7 Best Grow Lights For Monstera: Updated Reviews

Best Grow Lights For Monstera

Monstera plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight. Besides facilitating growth and photosynthesis, the plant requires light to develop fenestrations.

Grow lights provide light to plants with limited access to bright indirect sunlight. This way, you prevent your plant from wilting and dying.

This article focuses on the best grow lights for Monstera. Moreover, we offer a buyer’s guide to help you make informed purchases.

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Best Grow Lights for Monstera

  1. GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LED – Best Overall Grow Light for Monstera
  2. KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Lights – Best Premium Grow Light for Monstera
  3. Relassy LED for Indoor Plants – Best Grow Light for Variegated Monstera
  4. Barrina LED V-Shape with Reflector – Best Mounted Grow Light For Monstera
  5. Bseah Plant Lights for Indoor Plants – Best Hanging Grow Light for Indoor Plants
  6. Mars Hydro TSW2000 Led – Best Durable Grow Light for Monstera
  7. SANSI LED for Indoor Plants – Best Energy-efficient Grow Lights for Monstera

What Are Grow Lights?

Grow lights, also called artificial light, provide supplemental lighting for indoor plants. They create a suitable environment, allowing your Monstera plant to grow yearlong, regardless of the season.

Simply put, houseplant enthusiasts substitute natural sunlight with grow lights to encourage photosynthesis in any climate.

7 Best Grow Lights for Monstera Reviews

1. Best Overall Grow Light for Monstera – GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LED

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This model from GHodec is specially designed to suit plants at various growth stages. It boasts a quality build and lasts long.

The product offers 3 timing options for indoor plants, including 4h, 8h, and 12h lighting time. This 6000K LED lighting is also flicker-free and provides excellent color rendering up to 95.

Besides, it produces a soft light, ideal for all indoor plants. Moreover, it features an automatic On/Off, eliminating the need to operate it manually daily.

The product features 5 Red and 37 white LEDs in each bar. This cadence produces an effect similar to the midday sunlight.

Also, this model stands out from the rest since it allows you to adjust the brightness depending on your plant’s requirements.

The LED grow lamp features a strong, anti-slip clamp and a sturdy gooseneck.

The gooseneck offers an adjustable angle of up to 360 degrees, allowing you to focus the light in a particular direction. This provides the perfect lighting angle, covering all your plants.

Also, the product is compact and highly efficient, allowing you to deploy it in balconies, darkrooms, greenhouses, and offices.

With its 50W output, this grow light provides sufficient lighting at an affordable price.

However, you’ll want to reconsider purchasing this product for bigger houseplants or if you have several plants. Typically, the light won’t suffice and offers limited coverage.

Another downside of this model is its tendency to emit heat over time. Consequently, this may take a toll on your Monstera, affecting its lifespan.


  • It features a compact size
  • It offers adjustable brightness
  • It provides natural-like light
  • It’s suitable for all indoor plants


  • It emits heat over time
  • It offers a limited coverage area
  • It isn’t suitable for bigger plants

2. Best Premium Grow Light for Monstera – KingLED Newest 1000w LED Grow Lights

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I recommend this product from KingLED if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. This high-quality grow light adopts the latest LM301B LEDs for high PAR output.

Moreover, it features a 10x optical condenser with high energy efficiency to improve light penetration.

The full spectrum lighting provides natural-like light for plants and vegetation at different stages of growth.

Also, using the product for your plant, from seedling to flowering, will increase your harvest by a long stretch.

This cost-effective KP1000 LED light also adopts state-of-the-art SMD LEDs and reflector technology.

While it compares to the traditional 400W HPS lights, this model consumes only 145W. So, not only does it provide brighter light, but it also saves more energy.

This way, it prevents your hard-earned money from washing down the drain. You’ll also appreciate the product’s durability, which minimizes the need to change the lights frequently.

It also features upgraded aluminum radiators and high-velocity mute fans, dissipating minimal heat of up to 50°F- 60°F. This is often lower than other lamps.

With its low temperatures, you needn’t worry about burning your Monstera’s leaves. Also, lower temperatures allow you to increase the lighting time, promoting plant growth.


  • It provides bright, full-spectrum light
  • It dissipates minimal heat
  • It’s durable


  • It’s expensive
  • It doesn’t include a timer function

3. Best Grow Light for Variegated Monstera – Relassy LED for Indoor Plants

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This is the go-to option if you’re looking for a full spectrum grow light for variegated Monstera. The product features 72 high-quality LED chips with a lifetime of up to 50000 hours.

Moreover, the highly efficient LED chips offer a high par value of 96 μmol/m2s. You can rely on this model to deliver the bright and uniform light required for your indoor plants to thrive.

Unlike most single red and blue spectrum artificial lights, this lighting solution will suffice the needs of both houseplant hobbyists and commercial growers.

With its built-in memory function, you can set an automatic On/Off timer to provide 3, 6, or 12 hours of light daily.

The LED grow light strips also include 3 color timing lights to correspond with the 3 timing modes.

This option also offers a wider illumination angle with its 18-inch gooseneck and 120-degree beam angle.

