9 Best Mulching Blades – Updated Reviews and Guide

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For homeowners who prefer to complete their mowing job in one go, mulching blades can be a godsend.

The blades shred grass clippings into tiny pieces that are then returned to the lawn as mulch or organic fertilizer.

Attaching a mulching blade to your mower can be a great way to make the lawn healthier and neater, whether you use the blade for bagging the clippings or returning them to the lawn.

You can easily attach the best mulching blade to your lawnmower without requiring professional skills.

However, you must have the blade first, so this article reviews the best mulching blades for lawnmowers to help you choose better.

Best Mulching Blades

  1. Turn Mowers-OregonBest Mulching Blades for Zero Turn Mowers
  2. Maxpower 21-Inch Mulching BladeBest for Heavy Tasks
  3. Rotary Blades for Poulan DecksBest mulching blade for Husqvarna
  4. Maxpower 42-inch 2-Blade SetBest mulching blades for riding mower
  5. EGO Power+ 21-Inch BladeBest mulching blade for push mower
  6. Maxpower Universal Mulching BladeBest 21-inch lawn mower blade
  7. Oregon Gator G5 MTD MulchingBest mulching blades for Cub Cadet
  8. Rotary 42-Inch Copperhead BladesBest mulching blades for John Deere
  9. 8TEN LawnRAZOR MTD Cadet Best mulching blades for 46-inch decks

What are Mulching Blades?

Mulching blades are lawnmower blades with a greater cutting edge and more pronounced curves allowing for more airflow.

This increased airflow pushes the grass up into the deck after cutting it and shreds it into much finer clippings.

The shredded grass from a mowing lawnmower can return to the lawn to work as organic fertilizer or go into a bag attached to the mower.

Whatever happens to the grass cut by a mulching blade depends on the lawnmower design, as a mulching blade can double task as a bagger and mulching blade.

How Does Mulching Benefit Your Lawn?

Mulching refers to cutting grass into much smaller or finer clippings that are easily integrated into the soil and decomposed to benefit the soil.

In lawn care, this process is typically achieved using lawnmowers with mulching blades attached.

Mulching is labor-saving

A mulching mower reduces your workload by eliminating the debris to collect after mowing. However, there are other benefits of this method.

Mulching improves the soil’s nutrients

As the fine clippings degrade and decompose in the soil, they release essential nutrients that plants require for healthy growth and development.

Ideally, the mulch acts as organic fertilizer, feeding the good microorganisms in the soil and benefiting your lawn.

Mulching creates a clean lawn

Mulching blades do an excellent job of cutting the grass neatly. The blade design allows them to lift the grass while cutting it, creating a clean, even cut.

The fine clippings leave your lawn looking even and neat, eliminating the sight of large debris around your yard.

The best mulching lawn mower blades

Whether you have a designated mulching mower or not, you can fit your current machine with mulching blades to make it mulch-friendly.

All you need is the right fit and size to take advantage of mulching blades.

Here are our top picks for the best mulching blades.  

1. Best Mulching Blades for Zero – Turn Mowers-Oregon Gator G3 Mower Blades

[amazon box=”B0038FBCRE” template=”horizontal”]

If you have strong turf in your yard that can quickly take a toll on the mower’s cutting blades, you may be better off with these Oregon G3 Gator blades.

These blades for zero turn mowers boast incredible durability and strength thanks to a heavy-duty metallic material. They resist bending and breaking, making them the ideal pick if your yard has rocks.

The superior cutting edge on these heavy-duty blades makes them ideal for mowing in abrasive conditions.

The blades are designed to fit many commercial and residential lawnmowers, increasing their chances of fitting your mower.

Whether you have a Craftsman, Husqvarna, or Ariens riding mower, you can be confident that these blades will work as long as your deck is 54 inches.

The special design ensures the desired cut the first time. This means you do not have to make multiple passes to achieve the desired cut quality.



