Best Moss Pole For Monstera

How to support a monstera plant

Is your Monstera plant spreading everywhere, or are the leaf tips yellowing? A moss pole could be an excellent solution.

Moss poles can give your Monstera extra micronutrients and train the plant to climb in search of light, like in its nmoss pole you find onlineatural habitat.

However, don’t just buy any moss pole The best moss pole should make the plant occupy a relatively small space in your room and give your Monstera beautiful dark green leaves.

Keep reading for the nine best moss poles for Monstera that have kept our ten indoor Monsteras upright and evergreen five years in a row. You will also learn how to make a DIY moss pole for Monstera. 

What Are Moss Poles?

A moss pole is a vertical cylindrical pole made of PVC pipe, paper pipe, or a stick measuring 1.5 to 2.0 inches in diameter.

The pole is covered with dried sphagnum moss, sheet moss, or coco coir, leaving a 6 to 12-inch stake to bury beneath the soil. 

Some moss poles have an extendable design. So you can stack one on top of the other, as high up as you want your Monstera. 

The most common mistake people make is pushing the poles anywhere they choose inside the Monstera pot.

If you must use a moss pole without repotting your Monstera, I will show you how later. 

Meanwhile, I removed a moss pole from one Monstera for three weeks and compared the change in appearance against the other nine Monsteras.

Do Monsteras Need a Moss Pole?

The answer is yes and no. Your personal preference or the theme in your home fits a different monstera design.

But, if you want to utilize your room space, keep your Monstera plant happy and healthy, or just give it some shape, then you need a moss pole.

Besides, Monsteras are climbing plants native to the Central American rainforests. They increase their chances of getting bright sunlight by attaching themselves to tree trunks.

So, a moss pole recreates the plant’s natural environment in your home. Moss poles also encourage root growth at the plant’s nodes and promote the absorption of micronutrients.

You will know your monstera needs a moss pole if it grows down or horizontally and becomes an eyesore. However, that does not mean moss poles are all there is for your monstera. 

Let’s look at the best moss poles and the alternatives.

The 9 Best Moss Pole for Monstera Plants

After researching dozens of moss poles and testing the top contenders, here are our picks for the best Monstera moss poles.

1. DUSPRO 2 Pack 25 Inch Real Moss Pole for Monstera-Best For Small or Medium Monstera

[amazon box=”B09DP34NFW” template=”horizontal”]

DUSPRO 2 Pack real moss pole is the best choice for small or medium Monstera plants because of its 1-inch diameter and elasticity. 

For the best results, soak the pole in water for 20 minutes before cording your plant. 

The DUSPRO 2 Pack also includes a string and extra moss for replacement.

For mature Monsteras, you need a thicker and sturdier moss pole like SUNSET LEAVES.

However, bending the thicker moss poles can be pretty tricky. In contrast, you can bend DUSPRO 2 Pack 25 Inch into multiple shapes for your Monstera to climb. 


  • You can bend it quite easily
  • It offers value for money
  • It has a more natural texture that’s easy for Monstera roots to grab


  • DUSPRO 2 pack has a mossy smell that takes longer to disappear

2. Best for older and mature Monstera: SUNSET LEAVES Moss Pole Made with Paper Pipe 27.5 Inch

[amazon box=”B08MJMBCLM” template=”horizontal”]

If you want a moss pole that can hold a mature Monstera plant with large stalks, choose SUNSET LEAVES. 

The poles are made of 100% coco coir, making it easier for the aerial roots to attach to the coir. 

Unlike PVC or metal pipe poles, SUNSET LEAVES moss poles to have a paper pole. Therefore, this product is more biodegradable than plastic.

That makes SUNSET LEAVES environmentally friendly. Even better, the moss poles absorb water, keeping the plant happy and healthy.


  • It offers sturdy support
  • It provides value for money
  • Eco-friendly


  • It can attract pests and diseases

3. Editors Pick: Moss REMIAWY Poles for Plants Monstera 51 Inches

[amazon box=”B08YNH47XH” template=”horizontal”]

The third on our list is Moss REMIAWY Poles for Plants Monstera 51 Inches. The moss has a deep brown color than DUSPRO 2 Pack but with polyvinyl chloride and a wooden pole. 

