Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

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Are you looking for the perfect planter to show off your new fiddle leaf fig tree? Look no further!

We have done the research and tested out multiple planters, so you can find the best one for both your home décor style and your precious plant.

With a wide range of choices in terms of size, texture, color, shape, and material available on today’s market – we know that finding the right home for your Ficus lyrata may feel like an impossible task.

But fear not! Read on to learn all about our top picks to help give this popular houseplant the perfect matching pot.

Best Pots for Fiddle leaf Fig

  1. Fox & Fern Modern Plant StandBest Overall Plant Pot for Fiddle Leaf Fig
  2. La Jolie Muse Best Drainage Pot for Fiddle Leaf Fig
  3. FOPAMTRI Plant Pot SetBest Refractor Ceramic
  4. EHWINE Large Plastic ContainerBest Minimalistic Fiddle Leaf Fig Planter
  5. D’vine Dev Ceramic PotsBest Value for Money
  6. Rivet Rustic Stoneware Best vintage European-style fiddle leaf fig container
  7. Mkono Plastic Planter PotsBest Fiddle Leaf Tree Pot with Saucers
  8. BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly BasketBest Versatile Fiddle Leaf Pot
  9. HOMENOTE Best Lightweight and Durable Fiddle Fig Planter
  10. The Novelty Majestic PotBest Large Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig
  11. The Hbservices USA Plant PotBest self-watering pot for fiddle leaf fig
  12. Sinolodo Mid Century Planter Best Fiddle Fig Tree Pot with a Gold Stand
  13. Veradek V-Resin Best Elongated pot for fiddle leaf fig tree

Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig Reviews

1. Best Overall Plant Pot for Fiddle Leaf Fig: Fox & Fern Modern Plant Stand 

[amazon box=”B00CE6W3G2″ template=”horizontal”]

This modern indoor planter is among the best decorative pots for growing a fiddle leaf fig indoors. So, if you’re an avid fiddle leaf fig lover, I suggest picking it. I say so since this Fox and Fern planter pot offers ample room for any large fiddle leaf fig.

This modern plant stand has an efficient drainage plug. The plug lets excess moisture flow out of the planter pot easily. Also, doing that keeps your beautiful fiddle leaf fig well-hydrated.

Further, this fig tree plant stand is made from natural bamboo. So, I recommend picking these flower pots if you’re after a durable option. The planter’s makeup also has fiber stone, adding or boosting its durability.

Although lightweight, this planter box withstands extreme weights of around 200 pounds. Thus, they’re wear-resistant in matters of weight.

Overall, this plant pot is perfect for adding some indoor green plants to any indoor space. Therefore, enhancing your home decor!



2. Best Drainage Pot for Fiddle Leaf Fig: La Jolie Muse Blue Plant Pot with Stand

[amazon box=”B07TJS7NBD” template=”horizontal”]

This attractive indoor planter is another formidable container that fiddle leaf figs prefer. Above that, it has a mid-century timeless design. This unique design makes it fabulous for putting a fiddle leaf fig directly in offices.

Also, this fig plant pot has a blue detail that makes it sleek and unique. Even more, its ceramic material makes it solid and durable. That makes it sturdy for supporting fiddle leaf figs.

This water-resistant ceramic pot has several drainage holes and rubber plugs. The two structures prevent your indoor plants from sitting on excess moisture. Thus, preventing plant damage and root rot.

The planter’s wood material makes assembling it super easy and looks great. Apart from that, it’s long-lasting, strong, and versatile. All that makes the planter pot great for different uses and for long.

So, pick this La Jolie Planter if you’re after a durable fiddle leaf planter.



3. Best Refractor Ceramic: FOPAMTRI Plant Pot Set

[amazon box=”B07ZM6F65P” template=”horizontal”]

This white glossy Fopamtri planter will add to your office and home decor. That’s because it’s got a minimalistic style, complementing your home/office.

This decorative pot has a refractor ceramic makeup. This makeup entails a matte white finish on its interior and exterior features. Furthermore, the finish prevents the color from fading, maintaining its long-lasting lure.

Further, with this planter, you can house your fiddle leaf figs indoors or outdoors. I say so since the planter is functional and modern-looking. Also, they can accommodate fiddle leaf figs of different sizes.

You can get this planter pot as a set of three separate containers, making it perfect for the following indoor plants:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Big

Also, this container has a plug and a drainage hole at the base. The two structures help drain excess moisture, boosting your plant’s health.