2. Best for Heavy Tasks – Maxpower 21-Inch Mulching Blade

[amazon box=”B003VPAEH0″ template=”horizontal”]

For a rough yard characterized by tree leaves, twigs, and even nuts and cones, this Maxpower 21-inch mulching blade may be ideal for you.

It is made of a heavy-duty metal optimized to handle heavy tasks without sweat.

Despite featuring a heavy-duty, durable material, this 21-inch blade is one of the inexpensive options on the market.

You should be happy that this Maxpower mulching blade is compatible with mowers from different brands, including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Craftsman.

The only downside of this item is the bow-tie design of its center hole, which makes it incompatible with some popular lawnmower models.

So you will want to read the complete list of compatible units before buying it.



3. Best mulching blade for Husqvarna – Rotary Blades for Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna Decks

[amazon box=”B003BKQT6K” template=”horizontal”]

Here is another mulching mower blade designed to suit several lawnmower models, including Poulan, Craftsman, and Husqvarna.

A single purchase of these rotary mulching blades includes a set of three blades, ensuring excellent value for your money.

The 48-inch cutting blade with a five-point star center hole has a long cutting edge that saves you time. It cuts more grass each pass, allowing you to finish mowing quickly.

Since these mulching blades feature a high lift design, they throw the grass clippings better, meaning you can use them as bagging blades.

If your mower has a bag attachment, this blade set may be the missing piece you need.

On the downside, the mulching blades may leave some grass clumps less fine than others when you cut grass without a bag attachment.

You might have to rake the larger clumps off your lawn to achieve a cleaner look.



4. Best mulching blades for riding mower – Maxpower 42-inch Commercial 2-Blade Set

[amazon box=”B00AN89R9O” template=”horizontal”]

If you own a 42-inch Poulan, Husqvarna, or Craftsman mower deck that you wish to fit out with some mulching blades, these Maxpower commercial blades may be perfect.

They come in pairs at half the price of most high-end competitors but with the same premium quality.

This US-made blade set guarantees value for money because of its quality build. Thanks to a five-point star-shaped mounting hole, the blades easily fit securely in compatible mowers.

This feature goes a long way in ensuring the machine achieves its best RPM with these replacement mulching blades.

You should be happy to note that the cutting edge is designed for optimum cutting efficiency, even against the toughest lawn.

Additionally, these blades are effective in any weather condition, so you can use them across different seasons without problems.



5. Best mulching blade for push mower – EGO Power+ 21-Inch Mulching Blade

[amazon box=”B01N39KRRM” template=”horizontal”]

If you prefer your mulching blades to clear the grass clippings by tucking them into a bag, consider these Power plus lawn mower blades from EGO.

They are designed for enhanced bagging efficiency, resulting in cleaner lawns.

Unlike most mower blades in this review, the 21-inch EGO Power plus mulching blades are light-duty, making them ideal for a push mower.

Their light-duty design is ideal for electric-powered mowers, unlike most mulching blades only suited for gas-powered lawnmowers.

The blades are high-lift and highly efficient in pushing the clippings into an attached bag for a cleaner lawn.

The mulching blade is originally designed specifically for 21-inch EGO Power plus lawnmowers.

This means you may have to do additional modification work to use it on other lawnmower models.



6. Best 21-inch lawn mower blade – Maxpower Universal Mulching Blade

[amazon box=”B003VPAEJS” template=”horizontal”]

Here is a mulching blade that comes in a fancy-gold color to upgrade your mower. The item is commercial grade and designed to fit most 21-inch lawnmowers.

So you likely won’t require any modifications for it to fit your machine. The universal cutting blade comes with a cover washer and up to six reducing washers in one purchase.

This goes a long way in ensuring a perfect fit on any compatible mower. The inclusions also contribute to a better bang for your buck.

Thanks to its commercial-grade rating, the mulching blade features a greater cutting surface, ensuring better performance.

You will be happy to note that the teeth on this blade come sharpened to guarantee precision cutting.



7. Best mulching blades for Cub Cadet – Oregon Gator G5 MTD Mulching Blades

[amazon box=”B00KXFQFF6″ template=”horizontal”]

The Gator G5 mulching blade from Oregon offers the best durability any 21-inch lawnmower model could have.