Drive the pole in the pot farthest from your Monstera plant’s stem and roots to avoid damage.

The 5-inch long wooden stake goes beneath the soil. You can also stack it on the hollow top of another REMIAWY moss pole to extend its height as your plant grows. 


  • Easy to use
  • Thicker and sturdier
  • Nice quality


  • REMIAWY poles can be quite expensive

4. Compact Size: Totem Monkey Moss Pole – 47.8 Inch Coir Totem Plant Support

[amazon box=”B09DGD4L3P” template=”horizontal”]

I use Totem Monkey Moss Pole for my older Monsteras because it is compact and suitable for climbing plants with thick stems and roots.

Use this moss pole if your old plant is all over the place and you want it to grow upwards instead of horizontally or down.

Totem Monkey moss poles also come with a soft plant tie, which you can use to attach more moss to the pole. Like Moss REMIAWY, Totem Monkey moss poles also have a hole at the top.

However, its open end collects water at the base of the stake and can make it rot pretty fast.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Mold resistant
  • Perfect for large Monsteras with stronger stalks


  • Moisture wicking

5. Eco-Friendly Choice:  ADEBOLA Moss Poles –  2 PCS 26 Inches Tall

[amazon box=”B09P16SRCW” template=”horizontal”]

ADEBOLA Moss Poles are an eco-friendly option made from 100% natural coconut coir. Coco coir is sustainable, durable, and wets more easily than coco peat, plus ADEBOLA moss poles are less susceptible to mold. 

These moss poles also offer an ideal vertical support system for Monstera.

Although ADEBOLA moss poles are 26 inches tall, a few inches will sink into the soil. Therefore, measure your Monstera plant height to ensure ADEBOLA 26’ is good enough.

This moss pole will train your plants to stand upright and develop larger leaves if you mist them periodically.

You can read further about coco coir vs coco peat and explore the pros and cons.


  • It is flexible
  • Perfect for small or medium Monstera
  • It is eco-friendly


  • The wooden part rots eventually

6. Space-Saving Design: ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25” Moss Pole

[amazon box=”B0BF9RYQHF” template=”horizontal”]

Roadlum is one of the best moss poles for plants growing in a small pot. Unlike SUNSET LEAVES which is chunky, ROADLUM 4 Pack 25” Moss pole is only 1.2 inches in diameter. In other words, it is designed to save space.

But due to its thickness, ROADPLUM 4 Pack 25” Moss Pole is ideal for Monstera plants with slender leaf stalks. It is skinny and might bend unpleasantly if used on mature indoor plants. 


  • It saves space if you have limited gardening space
  • They are lightweight and easier to move around


  • Unsuitable for large plants

7. Versatile Option: Galiejar Moss Pole for Plants Monstera

[amazon box=”B0B8KQHWB7″ template=”horizontal”]

Galiejar Moss Pole for Plants Monstera is this list’s most versatile moss pole. You can use it in various settings and for multiple plants, including Monstera, money plants, and Pothos.

However, Galiejar Moss Pole is not sturdy enough for outdoor use. Use it only for your indoor climbing plants.

Besides, Galiejar Moss Pole for Plants Monstera is bendable. You can train your small and medium plants to climb and unleash your creativity with the shapes. 


  • You can use it to grow various houseplants
  • Adds visual interest to your indoor space
  • They are low maintenance


  • Not suitable for plants that require regular maintenance

8. Best Extendable Design: Grow Organiks 12-inch Coco Coir Pole

[amazon box=”B08F3V8XKF” template=”horizontal”]

These expandable moss poles are made of PVC pipes and covered in coco coir. The wooden stake goes into the soil for primary support and can also fit on the hollow top of the moss pole. 

Therefore, you can increase the height by stacking them on top of each other as your plant grows.

However, the wooden stake is pretty short, while the coco coir part is much taller, reducing the number of Grow Organiks Coco Coir Poles you can stack together.


  • It is easy to use and expand
  • Low maintenance
  • It gives monstera roots sufficient oxygen for growth


  • Short stakes reduce stability, making them easy to tip over.