4. Best Minimalistic Fiddle Leaf Fig Planter: EHWINE Large Plastic Container

[amazon box=”B087CZJRHV” template=”horizontal”]

This Ewhine planter with six containers is not only durable but also sturdy. Breaking it is pretty challenging, even when you drop it unintentionally. I mean, that’s how well-built this fiddle-leaf fig planter is!

Further, this planter has enough depth that makes it fit for growing your fiddle leaf figs. Also, this planter pot has a modern and minimalistic design. The design complements your balcony, garden, and living room decor.

Another WOW factor of this growing pot is that it’s environmentally friendly. Moreover, the planter pot has a concave screen. The screen is breathable, providing adequate protection for your fiddle leaf figs.

Also, with this planter, your fiddle leaf fig tree won’t experience root rot.



5. Best Value for Money: D’vine Dev Ceramic Pots 

[amazon box=”B0832HV91V” template=”horizontal”]

These D’vine Dev ceramic pots have a simple but fashionable design. Thus, they add a wonderful accent garden or home space. Also, this fiddle leaf fig cylindrical planter has two lovely colors.

The colors are speckled tan and black, making it an irresistible eye-catcher. Further, this planter pot for fiddle leaf figs comes with a drainage hole and saucer. They’re both at its base, making it super helpful when removing excess moisture.

Elsewhere, the decorative container comes in the following sizes:

  • Very small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

The varying sizes let you pick a planter pot that perfectly fits your fiddle leaf fig tree. Then again, this pot’s makeup has ceramic, making it durable and robust. Therefore, this pot assures you top-notch quality.

This fiddle fig pot is beautiful, functional, and offers value for money.



6. Best vintage European-style fiddle leaf fig container: Rivet Rustic Stoneware Plant Pot

[amazon box=”B075HXHKZ4″ template=”horizontal”]

If you’d like to give your garden space or home decor a vintage European-style, pick this pot. It has a traditional and contemporary look, making it a perfect pick for the following:

  • A fiddle leaf fig tree
  • A leafy shrub

Further, this 100% stoneware Ficus Lyrata pot will amaze you. I say so because of its white outer covering, rare coral color, and durability. Also, it has a dark bronze shade in its interior, giving it an excellent look.

Then again, this fiddle leaf fig planter looks pretty good, making a stunning display. Therefore, it still looks fantastic even without fiddle leaf figs in it.

Also, its design is neat but straightforward; the colors are elegant and subtle. So, overall, the indoor planter blend with all spaces within your home.

The container also has a drainage hole. The hole removes excess moisture, keeping your fiddle leaf fig healthy and happy. Above that, it’s robust and works well indoors and outdoors.



7. Best Fiddle Leaf Tree Pot with Saucers: Mkono Plastic Planter Pots 

[amazon box=”B07M765LKF” template=”horizontal”]

These pots best suit a fig tree lover looking for a minimalistic but well-functioning pot. Its matte white finish blends with any home/office decor. Its shape also complements any fiddle leaf fig.

Further, these Mkono pots have a similar appeal to ceramic pots. They’re durable, extremely lightweight, and thick. This growing pot also comes with an optional drainage system.

Moreover, the system has a drill hole at the pot’s bottom. This drill hole helps push excess moisture out. As for the detachable saucers, they trap all the excess moisture.

This fiddle leaf fig planter has a set of five, making it ideal for smaller or medium-sized figs. Also, your fiddle leaf figs will look fantastic in these Mkono pots in the following:

  • Balcony
  • Counter
  • Desktop
  • Windowsill
  • Garden
  • Kitchen



8. Best Versatile Fiddle Leaf Pot: BlueMake Woven Seagrass Belly Basket

[amazon box=”B07GWMNTZ3″ template=”horizontal”]

Are you a fig tree lover, and would your home/office have a Bohemian vibe? If so, this BlueMake basket planter should top your wishlist. They’re made of 100 percent seaweed.

Also, it has sturdy handles, making it straightforward to move around when necessary. Moreover, this BlueMake Basket planter is versatile, suiting different purposes. For example, you can use these Baskets for the following:

  • Storing home supplies and toys
  • Picnic and grocery baskets
  • Growing your favorite Fiddle lead figs directly
  • Clothes hamper

It would be best to grow your figs in a pot, then place them in this BlueMake basket. Elsewhere, you can use these planter baskets as your home decor without any figs.



9. Best Lightweight and Durable Fiddle Fig Planter: HOMENOTE Plastic Planter Pot

[amazon box=”B083LYM3TZ” template=”horizontal”]

These Homenote plant pots have a fantastic matte white finish. The finish has a good mix that’s simple but modern. So, they’ll blend with any contemporary home/office decor.