Moreover, the gooseneck is flexible and features rotatable bulbs. This allows you to adjust the distance and angle between the plants and light.

With the plant grow light, you can achieve 360° illumination for all your plants, promoting their growth.

The product also offers 5 adjustable brightness options to match different stages of plant growth.

Moreover, it offers 3 switch modes allowing you to operate the right and left lights independently. The last mode lets you turn the right and left lights on.

With this product, you needn’t worry about overheating, overcurrent, or overvoltage. So you can safely deploy it for your houseplants, hydroponics, or greenhouses.

As expected, this product comes with its fair share of downsides. It has a less durable build and positioning the arm can be challenging.

Moreover, it consumes a lot of energy, which will reflect on your electricity bill.


  • It delivers a full spectrum, sunlike light
  • It includes a timing function
  • The brightness is adjustable
  • It offers a wide coverage


  • High electricity cost
  • Not suitable for all indoor plants

4. Best Mounted Grow Light For Monstera – Barrina LED V-Shape with Reflector

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Here’s another grow light option that will meet your plant’s lighting needs in the seedling, vegetative, and blossoming cycles.

This full spectrum LED model from Barrina provides red and blue light, essential for your Monstera to thrive. This super bright product contains 192 0.5Watts LED chips in each light.

As a result, you can rely on this option to provide higher PFFD compared to traditional grow lights. Moreover, it includes a reflector that enhances light efficiency by 17% to 20%.

It also includes a durable aluminum shell that provides high-efficiency heat dissipation. Subsequently, this ensures a longer lifespan for the LED chips.

This package also includes 3 power cords that facilitate easy installation. You could connect 6 LED light strips in series using the connecting cords.

In turn, you save on time and installation costs. This indoor plant grow light is suitable for all hydroponics, houseplants, and greenhouses.

Besides plants, you can deploy this versatile product as your table, desk, or eye-caring light. Lastly, the product has a 2-year warranty for manufacturing or workmanship defects.


  • It provides bright and intense light
  • It’s energy efficient
  • It features an adjustable design
  • It’s versatile and multi-purpose


  • It includes unstable clips
  • It lacks a timing function

5. Best Hanging Grow Light for Indoor Plants – Bseah Plant Lights for Indoor Plants

[amazon box=”B07ZRL9B82″ template=”horizontal”]

This product from Bseah is a superb investment for indoor plants, particularly Monstera.

With this grow light, your plant will grow greener and fuller yearlong. It’s a full spectrum LED option with a white and yellow light combination.

The product also includes a convenient timer function, facilitating a hands-free operation. The timer function includes 3 timing options, providing 3h, 9h, or 12h of light per day.

Even more, the timer includes built-in memory that turns On/Off the plant lights automatically at a similar time.

Moreover, the product includes 10 dimmable brightness levels. This way, you can adjust the brightness to meet different light requirements for photosynthesis in varying growth stages of your plant.

Bseah Plant lights for indoor plants offer a wider illumination area with a beam angle of up to 120 degrees. Moreover, it includes 3 headlamps, with rotatable bulbs and a flexible gooseneck.

Lastly, this versatile option is suitable for seeding, potted plants, gardening, and flower show. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and a 1-month money-back guarantee.


  • It provides full-spectrum light
  • Adjustable brightness
  • It includes a timer function


  • It emits heat
  • It isn’t suitable for bigger plants
  • Clips are unstable

6. Best Durable Grow Light for Monstera – Mars Hydro TSW2000 Led

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Tired of replacing your grow lights regularly? Worry no more. This product from Mars Hydro is one of the most durable grow lights on the market.

The metal gooseneck is sturdy and has a non-slip design, allowing the grow light to stand.

It also features a patented white reflector design that enhances the light intensity, allowing the plant to absorb more light.

Moreover, the product offers a 120-degree refraction angle to cover a wider reflector range. The upgraded model features a new arrangement of diodes, dense at the center and sparse on either side.

This arrangement makes the led lights more uniform, allowing the plants to absorb over 90% of light energy.

Besides, with an actual power of 300W, this product delivers higher-intensity light with even coverage.

Despite providing a higher PAR value, this product boasts low energy consumption, making it an energy-efficient option.

This full spectrum grow light also provides a sunlike lighting option with a 400-700 nm spectrum.

The product also includes a dimming button, allowing you to adjust the light intensity depending on the monstera light requirements.

A major downside of this product is the ambiguity of the installation instructions. Nevertheless, it offers good value for your money.


  • It provides good coverage
  • It boasts a high-quality design
  • It provides intense light


  • Installation instructions are unclear

7. Best Energy-efficient Grow Lights for Monstera – SANSI LED for Indoor Plants

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Inexpensive and energy-efficient, the SANSI LED grow light is a superb choice for a full-spectrum plant light. With a waveband of 380 nm to 800 nm, this product emits IR, UV, blue, and red lights.

It also includes white light-efficient LEDs with a higher PAR output. This growth light promoted indoor growth by hastening photosynthesis.

Besides being suitable for all growth stages, the product is ideal for various plants, including succulents, herbs, cherry tomatoes, and monsteras.