The blade features a tungsten carbide fusion on the edge, making it more resilient and longer-lasting.

If your yard has stumps or small rocks that might threaten a light-duty metal, this Oregon G5 mulching blade may be your best choice.

It will take on the rough task without bending or breaking. The blade is designed to work with various push mower models, increasing its chances of compatibility with your unit.

In addition, it suits most MTD-made lawnmowers, including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and Bolens.

And despite being relatively low cost, this blade embodies the same superior quality you get with the company’s pricier models.

A perfectly angled serrated tooth on the blade shreds grass and leaves much more quickly, leaving your lawn healthier and cleaner while saving you some time off your lawn care budget.

However, the high-power performance comes at the cost of significant strain on the engine, so you need a relatively powerful engine to keep up.

The replacement blade may not be suitable for any underpowered or older engine models.



8. Best mulching blades for John Deere – Rotary 42-Inch Copperhead Blades

[amazon box=”B01DPY6DYE” template=”horizontal”]

If you own a 42-inch John Deere lawnmower, these Rotary Copperhead blades may be a great way to upgrade to a mulching mower.

The cutting blades are made with 42-inch John Deere riding mowers in mind, making them the best choice for your John Deere machine.

With this purchase, you get two mulch blades for your mower at a much lower price than the previous or comparable models.

Perhaps the one main limitation you will notice with these blades is their dullness when new.

They do not come sharp, with a coat of paint on the cutting edge at the time of purchase keeping them from being ready to use.

When sharp, the blades outperform most peers, creating a clean cut in any weather.

The sturdy build also means the set can withstand impact with solid objects like stumps, twigs, nuts, or small rocks in the yard.



9. Best mulching blades for 46-inch decks – 8TEN LawnRAZOR MTD Cub Cadet Mulching blade

[amazon box=”B01DPY6DYE” template=”horizontal”]

While these LawnRAZOR blades are not as thick as some heavy-duty peers, they are still highly durable.

However, keep the blades away from stumps and other solid objects, as any impact can cause the blades to bend.

It features a high-quality metal that can take on any grass type. Ensure the lawn is not overly wet, as wet grass results in pulp formation that hinders the performance of these blades.

However, you should expect nothing less than the best-cut quality in dryer conditions.

The heavy-duty mulching blade is suited for cutting and shredding tall weeds and grass, thanks to a toothed mulching edge.

The LawnRAZOR blades set boasts an aggressive lift that makes mulching much easier. This increased efficiency is further made possible by the raised, toothed mulching edge.

The special powder-coat paint on the blades helps them last longer, saving you money in the long run.



What is a Mulching Mower?

After cutting, a mulching lawnmower is designed to shred grass into much smaller or finer clippings.

By design, the mulching mower handles grass clippings by returning them to the lawn after shredding them into fine pieces.

Mulching mowers come with special mulching blades attached, enabling them to turn grass clippings into mulch.

Despite the difference between standard and mulching mowers, you can convert some standard lawnmowers into machines by fitting them with mulching blades.

You must find compatible blades with center holes designed to fit your mower’s spindle and center pin.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Mulching Blades

Mulching blades are popular, especially among people who prefer to finish their mulching work in one go.

Read along for some of the main reasons people choose mulching mowers with compatible blades attached or opt to fit their standard mowers with mulching blades.

Advantages of mulching blades

  • Mulching blades tend to have a greater cutting surface and a sharper edge, facilitating faster and more efficient operation. The blade cuts more grass in a single pass, allowing you to finish mowing quickly.
  • Mulching mowers shred the grass into much finer clippings that eliminate the need to rake and collect the debris from the lawn after mowing. This effectively saves you the headache of dealing with debris after cutting the lawn.
  • The blades are shaped with a curvier profile to increase their cutting efficiency. This characteristic can go a long way in ensuring a more even cut and cleaner lawn.
  • Because mulching blades mince the lawn into fine fragments, it helps accelerate the degradation of lawn grass into useful compost. The much smaller grass fragments can quickly enter the soil and decompose into an organic or liquid fertilizer that feeds the lawn.
  • Using mulching blades can reduce your lawn’s fertilization needs by recycling nutrients. Since mulching blades allow grass clippings to return to the soil and decompose, enriching the soil with nutrients, your lawn may not require additional fertilizer.
  • Recycling nutrients saves you money, and the time you would have otherwise spent applying fertilizer to the lawn.