Apart from the matte white finish, these fig planter pots are lightweight and durable.

Moreover, they’re unbreakable. Thus, they suit homes with curious pets or kids.

Further, these Homenote fig pots have a sturdy and thick material similar to ceramic. So, with them, you’ll brighten your office or home instantly. They best suit growing small or medium-sized plants like fiddle leaf figs.

Elsewhere, at their bottom, they’ve got multiple drainage holes. These holes do the following:

  • They ensure you never overwater your fiddle leaf figs
  • They keep your fiddle leaf figs thriving and happy

On the same, they’ve got saucers that trap excess moisture.

With the different color shades, one can create the desired garden look. Moreover, the good thing is you can do so indoors or outdoors. Its minimalistic yet stylish designs add positive qualities to the decors of the following:

  • Garden
  • Kitchen or shelves
  • Windowsills
  • Living room



10. Best Large Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig: The Novelty Majestic Full Depth Cylinder Pot

[amazon box=”B006GK616K” template=”horizontal”]

Picking the best planter pot that fits your fiddle leaf fig trees is crucial. Otherwise, a tiny pot may overcrowd the root system of your fig plant. And that may cause moisture shortage. Meanwhile, extra large pots promote an environment prone to root rot issues.

That’s because figs are prone to the above root rot problem. Moreover, these figs need “dry houses” with proper drainage holes. The holes keep the roots dry enough for a long time. Fortunately, this Novelty cylinder pot can do that and more!

The pot is full depth and has drain holes at its bottom, balancing moisture levels for your figs. Moreover, their position is smartly above a snap-on-tray. That’s helpful since you’ll never worry about moisture from your figs causing water damage.

Here’s an irresistible deal:

All fiddle leaf figs will always love when you water them deeply. So, this large pot for fiddle leaf figs meets this requirement. Also, its design or structure will give your figs a deeper planting space. Even more, this fig pot keeps the roots’ development healthy.



11. Best self-watering pot for fiddle leaf fig: The Hbservices Usa Plant Pot

[amazon box=”B07BCKY9HG” template=”horizontal”]

It’s straightforward for fiddle leaf figs to be root rot. So, they’ll need proper watering frequently for better health development. But what if you’re pretty busy, rendering you incapable of watering them?

Don’t stress out. These HBServices fig tree pots are a plant saver. Why say so? Well, this pot type is self-watering. So this flower pot comes with a water reservoir, the planter pots water your figs when away or busy. So, in this review & guide, this planter wins the self-watering category.

This self-watering planter has four hollow legs, having a natural drawing water reservoir. Also, the open legs have soil. Thus, your figs are well covered, from moisture to soil.

Further, this HBServices planter pot lifts your figs above the water surface. That protects figs’ roots from continuous overflowing.

Moreover, it’s also helpful since it helps fix the over-watering problem.

In summary, this self-watering pot lets you deep moisture your figs every two weeks. Besides, its innovative design comes with extra large open slats at its bottom. The slats maintain adequate air circulation. Thus, poking homes within the soil’s surface isn’t necessary.

Further, that feature decreases root rot risk, something typical when growing fig trees. Then again, its clip-on accessories make this self-watering pot wonderful! The accessories let you fill up its reservoir saucer. Otherwise, you’ll need to pour moisture into your fig. Thus, causing overwatering or overflowing.



12. Best fiddle fig tree pot with a Gold Stand: Sinolodo Mid Century Planter

[amazon box=”B088RFPRZ6″ template=”horizontal”]

This fig pot with three modern stands looks fantastic in any space, office/home. Moreover, with their staggering heights, they’ll look even better! They offer gardeners a chance to display and show off their fiddle leaf fig indoors.

You can get these fig pots in whiter or black. These colors offer you a modern and minimalistic look. Moreover, these pots have metal in their makeup, similar to the stands that fold away.

So, when you receive these pots, their installation is straightforward. You’ll unfold the stands, and then you’re ready to go. In my opinion, this pot best suits a fiddle-leaf fig tree. I say so since figs are known to stand in a room proudly.

Also, this pot’s extra height due to its stands highlights how it suits figs even more. So, it’s an excellent pot to consider when growing small or mid-sized fig trees.



13. Best Elongated pot for fiddle leaf fig tree: Veradek V-Resin Indoor/Outdoor Taper Planter

[amazon box=”B0797ZKTTM” template=”horizontal”]

This tall tapered planter pot is a worthy feature in our best planters for matured Ficus Lyrata. Even better, it’s a long planter. Thus, making it a perfect house for proudly standing fig tree plants.