Additionally, this energy-saving option allows you to save up to 90% on your electric bill. The product, consuming about 10W only, utilizes high-lumen LED chips equivalent to a 100W traditional light bulb.

In addition to encouraging growth, the light allows tropical plants to flourish year long regardless of the climate.

Despite its high light intensity, the bulb doesn’t get hot. As a result, you needn’t worry about scorching your plant’s foliage with this product.


  • It’s compact yet effective
  • It offers a wider coverage
  • It includes an automatic on/off function
  • It includes a timer function


  • Doesn’t turn off fully
  • The timer can malfunction

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Picking the Best Grow Lights for Monstera

Grow lights vary in size and form. Moreover, different products emit light, including LED, HID (High-intensity Discharge), Fluorescent, and plasma.

Subsequently, you’ll want to pick the best option for your Monstera. Here are vital aspects to consider;

Type of Light

While grow lights emit different lights depending on the type, consider using LED lights.

Besides being popular, LED lights offer numerous benefits for indoor plants. Here’s what to consider when purchasing LED lights for your Monstera;


Wattage is useful in determining the correct fixture for your indoor plant. Higher wattage typically provides more energy to your plants while impacting your electricity bill.

Ideally, you require about 32W per square foot.


Monstera plants thrive in the right light spectrum. We recommend utilizing full-spectrum LED light with varying wavelengths.

PAR value

PAR value denotes whether the available light supports photosynthesis. Use grow lights with high PAR value for your Monstera to bloom.

Heat emission

Heat tends to burn the leaves of Monsteras. So, ensure your grow light dissipates minimal heat and is cool.

Dimmer and Timer

Grow lights that include a timer and dimmer allow you to adjust the light intensity and duration. This is vital to meet the plant’s requirements depending on the growth stage.

Size and Number of Plants

The number of plants you’re growing is vital in determining the best grow light for Monstera. If you have a single Monstera, one bulb will suffice.

Contrastingly, if your Monstera is too big for a single bulb or you’re growing various plants, you’ll want a larger plant to grow light.

In this case, standing lights will be the best option. Alternatively, use HID grow lights.


While you shouldn’t skimp on the quality of grow lights, consider working below your budget. You can find efficient plant grow lights without breaking the bank.

Typically, the price of your grow light will depend on additional features, including dimmable light, auto on/off, or adjustable spectrum.

Duration of Use

Another factor worth your consideration is the duration of use. If you plan to use the grow light for shorter periods, incandescent grow lights will do.

However, steer clear from them if you’ll use the grow light for extended periods. Typically, incandescent bulbs tend to swelter when turned on for longer durations.

In this case, you’ll want LED lights since they remain cool regardless of the duration of use.

Tips on Using Your Monstera Grow Lights

Here are some tips to get the most out of your plant grow lights;

Distance from Plant

The distance between your Swiss cheese plant and the grow light will impact the light’s effectiveness.

Place the grow lights about 30cm (12 inches) from your plant. Typically, light intensity decreases with an increase in distance.

However, place it at least 60 cm (24 inches) from the plant for incandescent bulbs. With their high heat signature, you risk burning the leaves of your Monstera by placing it too close.

Your Schedule

You may need a grow light with a timer function, depending on your schedule. This way, you can schedule when to provide light to your Monstera.

The timer function eliminates the need to manually operate the light, allowing you to enjoy a hands-free experience.

Can Grow Lights Burn My Monsteras?

You risk burning your Monstera by placing the grow light too close. However, this issue is more prevalent with incandescent lights since they get hotter over time.

If you are concerned about burning your plant’s foliage, opt for LED grow lights. Remember to adjust the distance between the plant and the grow light as the plant grows.


What Kind Of Light Does Monstera Need?

Monstera plants thrive in medium-bright to bright indirect light. While it can tolerate the morning and evening sun, keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Although Monstera can thrive in low light levels, it will exhibit slower growth. Also, the fenestrations might fail to develop fully.

Which Light Color Is Best For Monstera?

Grow lights exist in various colors, but blue light is more popular and effective, especially for Monsteras. Besides promoting growth, blue light mode enables the plant to develop flowers. However, you can substitute blue light with green or white grow lights.

Can Monstera Thrive In Artificial Light?

Low-light foliage plants, including Monstera, can thrive in artificial light. While sunlight has the proper wavelength mix for plants to bloom, you can substitute it with artificial light. LED lights are popular among houseplant enthusiasts since they don’t emit heat.

How Much Light Do Monstera Plants Need?

Like other flowering plants, Monsteras require about six to eight hours of light daily. However, Monsteras can tolerate up to 12 hours of light since they are tropical plants. Nevertheless, the plant will require periods of darkness to carry out respiration.


Finding the perfect spot for your Monstera to receive sufficient indirect light is often difficult, especially indoors.

Since you don’t want your plant to get scorched by direct sunlight, you’ll want to invest in the best grow lights for Monstera.

Fortunately, grow lights come in different types and sizes. For your Monstera, we recommend using GHodec Sunlight White 50W 84 LED.

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