Top 13 Best African Violet Planter Pots

Best African Violet Planter Pots Picture

Picking the best African violet planter pots seems straightforward. But in reality, it’s the opposite. You’ll need to consider size, material, color, and functionality.

Gardeners with hands-on experience may pick the right plastic pot. But the best thing is, we’ve simplified things for such Gardeners.

So, in this guide, we’ll help you pick suitable pots for African violets. Onto to it, here are the best planter pots for African violet plants.

Best African Violet Pots

  1. Mkono Plastic Self-Watering PotsBest Overall African Violet Flower Pot
  2. Azalea Plastic Nursery PotsBest Azalea Pots for African Violets
  3. T4U 7.5 Inch Pot SetBest Lightweight and Sturdy
  4. T4U 6 Inch Plastic PotsBest Multi-Purpose African Violets Pot
  5. MyGift White Ceramic Pots – Best Small African violets Pot
  6.  Window Garden Aquaphoric Planter PotBest for water-loving plants
  7. FENGZHITAO Self-Watering Planter PotBest for starter plants
  8. Vanavazon A707 Self-Watering Planter PotBest Transparent Bottom Design
  9. DeEFL CY181 Self-Watering PotBest Large African violet Pot
  10. African Violet Ceramic PotBest Absorbent Dolomite
  11. Self-Watering Pots Best Stylish Violet Plant Pot
  12. Self-Watering Planters for Indoor PlantsBest High-Quality Polypropylene
  13. DecoPots 3 Pack Self-Watering Planters-Best UV-Stabilized

Best Pot for African Violet Reviews

1. Best overall african violet flower pots: Mkono Plastic Self-Watering Pots

[amazon box=”B016KE4R26″ template=”horizontal”]

This African violet pot suits Gardeners planning to improve their water monitoring systems. So, if you’re still sticking to plastic self-watering pots, then pick these white pots.

They come in three size options, and you can use them for different plant varieties. Moreover, they’re self-watering, and they’ve got an inner pot and an outer pot. So, when you’re away, these planter pots can still water your plants. Therefore the planter pots prevent root rot.

Also, this Mkono doubles up as a flower pot. So, It isn’t meant for growing African violets only.

Again, they’ve got an outer shell that holds moisture which they dispense later on to your plants. These planter pots water your African Violet plants for ten straight days. For them to do that, you should fill their outer shell.

On the same, this planter pot has a Wick rope. This wick rope helps dispense moisture slowly rather than all at once. The pots are also perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Therefore, they perform well no matter the plants’ location.



2. Best Azalea Pots for African Violets: Azalea Plastic Nursery Pots

[amazon box=”B0057IQDLU” template=”horizontal”]

These Azalea 8-inch African violet pots are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. Moreover, plastic nursery pots are also for use in professional nurseries too.

Also, you can clean these African violet pots between use. That allows one to use the pots again and again when need be. Further, you can save some strife over time since they’re convenient.

At this African violet pot’s diameter, they measure eight inches across. And for the depth, these pots are 5.6 inches deep.

Elsewhere, these pots offer extra protection for your African violet plants. They do so since they never disintegrate into large soil areas. Also, that’s doable since they’re nursery pots too.

These African violet planter pots have about eight drainage holes at the bottom. The drain holes help you control moisture management better, unlike before.

In short, better water management means you’ll produce beautiful blooms.



3. Best Multi-Purpose African Violets Pot: T4U 7.5 Inch Self-Watering Planter Pot Set

[amazon box=”B07TP2W5VQ” template=”horizontal”]

As their names suggest, these T4U African violet self-watering pots self-water your plants. Also, they’ve got a deep water reservoir under the main port. This reservoir is where the water stays.

Moreover, it lets your soil take up the water it needs naturally. But the pots never force your soil to absorb excess moisture. Thus, they prevent your African violet plant’s root system from flooding.

Further, these pots have cutouts that let you fill the moisture reservoir. Fortunately, you can fill the water without lifting the planter’s main pot.

With their self-watering systems, constant plant watering will be something of the past. Rather, watering the African violet plants would be done once/twice a week. But that depends on the African violet’s water needs.