9. Budget Option: HYYZ Moss Pole, Coir Moss Totem Pole Stick for Plant

[amazon box=”B08LHG46XG” template=”horizontal”]

The best budget-friendly moss pole for your Monstera plant is HYYZ Moss Pole. But unlike the previous recommendations, it comes in one piece.

This is the best option if you don’t need many poles or just want a single moss pole for one plant.

However, if you will need more moss poles in the future, it is better to get two or more. Single pieces can be expensive in the long run.


  • Best budget option
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Mold resistant 


  • Unsuitable for outdoor use in certain climates  

Best Moss Pole for Monstera Comparison Table

[amazon box=”B09DP34NFW, B08MJMBCLM, B08YNH47XH, B09DGD4L3P, B09P16SRCW, B0BF9RYQHF, B0B8KQHWB7, B08F3V8XKF, B08LHG46XG” template=”table” link_id=”6106″]

Choosing The Correct Moss Poles and Pots – 3 Types

Choosing the correct moss poles and pots might look easy to the trained eye, but only to some. They can be made from dried sphagnum, sheet moss, or coco coir.

Sphagnum Moss Pole

It is the most common moss pole because of its moisture retention capacity. Before staking a sphagnum moss in your Monstera pot, soak it in clean water for 15 to 20 minutes. 

In warmer rooms, it can dry out quickly. Therefore, mist or spray it with water occasionally for your plant’s aerial roots.

Coco Coir Pole

Although it wets quickly, coco coir poles don’t have excellent water retention properties. Nonetheless, its texture is more natural and makes it easier for Monstera’s aerial roots to attach.

Feel the coco coir pole with your fingers and water the plant every one or two days if it feels dry.

Sheet moss pole

Sheet mosses are organic mosses that resemble miniature fern fronds. You can use them on bamboo, PVC pipe, or wooden support for your Monstera.

Dampening a sheet moss pole and tying the Monstera branches to it will train the plant to grow upward and thrive.

DIY Moss Pole for Monstera

Gather supplies and follow the steps below:

Supplies Needed

  • Sphagnum moss, coconut fiber, or sheet moss
  • Chicken wire
  • Wirecutter or scissors
  • Soft plant ties, e.g, Zip ties, twine, or cables ties
  • Bamboo chopsticks, wood, PVC, or metal support
  • Water

Step by Step

Step 1: Soak the sphagnum or sheet moss in water for 15 to 20 minutes (no need to soak coco coir) 

Step 2: Secure 0.5 to 1-inch thick moss to one end of your pole. Leave a 6-12 inch stake on the other end. These measurements depend on the height of your Monstera and your pot size. 

Step 3: Stick the moss pole beneath the soil in your Monstera pot carefully, ensuring you don’t harm the plants’ delicate roots. This step is best when repotting the plant.

Step 4: Use the twines to train the potted plant to climb the moss pole gently instead of forcefully. Don’t tie the stems too tightly to the moss pole; ensure the nodes are in direct contact with it.

Best Options for Climbing Monsteras

While moss poles are the most preferred option for indoor climbing plants, we also have some alternatives. The moss pole alternatives will give your Monstera the extra support it needs to grow taller and upright.

You can use the following;

  • Coconut coir poles
  • Natural bamboo trellis
  • Wooden sticks
  • PVC pipes
  • Modern metal trellis
  • Sheet moss pole

What Size and Length Moss Pole Do You Need For The Aerial Roots?

There is no specific answer to a moss pole’s recommended size and length. The rule of thumb is to add the depth of the pot to the plant’s height above the pot. Use the total to determine the size and length of the moss pole needed for the aerial roots.

For example, if your Monstera pot is 10 inches deep and the plant is 15 inches above the soil, you will need a moss pole at least 25 inches.

Besides moss pole size and length, consider the following factors when buying moss poles for indoor plants.

7 Important Factors To Consider When Buying a Moss Pole

To make your work easier, here are seven key points to look out for when shopping around. 

1. Durability

You don’t want to buy a moss pole that cannot support your plant’s weight or one that will develop mold quickly. Choose a moss pole that is sturdier and made from a material that will not rot easily.