Drawbacks of mulching blades

Like anything with advantages, mulching blades have their share of limitations.

  • The mulch left on your lawn might enter your house, leaving grass stains.
  • Mulching can create nasty clumps in wet conditions or rainy weather.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Mulching Blades

For many reasons, some mulching blades will suit your mower better than others.

Knowing these reasons can guide you when shopping for mulching blades and help you find the best for your specific mowing vehicle.

So, here are the main considerations to keep in mind when shopping for mulching mower blades.

1. Weight of the blade

You will find that most mulching blades are marketed as being thick and sturdy.

While such robustness can mean increased durability and resilience even on rough, tuff jobs, you need an equally powerful engine to spin all that weight.

The thicker and sturdier the blade, the more engine power it will need. This explains why most mulching blades are recommended for gas-powered and not electric or battery-powered mowers.

So, when buying the blade, consider matching it with the engine on your lawnmower. Underpowered or older model engines may not be ideal for thicker and heavier blades or blade sets.

In such cases, your options may be limited to upgrading the cutting blade and the mower.

If you fit out an older riding mower with a heavier mulching blade, the aggressive lift power associated with these blades may weigh down the mower.

As a result, it may cause the unit to stall when you engage the cutting deck.

2. Possible workaround

If you fit out an older mower with a heavy blade, you may achieve some success by stopping the lawnmower before you engage the deck.

This workaround will reduce the engine’s workload, allowing it to start the blades and get them to speed before running the rest of the mower.

Once the blades are spinning, you should restart riding the mower without problems.

3. Length of the blade

Lawnmower blades are primarily categorized in length, making this a crucial aspect you want to consider when shopping for an upgrade for your mower.

Like any lawnmower blade, you want to match the length of your mulching blade with the deck size for the best experience.

For instance, if your lawnmower has a 42-inch cutting deck, a 42-inch mulching blade will be the right choice. Every mower has components designed to work best with that specific blade length.

What Could go Wrong if You Installed a Longer Blade?

If the length of your chosen blade is greater than the deck, it will probably bog down the engine.

Mulching mowers are generally thicker than standard blades and, as such, heavier. Greater length will likely mean heavier weight too.

Naturally, a longer blade may not fit under the deck. So it may not work after all. And if it does fit, the engine may struggle to spin a blade larger than its intended length.

With that much strain on the engine, your mower’s efficiency will greatly diminish. Parts may age sooner, and breakdowns may occur from time to time.

A longer blade may damage the mower by striking and nicking parts of it, most likely the deck.

If your mower has more than one blade, they may strike one another, causing an unwanted hazard.

What could go wrong if you installed a shorter blade?

You can expect suboptimal results if you install a mulching blade that is way too short for the mower.

You will have a powerful engine running a lighter, smaller cutting blade—wasting the engine’s power and resources.

  • If the mower deck is fitted out with multiple blades, you can expect strips of uncut lawn remaining each time you make a pass. The blades will be unable to cover the gaps between one another adequately.
  • You will naturally have to make more passes to cover the same area due to the reduced cutting radius of your mower. This could mean spending more gas or energy.
  • If you have a bag attachment, the bagging process will have reduced efficiency as the shorter blades will create less airflow than required to lift and bag the clippings.

What to do about the length

To escape these pitfalls, check the cut size of your lawnmower deck and match the mulching blade with this number for utmost efficiency.

You should find the information you want by looking up the model of your mower or consulting your owner’s manual.

4. Mounting options

The center hole on a mowing blade determines where you can mount it. As you shop around for mulching blades, you will notice that the center hole styles vary significantly from one brand or model to another.