This package includes four different self-watering planter pots. All of which have 7.5-inch diameters and 6-inch heights.



4. Best Inner Compartment: T4U 6 Inch Plastic Pots

[amazon box=”B07XK6RQ36″ template=”horizontal”]

Here’s another self-watering planter pot from T4U. It’s a perfect choice for indoor  African violet plants. Also, these pots have a classic white look. Thus, they fit into all decor schemes without breaking a sweat.

All these planter pots are made of lightweight resin. This resing makes them durable and robust even without them being extra bulky.

They come in sick packs, allowing one to pot different African violets. Also, each package has a 6-inch diameter and a 5-inch height.

Again, they’re self-watering, meaning you only need to add water to their reservoirs. Then, your African violet plants need watering once/twice a week.

The reservoir sits within the internal compartment. So, these planter pots lack inner and outer pots, instead an internal box.

Also, this pot’s design is perfect for retaining nutrients in your African violet plants. That’s because it prevents common nutrient loss, unlike traditional planters.



5. Best Small African Violets Pot: MyGift White Ceramic Succulent Planter Pots

[amazon box=”B0747ZRCVN” template=”horizontal”]

These MyGift Ceramic pots are perfect for succulents and African violets too. The dimensions of these planters are:

  • A 4-inch diameter.
  • 4.3 inches deep.
  • 3.9 inches high.

They’re rather decorative planter pots as well. So, they go with all decor looks and arrangements. They’re white with scalloped designs at the pots’ top, which match different decor types.

The saucer attaches itself to the pot. Thus, the sauce always stays on the spot you place them. Also, that enhances the planters’ aesthetic appeal.

Further, these planter pots feature a drainage hole at their bottom. With the drain hole:

  • The saucer won’t catch excess water.
  • The planter won’t overwater your African violet plants.

Moreover, these planter pots come in two packages. That allows you:

  • To have several African violet plants in a single pot.
  • To have a second African violet that needs potting.



6. Best for water-loving plants: Window Garden Aquaphoric Self-Watering Planter Pot

[amazon box=”B08G641JLQ” template=”horizontal”]

These Aquaphoric self-watering pots come in different colors. The colors include; yellow, wine, slate, ivory, green, chartreuse, etc.

Since they’ve got different colors, one can find a color that fits in with their decor.

Each option has a matte or glossy finish with a solid color. Thus, you can pick one that matches your decor’s exact color scheme.

Again, as the name sounds, this Garden pot self-waters your African violet plants. Also, it has a water-level indicator. This indicator helps you water your African violets correctly.

With that water level indicator, no over/under watering will happen. Therefore, your soil nor African violets will flood, preventing root rot.

With this system, your African violets will survive without needing frequent watering. After all, their self-watering feature partially takes care of that for you.

Moreover, the pot has an Aquaphoric system. This system maintains the balance between oxygen and water within root zones.

Also, the system has fiber soil (a quart). That helps prepares one for planting after it arrives.



7. Best for starter plants: FENGZHITAO Self-Watering Planter Pot

[amazon box=”B07Q64TMV1″ template=”horizontal”]

This FENGZHITAO planter pot comes in three packages. They’re tiny self-watering planters but perfect planter pots for your violet plants. Moreover, this pot’s size is 4.3 inches, perfect for African violets of that size.

Also, they’ve got a simple but sleek appearance. Therefore, making them fit in perfectly into any of the following:

  • Office
  • Home
  • Apartment

The good thing is they fit in regardless of the decor. In short, it’s an all-around self-watering planter pot.

Elsewhere, this self-watering planter pot uses internal and external pots. That creates room for more African violet plants. Moreover, the design also boosts the pot’s functionality. The inner pot of this self-watering planter has a 3.14-inch diameter. Its height is 2.75 inches.

The outer pot has a 4.13-inch diameter, 2.33-inch bottom, and 4.33-inch height. So, you can fill the reservoir with moisture, eliminating frequent/daily watering.

The reservoir holds up moisture for up to a week. That perfectly suits Gardeners or homeowners who’ve got a short vacation/work trip.