2. Moss pole quality

Moss poles also vary in quality. Some poor-quality moss poles infest plants with pests. I recommend a coco coir pole if your room is often damp because sphagnum moss poles can quickly form mold in those conditions.

Also, the stakes should be long enough below the soil to hold the weight of the Monstera above the ground. 

You can read further about how to stake a monstera plant to promote healthy growth.

3. Moisture retention

A moss pole that can hold sufficient moisture provides support and keeps the apical leaves and stems beautiful and green.

Moisture-retaining moss poles are made from sphagnum or sheet moss. Choose them for warm spaces where water loss is prevalent.

4. Moss pole height and thickness

Choosing the wrong moss pole height and thickness is a recipe for failure. Small and medium climbing house plants need short and thin moss poles for easy climb and root penetration.

Mature Monsteras need longer, thicker, and sturdier moss poles to bear their weight above the soil.

5. Your plant type

I have discussed Monstera plants a lot. You’d think it’s the only plant that needs a moss pole, right? Wrong.

Other climbing plants, such as Pothos, arrowheads, and philodendrons, may also need a moss pole. However, moss poles are ineffective for terrestrial plants. 

6. Moss pole manufacturer

This is a matter of reputation and brand loyalty. Don’t buy moss poles from manufacturers with condescending product reviews.

Buy from those whose reputation for quality products is unmatched. For instance, one of the most reputable moss pole manufacturers is DUSPRO.

7. Cost

The price of the moss pole is critical to know if you can afford it. However, don’t just buy any cheap moss pole you find online if you are looking for ways to support your monstera plant.

If you can’t afford expensive moss poles, make a cost-effective one at home (DIY) or use a more affordable alternative, like a wire or a wooden stick to support the plant. 

Growing Your Monstera On a Moss Pole

Follow these steps to grow your Monstera on a moss pole:

  1. Gather the materials (moss pole, twine, and a new container for your monstera).
  2. Soak the moss pole for 15-20 minutes if it is sphagnum or sheet moss 
  3. Insert your Monstera roots in the new container
  4. Insert the moss pole and secure it in place (touching the base of the container)
  5. Return the soil to the and cover the roots properly
  6. Tie your Monstera stem gently to the moss pole using the twine
  7. Water the plant and mist the moss pole regularly
  8. Continue tying and training your Monstera to grow on the moss pole
  9. Prune its top stem when it reaches your preferred height

Adding a Sphagnum Moss Pole to Monstera Without Repotting

First, you’ll need to gather some materials. 

Supplies needed

  • Sphagnum moss pole,
  • Twine
  • A pair of scissors. 


  1. Tie the moss pole to the Monstera’s primary stem, ensuring it’s secure.
  2. Use the twine to wrap around the stem and the moss pole. Leave some space for growth. 
  3. Repeat this process every few inches up the stem until you reach the top of the plant. 

NOTE: This method may not be as stable as repotting and is not ideal for the long term.

Getting Your New Pot and Soil Ready

  1. Choose a new pot with drainage holes and fill the bottom with gravel or rocks to improve drainage.
  2. Add a well-draining potting mix containing perlite, sphagnum peat moss, and fertilizer.
  3. Plant your Monstera. Ensure the base of the stem is level with the soil surface.
  4. Water thoroughly and place the pot in a location with bright, indirect light.
  5. Monitor the soil moisture and water to avoid overwatering
  6. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season.

Choose The Best Moss Pole for Your Monstera

DUSPRO 2 Pack 25 Inch Real Moss Pole is the best option for small or medium monstera plants. Use SUNSET LEAVES for old and mature Monstera plants. 

The other moss poles to consider are REMIAWY Poles for Plants Monstera 51 Inches, Totem Monkey Moss Pole – 47.8 Inch Coir Totem Plant Support, and ADEBOLA Moss Poles. They are sturdy, easy to use, and environmentally friendly. 

When buying a moss pole, consider the cost, durability, quality, moisture retention, height and thickness, plant type, and manufacturer.

These considerations will help you choose the right moss pole for your plant and achieve the best results.

I hope this article was helpful. Feel free to leave me a comment below.

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