Reinforced Breathable Material】Ultra breathable & durable material with excellent aeration and drainage, Folia Grow bags can provide better environment for plants’ breath & growth.
  • 【Sturdy handles with Premium Craftsmanship】With reinforced strengthened handles by double stitched, plants planted in Folia Grow bags can be moved or transported conveniently freely and steady.
  • 【Environmental Friendly】Folia Grow bags can be washed & reused for years & multi-times; BPA-free and it can decompose naturally after depose, totally Environmentally friendly.
  • 【Various capacity Choices】Folia Grow bags come in a variety of 8 different capacities, from 1 gallon to 20 Gallon. You can choose different gallons for different plants.

Fabric pots have gained popularity over the years. This is because of their ease of use and the provision of ideal growing conditions.

They have a breathable fabric material made from recycled materials. They come in varieties. Smaller sizes to place on the ground, larger ones to place on raised surfaces, and ones to hang.

Fabric pots are designed with proper drainage and aeration. Proper aeration provides healthy plant outcomes and prevents pothos root rot.

If you are a fabric lover, these Folia grow non-woven fabric pots will do your pothos plant justice. I love this pot because I can easily wash and reuse it over the years. A plus about it is that it’s designed with sturdy handles. These handles allow you to move them around if you want to redesign your space.

  • Fabric pots are environmentally friendly- They decompose naturally after disposal. This makes them less of a threat to the environment.
  • Fabric pots are durable- you can use them for many years before they wear out, saving you the worry of breakages.
  • They are cost friendly- Fabric pots can be found in most stores and are affordable. You can wash and reuse them, saving you the cost of frequent purchases.
  • Their porous material means the soil dries up quickly. You will need to water frequently.
  • They are not aesthetically pleasing. Most fabric pots have few color choices limiting your space to the desired aura.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Planter for Pothos

Before you purchase a pot for your pothos, there are several factors you will need to put in mind. These factors can be of significance to the growth of your pothos.

i. Pothos pot size

Getting a good pot for your pothos plant with the right size should be your top priority.

As a houseplant owner, you should know the size of your pothos plant before choosing a pot size. If your pothos is overgrown, then you should get a bigger pot. 

So, how big of a pot does pothos need?

An ideal pot for a pothos plant should be barely 2 inches larger than the root ball and the old pot and 10 inches deep. 

The pot must be of medium size, balancing the soil and not outweighing the pothos roots. 

Pot depth and circumference are essential when choosing the best pot for pothos.

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ii. Drainage  

Another essential factor you should consider when choosing a pothos pot is drainage. Whether making a physical or online purchase, ensure to scrutinize the pot. Check out for drainage holes and drip trays. You would want to avoid getting a pot that threatens your pothos plant. 

Pothos thrive best in pots with good drainage and aeration.

iii. Your Decor/Aesthetic

You can have any pot of your choice, but does it blend well with your indoor or outdoor decor? You must select an equally compatible pot.

Have your decor in mind when making a purchase. You want to avoid surprises when your pot delivery arrives and realize it differs from your decor.

iv. Temperature 

Pothos plants are tropical plants which means they grow well in warm temperatures. They need indirect light but can survive direct sunlight.

Having this in mind, you’ll choose a pot that provides the pothos plants with the temperatures. You can choose hanging plastic and fabric pots.

These pots will enable you to hang your pothos plants by the balcony or in your garden. In these areas, the plants will have a slight shade yet receiving indirect light.

You can also choose a concrete pot that is insulated. An insulated pot retains the warmth needed for the growth of the pothos plant.

5. Placement 

Another factor you need to consider when choosing a pot for pothos is placement. Are you considering placing the pothos plant along your house corridor? Will you place it as a centerpiece on the patio, or will you hang the pothos plant?

These are some critical areas you will look at before making your purchase. You can purchase fabric hanging baskets or plastic pots if you intend to hang your plants by the balcony. Consider any adjustments and action them before making your pothos pot purchase. 

6. Material

The material of the pot is an essential factor to consider beforehand. You must be tactful if you are the forgetful type to water your plants.

Consider buying a self-watering pothos pot to save yourself the headache of watering regularly. But you also need to understand that self-watering pots also come with their fair share of problems.

If you have a problem with overwatering, you’ll also need to be careful when choosing a pot for your pothos plant. Porous pots such as the terracotta pot will work well for you. 

Before choosing a pot, you should consider whether you are a beginner houseplant owner. You should know the watering procedures and how to care for your plants. A fabric pot is best for beginners because of its ease of use.

Is the material durable? If you want to save yourself the headache of changing your pots frequently, you’ll need to check whether the material you are going for has a longer lifespan.

What if my Pothos’ Pot is too Big? 

Growing a pothos plant in a larger pot exposes the plant to root rot. Large pots retain excess water making the potting soil soggy. The soggy soil overpowers your pothos roots, causing root rot. An ideal pot for pothos plants is a pot that is 2 inches larger than the root ball. 

To solve this issue, you’ll need to re-pot your pothos into the correct pot. Since repotting stresses the pothos plant, you must wait until spring or summer. During these months, the warm temperatures provide suitable conditions for pothos growth. 

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How do I Know if my Pothos Needs a Bigger Pot? 

You’ll first notice that the roots will begin to sprout out at the bottom of the pot through the drainage holes or at the top of the potting soil.

You’ll need to repot your pothos plant into a new pot to solve this. To achieve this, you’ll get a 2-inch larger pot in diameter than the current pot. Ensure that the pot is porous and that it has drainage holes.

You’ll still need to consider pothos active seasons to repot. Pothos plants do well during spring and summer. Check out all the factors you need to consider before choosing a new pot for repotting your pothos plant.  