Also, its breathtaking modern appearance makes it suitable for office and home decor. Further, you don’t need to worry about the pot’s height. That’s so since it has a removable shelf in it.

That way, placing the growing fig a bit higher will work. That’s if the fig isn’t tall enough to sit in the planter’s bottom. Even though this fig pot looks enormous, it’s more lightweight than you could imagine.

Since the pot is lightweight, moving it is straightforward when need be. Moreover, you can place some stones below this planter to weigh it down. That’s helpful if you’ve got children or pets that may jump on it.



Best Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot Comparison Table

[amazon box=” B00CE6W3G2, B07TJS7NBD, B07ZM6F65P, B087CZJRHV, B0832HV91V, B075HXHKZ4, B07M765LKF, B07GWMNTZ3, B083LYM3TZ, B006GK616K, B07BCKY9HG, B088RFPRZ6, B0797ZKTTM” template=”table” link_id=”6106″]

What to Look for in a Planter for a Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

When looking for the best planters for a fiddle leaf fig, consider the following factors:

1. Choose the right fiddle leaf fig planter size

What size pot does a fiddle leaf fig need? First and foremost,  A Ficus Lyrata needs 3-4 inches diameter wide pots. Also, the planter should be 1-2 inches tall. But don’t buy a growing pot that’s extra big, something above six inches in diameter.

I say so because extra large fiddle leaf fig containers may allow root rot to hijack your plants.

2. Good Drainage System

Also, picking a fiddle leaf fig planter with an efficient drainage system is critical. Your planter pot needs a drainage hole that lets out excess moisture. Moreover, that’s critical because of the following:

  • A fiddle leaf fig is pretty sensitive to overwatering
  • They’re prone to poor health due to root rot or decay

The best drainage pot for fiddle leaf fig is the Fox & Fern Modern Planter Stand. This modern plant stand has an efficient drainage plug. The plug lets excess moisture flow out of the planter pot easily.

3. Material Is Important

Planter material is another crucial factor when picking the best pots for your fiddle leaf fig. That’s because a fiddle leaf fig prefers breathable materials like the following:

  • Ceramic or terracotta
  • Fabric grow bags

Also, you can pick clay pots for your fiddle leaf figs. But ensure you select an unglazed clay pot. Further, plastic containers perform well but ensure you pick breathable ones.

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4. Think About Aesthetics

It would be best to pick fiddle leaf fig pots that complement your home/office spaces. Moreover, select a planter for your fiddle leaf figs that’s functional and stylish. For that reason, you can pick a traditional pot with a classic look.

Also, you can pick a fiddle leaf fig pot that looks modern. For example, you can select a hanging pot. Whatever you choose, ensure it suits your style well.

Best Planter for Fiddle Leaf Fig Image

What is the Best Type of Pot For Fiddle Leaf Fig?

Functional pots

These are planter pots you can house your fiddle leaf fig trees. Moreover, they should have proper drainage systems like drain holes. Unfortunately, these planters aren’t appealing even though they’re pretty functional.

Decorative pot

These decorative pots are usually more beautiful than functional pots. But often, this pot type won’t be suitable for your fiddle leaf fig trees. That’s because most decorative pots lack drainage holes.

Fortunately, you can use these decorative pots while a functional pot is inside.


Somehow, these baskets can fall under the decorative pot category. Thus, I wouldn’t recommend planting a fiddle-leaf fig tree in a basket. You can grow your fiddle leaf figs in a functional pot while the basket acts as a decoration.

Garden nursery pots or grower’s pots

These grower’s or garden nursery pots come with growing plants. Also, they’ve got drainage holes. So, they appear as excellent candidates for some functional pots.

Terracotta pot for fiddle leaf fig

Terracotta pots are the best type of pots for fiddle leaf fig because they provide an ideal environment to them thrive and reach their full potential.

This is mainly because terracotta is a porous material, which allows air and water to pass through it, providing balanced moisture levels for the plant’s roots.

Fiddle leaf fig terracotta pot also helps keep soil temperature consistent, so your fiddleleaf won’t experience any sudden environmental changes.

Plus, many experts agree that the earthy color of terracotta planter compliments the deep green leaves of the fiddle leaf fig perfectly

What to Do After Buying the Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot?

1. Make Drainage Holes

Once you’ve picked your perfect planter, adding some drainage holes is the next step. To a fiddle leaf fig tree, proper drainage is essential. That’s because this plant type is sensitive to overwatering.