8. Best Transparent Bottom Design: Vanavazon A707 Self-Watering Planter Pot

[amazon box=”B0862FHNPB” template=”horizontal”]

This Vanavazon self-watering planter pot is eco-friendly. So, I recommend it if you’re looking for a non-toxic planter for your African violets. Moreover, its name tells it all! This planter pot is self-watering.

It being self-watering means no more frequent/daily plant watering. Thus, making planting African violets in planter pots straightforward.

Also, this planter pot features a modern appeal design. This design instantly brightens any place you put the planter pot. Moreover, it has a transparent bottom design, allowing easy water level checkups.

The design is suitable for checking when your violets have low or excess water levels. That helps one avoid overwatering or violets drying out. The good thing is you won’t need to remove the planter’s inner pot.

Elsewhere, this African violet planter pot has a double-layer design. This particular design ensures excess moisture moves to the pot’s bottom. They do so to prevent the soil from taking up the excess water.

That design reduces the chances of overwatering your African violets.

Also, the design lets your violet plants soak water only when need be.



9. Best Large African violet Pot: DeEFL CY181 Self-Watering Pot

[amazon box=”B081RPWX9B” template=”horizontal”]

For starters, this DeEFL self-watering pot’s material is top-notch and irresistible. The self-watering planter pot is made of plant fiber and PP plastic material.

Those two materials make this planter pot safe for your African violet plants.

Furthermore, these pots come with stunning metallic shades that look extra elegant/classy. Thus, they fit in almost all spaces.

They’ve got an inner pot that lets you put your favorite African violet plants. Also, they have an outer pot (large) that acts as a self-watering base. That design makes watering your African violet plants convenient.

It’s worth noting that these planter pots never overwater your African violets. Instead, they make them bloom even better.

Furthermore, they’re perfect for Gardeners or homeowners with green thumbs. That’s so since the planter pots come with garden gloves.

These planter pots have water injection holes. The holes water the inner containers without removing them from the pots. Moreover, that makes these African violet planter pots convenient and time-saving.



10. Best Absorbent Dolomite: African Violet Ceramic Pot

[amazon box=”B08FD487XC” template=”horizontal”]

Are you looking for a planter pot that keeps your violets blooming all year round? If so, pick this ceramic self-watering planter pot. They’ve got a high-absorbent dolomite central pot for your plants.

Also, they have an outer pot that’s glazed. This glazed pot helps hold enough moisture for your African violets. Moreover, it would help to fill the glazed pot halfway with room-temperature water. After doing so, you can insert the inner pot.

This Atri self-watering planter pot delivers enough moisture to your soil. That prevents your soil from sogging. Further, this bottom watering feature boosts your violet plants’ root strength. The plant roots growing towards moisture makes that possible.

Also, this Atri ceramic pot is versatile and stylish. Therefore, complementing almost all home decor.



11. Best Stylish Violet Plant Pot: 4 Pack 6.7″ Self-Watering Pots for Indoor Plants with Water Indicator

[amazon box=”B08ZMY4WFT” template=”horizontal”]

Looking for a stylish, self-watering pot that perfectly suits African violets? If so, look no further. This 4-pack, 6.7-inch pot is your best bet! It best suits indoor plants, and it has a moisture indicator.

The indicator helps you know when the pots have low/high water levels. So if the moisture levels are low, you’ll need to refill and vice-versa. Moreover, they’ll keep your violets hydrated and healthy without stressing about overwatering your violets.

The inbuilt moisture indicator lets you know when the pots need watering or not. So, with that, you’ll keep your African violets on regular water schedules.

Further, these pots are made of premium plastic material, durable and lightweight. That makes them value for money.



12. Best High-Quality Polypropylene: Self-Watering Planters for Indoor Plants

[amazon box=”B09XLJ4KYG” template=”horizontal”]

Self-watering pots are the best method to keep your violets hydrated and healthy. And that’s even when one is too busy to water the African violets. These planter pots have inbuild reservoirs that release moisture to the roots.

The pots water the violet roots slowly when need be. So, you won’t need to stress out because of overwatering/underwatering your violets. Moreover, these Gs self-watering planters are made of polypropylene (high-quality).