What is the Difference Between Clay Pots and Terracotta Pots? 

The two are the same but with some distinct differences. Clay pots are the original raw material for terracotta. However, a terracotta pot is fired and modeled to form a reddish-orange color.

Because of their tiny pores, clay does not soak much water compared to terracotta pots.

Both pots are glazed and unglazed. However, most clay pots are glazed, while terracotta pots are unglazed.

Clay pots come in various colors, while terracotta pots maintain their reddish-orange color. They can only break the monotony of the color by having a few patterns.

Are Clay Pots Better than Plastic Pots for Pothos? 

As mentioned earlier, pothos plants can grow in just about any pot. This means that plastic and clay pots are excellent choices for a pothos plant.

You must remember that clay pots are steady and may withstand accidental knockouts. Plastic pots are lightweight and may spill your plant if accidentally knocked.

It’s also important to note that plastic pots may crack easily. This happens when used in the outdoor garden where there is excessive heat from sunlight. Clay pots are resistant to heat and may last longer.

Plastic pots are not porous as clay pots.  They may work well and prevent overwatering your pothos plant.

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A Pot-tential Problem: Pothos Planters to Avoid

1. Pothos plant pot that Don’t Drain Properly

Good drainage pots allow excess water to flow out of the bottom of the pot. If the pot does not have enough drainage holes, water will not escape and your plant may sit in too much water.

The excess water can cause root rot and other health issues with your plant.

2. Too Big or Too Small

If you choose a pot that is too small for your pothos plant, it won’t have enough room to grow properly.

On the other hand, if the pot is too big, too much soil will surround the roots and cause root rot due to over-watering and lack of oxygen.

So, find a happy medium between both extremes. Choose a pot size that gives your pothos enough room to grow. But isn’t so big that it causes problems with oxygenation or over-watering.

3. Cheap Materials or Unsuitable Designs

Cheap pots may be tempting because of the price. But they may not be suitable for indoor use due to their porous nature.

A cheap porous will absorb moisture from the environment or even become home to pests like ants or other bugs.

Additionally, some pots have poor designs which don’t allow adequate airflow. This again leads to potential root rot problems if there isn’t enough air circulating around the roots.


Do pothos like plastic pots?

Yes. Pothos plants can grow in any pot with the right conditions. You’ll need to check whether the plastic pot has the proper drainage and whether the pot fits the pothos plant.

Plastic pots are non-porous, so you may need to monitor your watering routine. If you follow the right pothos plant care, you will not suffer plant root rot with a plastic pot.

Do pothos like terracotta pots?

Terracotta pots are the best pothos pots. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are highly porous, and you must regularly water your plants. They have drainage holes and drip trays to regulate moisture in the potting mix.

What are the best hanging pots for pothos?

A hanging basket with an attached drainage drip tray will suffice. Plastic, ceramic, and terracotta pots are some of the best-hanging pothos planters.

You can also use the coco coir hanging baskets to hang pothos plants. These pots blend well with pothos giving your space that natural look. 

Do pothos like small pots?

Pothos plants can thrive well in a smaller pot. A good-sized pot for pothos should be 2 inches larger than the root ball and the actual pot.

Pothos plant rarely requires repotting; hence you can leave the plant in the container it came in. A 10-inch depth pot serves the pothos growth well.

What is the best pot for golden pothos?

The terracotta pot is ideal for golden pothos because of its porous material. Other pots, such as plastic and ceramic pots with suitable drainage holes will serve golden pothos well. Golden pothos plants are the most outstanding houseplant. Their leaves have a shade of yellow, green, and off-white in a marbled pattern

Do pothos need drainage?

Pothos do not need plenty of water to thrive. Therefore, good drainage is essential for pothos. If left in a moist place, pothos risk root rot and mold, eventually damaging the plant. Good drainage makes it easy for pothos to grow through the soil and prevents roots and the potting soil from compacting.

Consider a pot with a drainage hole and a drip tray when getting a pot for pothos.

How deep a pot does a pothos need?

A pothos pot should be 10- inches deep to provide enough room for pothos to thrive. You can track when the pothos outgrow the pot. Repot your pothos if the roots pop out of the drainage hole or the top of the potting soil.

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How often do you water pothos in terracotta pots?

You should be watering your pothos plants every 1-2 weeks during the warmer months of the year. During colder months, it may just be necessary to water them once a month. But this will depend on several factors such as temperature, light levels, humidity, and soil type.

How can I attach a pothos plant to a moss pole in a pot?

Here is a step-by-step process on how to attach pothos to moss pole to pot:

  • Place the moss pole in the pot and adjust it to the desired height.
  • Take a piece of soft plant tie or twine and loosely tie it around the base of the plant stem, just above the soil level.
  • Gently guide the plant stem towards the moss pole and wrap the plant tie around the pole, securing the stem to the pole.
  • Continue wrapping the plant tie around the pole at intervals of a few inches, moving upwards along the pole as you go.
  • As the pothos grows, continue to tie the stems to the pole, making sure not to tie them too tightly and allowing room for growth.

Final thoughts on pothos pots

Pothos can grow in just about any container. All you need to put into consideration are the size of your pot, the material, the drainage system, your decor, and the climate. 

In general, overwatering is the most significant risk factor for pothos plants. Choose pots with good drainage that will keep your pothos regenerated at all times. 

If you want a pleasant experience with your pothos, choose the terracotta pot! It is non-porous, meaning your plants will stay healthy without the risk of root rot. You can choose to get a hanging basket with terracotta material. That way, you can monitor the pothos when they overgrow.  

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