Moreover, don’t worry if the planter you picked lacks the best drainage. I say so since one can drill the drain holes themselves. Or, you can line the planter’s bottom using gravel or rocks.

2. Add Potting Mix

After drilling drain holes, it’s time to fill the fiddle leaf fig planter using potting mix. Moreover, fiddle-leaf fig trees prefer less acidic soil.

So, picking a formula that suits acid-loving plants would be helpful. But if that isn’t possible, you can make your homemade mixture. The mixture will need to have equal amounts of the following:

  • Potting soil
  • Perlite
  • Peat moss

3. Take Care of Surfaces and Floors

No matter the planter pot you select, ensure you’ve put some self-adhesive felt pads at its base. Doing so safeguards your surfaces and floors. Moreover, doing that does the following:

  • Protecting your lovely surfaces from scratches
  • Permitting some ventilation below your fiddle leaf figs.

4. It’s Time to Plant

It’s now time to plant your favorite fiddle leaf figs. But that’s if you’ve done the following:

  • You’ve filled your planter pot using potting mix
  • You’ve safeguarded your surface and floor

Gently remove your fiddle leaf fig from its current planter. After that, loosen its roots before housing it in its new pot. Later, fill your potting mixture around the roots and water it well.

3 Pots to Avoid

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) is a popular indoor plant, but it can be sensitive to its environment, including its type of planter pot. Here are some types of planter pots to avoid when planting Fiddle Leaf Fig:

  1. Non-draining pots: Fiddle Leaf Fig requires well-draining soil to prevent root rot, so non-draining pots are unsuitable. Avoid pots that do not have drainage holes at the bottom or pots with a saucer or tray that prevents drainage.
  2. Too small pots: Fiddle Leaf Fig can grow quite large and requires a big pot to accommodate its root system. Avoid pots that are too small, as they can restrict growth and lead to root-bound plants.
  3. Metal pots: Metal pots can conduct heat and cause the soil to dry out more quickly, which can be stressful for Fiddle Leaf Fig. Additionally, some metals can be toxic to plants, so it’s best to avoid metal pots altogether.


What are the best pots for fiddle leaf figs?

Terracotta and Fabric aeration planter pots like Fox & Fern Modern Planter Stand are ideal for growing fiddle-leaf fig trees. This is because the permeable fabric keeps your soil well-aerated, encouraging good root structure.

Do fiddle leaf figs do well in terracotta pots?

Growing fiddle leaf fig in terracotta pot is safe. Even though that’s true, it would help to check their moisture levels frequently. Unlike other materials, these terracotta pots suck in excess moisture. So, if left unchecked, your soil will dry faster than in ceramic or plastic pots.
The same pot materials used for fiddle leaf figs are also recommended for other plants, including the best planter pots for aloe vera.

Do fiddle leaf figs need drainage holes?

Yes, fiddle-leaf fig trees need drainage holes. Otherwise, they’ll accumulate moisture, causing the roots to develop root rot. A proper drainage system helps keep the fiddle leaf fig vibrant and healthy.
These fiddle leaf figs never sit in moisture or thoroughly drench in the wild. That’s because their roots drain constantly.

What should I repot my Fiddle Leaf Fig in?

A fiddle leaf fig needs a well-draining potting media. Moreover, the media should be of high organic matter. You can pick peat-based soil, but it should have some perlite. Otherwise, it would be useless.
For a good reason, that’s standard for some indoor potting mixes. A basic mixture should have ⅓ perlite and ⅔ peat.

Do figs like big pots?

A pot suitable for growing fiddle leaf figs should be large. For example, I recommend using whiskey barrels for your figs. But any planter pot large enough to accommodate a root ball is fine.
Moreover, you can transplant your fiddle leaf fig tree a few years later. You can do so since it outgrows the pot.

Final Verdict: The Best Indoor Planter for Fiddle Leaf Tree

To this point, we’ve listed and reviewed the best planters for fiddle leaf figs. So, it’s time to pick our best planter and the runner-up.

Our top pick is the Fox & Fern Modern Planter Stand. This fig tree plant stand is made from natural bamboo. So, I recommend picking these flower pots if you’re after a durable option. The planter’s makeup also has fiber stone, adding or boosting its durability.

Our runner-up is the HBServices planter pot. This self-watering planter has four hollow legs, having a natural drawing water reservoir. Also, the open legs have soil. Thus, your figs are well covered, from moisture to soil.

Further, this HBServices planter pot lifts your figs above the water surface. That protects figs’ roots from continuous overflowing.

Finally, of the two or the rest, which one is your best planter for fiddle leaf figs? 

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