The common styles include a bow tie, five- or six-point star, and universal fit. This mounting hole design must be compatible with your mower’s spindle for the installation to work. 

Otherwise, you might have to make modifications or go for something else altogether.

In any case, you may have better luck with a five or six-point star since these two tend to be easier to install than the other designs.

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5. Number of blades in a kit

When replacing the blades in your current mower, the number of pieces it uses originally will determine the number of pieces you want in a set.

If your mowing deck has three blades, you will require three blades. The cost can easily go over the roof if you purchase individual blades separately for a multi-blade cutting deck.

So, consider going for a set with the number of pieces corresponding to the number of blades your deck is designed for.

Some kits come with two pieces, while others have three. These are designed to match the number of blades the intended mowing decks require.

  • Purchasing a kit with the right number of blades should help you acquire them at a reasonable cost.
  • Each blade on a multi-blade mowing deck must be replaced with a matching mulching blade when upgrading the mower into a mulching unit. Otherwise, you may not achieve the desired mulching performance.

If you mix mulching blades with standard blades on the same mower, you might not see the benefit. The new blade will struggle to generate the required airflow.

Its efficiency may be significantly reduced by the standard pieces, likely to still cause clumping under the deck.

Standard blades are lighter than mulching blades. The imbalanced weight of the mixed blades may disrupt the output of your lawnmower, affecting your experience.

6. The durability of the piece

While mulching blades are thicker and relatively more durable than standard blades, they are not created equal. Some will withstand impact against solid objects better than others.

So, when shopping for a blade, we recommend checking the user reviews for actual experiences proving the durability of the intended blade.

While this is just one parameter, it is essential and should give you an idea of what to expect before purchasing.

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3 Types to Avoid

  • Avoid Generic or Unbranded Blades: They are often of inferior quality and lack rigorous testing and quality control. Invest in reputable brands known for durability and performance instead. Although generic blades might seem cost-effective initially, they wear out quickly and may not provide desired mulching efficiency.
  • Choose Hardened Blades: Mulching blades endure significant stress during operation. Non-hardened blades won’t stand up to the task. Look for blades made from hardened materials like steel, which have undergone a heat treatment. These blades are stronger and wear-resistant, maintaining sharpness for consistent mulching performance.
  • Use the Correct Blade Size: The wrong blade size can harm your mower’s performance and mulching capabilities. Too short blades lead to uneven cuts and reduced mulching efficiency, while overly long blades strain the mower’s engine. Refer to your mower’s manual or contact the manufacturer for the correct blade size specifications to ensure optimal mulching results.

Generic or unbranded mulching blades are cheaper, but investing in reputable brands with hardened materials pays off. They last up to 2-3 times longer, leading to fewer replacements and better mulching performance throughout their lifespan.


Are Gator blades better than mulching blades?

Yes. Gator blades have a high lift design that draws up the grass, leading to a clean and even cut. This is unlike standard mulching blades that push the grass down, likely leaving clumps at some points on the lawn. The high lift in gator blades also makes them perfect for bagging.

Are mulching blades with teeth better?

Toothed mulching blades tend to be more thorough in shredding grass into mulch, creating a cleaner lawn than non-toothed blades. Consider toothed blades with extended cutting edges for the best results.

Do mulching blades make a difference?

Absolutely. Mulching offers an ecologically friendly way of dealing with organic debris and grass clippings. It is a way to recycle nutrients, leading to a healthy lawn.

What is the Best Mulching Blade for a Lawn mower?

Oregon Gator G3 grass blades are the best mulching blades and the perfect way to upgrade your mower into a mulching lawnmower.

Being gator blades, they are perfectly angled to create powerful airflow lifting the grass before cutting it.

This results in a cleaner and more even cut. The powerful airflow also means you could use the blades for bagging operations.

Additionally, the blades are incredibly durable and strong, resisting bending and breaking even in the toughest mowing tasks.

Oregon, the manufacturer, is also one of the best-known makers of mulching blades.