The high-quality polypropylene materials are leak-resistant and durable. So, your African violets will continuously bloom and remain hydrated. Further, these planter pots have internal plant supports. The particular supports have legs that lift your violets out of water.

Moreover, that feature:

  • It prevents your African violets from remaining in stagnant moisture pools.
  • It promotes root development and growth. The pots do so via ventilation holes within the floor of the inner pot.



13. Best UV-Stabilized: DecoPots 3 Pack Self-Watering Planters

[amazon box=”B0862F8G1W” template=”horizontal”]

Are you looking for a self-watering planter that can stand UV rays? If so, these Decopots do that and more. That’s so since they’re made of UV-stabilized plastic material. Therefore, they’re perfect for growing African violets outdoors in the sun.

Also, these self-watering Decopots are of different colors, providing you with wider options. Then again, they’ve got a moisture-level indicator that boosts convenience. That eliminates the need to disassemble them when trying to check water levels.

With these self-watering Decopots:

  • You’ll see fewer gnats because of their efficient drainage.
  • Access to the moisture reservoir will never block.
  • Their adequate air circulation makes your violet roots grow healthy and strong.

After topping your violets with water, the excess moisture drains into their reservoir. After that, your African violets will absorb it for around four weeks. They’ll absorb the moisture via the dual wicks.

I recommend Decopots to Gardeners wanting to replant their root-bound African violets. That’s so since:

  • They’re easy to use.
  • They’re self-watering pots.
  • They make the violet’s root systems thrive within weeks.



Best African Violet Pots Comparison Table.

[amazon box=”B016KE4R26, B0057IQDLU, B07TP2W5VQ, B07XK6RQ36, B0747ZRCVN, B08G641JLQ, B07Q64TMV1, B0862FHNPB, B081RPWX9B, B08FD487XC, B08ZMY4WFT, B09XLJ4KYG, B0862F8G1W” template=”table” link_id=”6106″]

Best African Violet Pots Buying Guide

It would help to know what to look for in an African violet pot. So, if you don’t know the exact starting point, read on!

This guide section breaks down two features you should look for in African violet pots.

Self-watering African violet pots

The self-watering feature is the most valuable part of a planter pot. That’s because the feature helps water your violet plants when you can’t. Thus, you won’t need to do frequent manual watering.

Pot Material

In matters of planter pot materials, the options are few. That includes primarily ceramic and plastic pots for African violet plants.

I recommend picking plastic African violet pots since they’ve got several advantages. For example, the planter pot type isn’t fragile as the ceramic type.

Best Type of Pots for African Violets

Best African Violet Planter Pots Images

Self-Watering Pots

Well-established and mature African violet plants can flourish well in self-watering pots. But, using self-watering planter pots isn’t necessary for African violet plants. I say this since this plant type can push through when the soil dries out between waterings.

Plastic pots for African violets

Plastic pots for African violets are durable and prevent your soil from drying quickly. Also, they come in different sizes. So, you find or pick one that suits your African violets’ sizes.

And that’s regardless of if you’ve got the following varieties:

  • A miniature
  • A semi-miniature
  • A  standard
  • A large one

Ceramic Pots

In most cases, ceramic pots look fabulous and attractive. But finding perfect ceramic pot sizes for your violet plants takes a lot of work.

Then again, for some reason, some ceramic pots don’t have drainage holes.

Clay Pots

You can use a clay pot to grow your favorite African violet plants. But this pot isn’t the first recommendation. That’s because they let your soil dry faster. Thus, you’ll need to monitor your African violets often when using this pot type.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Watering Pots for African Violets


1) Healthy Plant

A self-watering pot helps supply the proper water to your African violet plants. When these planter pots do that, they prevent overwatering or drought. Also, suitable water levels keep your African violets blooming without:

  • Discoloration of leaves.
  • Fungal problems.

2) Save Water

Self-watering pots water your African violet plants only when they need to. That’s unlike when you water the African violets yourself. I say so because when watering, some moisture evaporates into the air.

3) Ease Out

With these planter pots, interval checking your violet plants isn’t necessary. That’s because they water your plants as per what they need. Moreover, that makes your violets bloom while making your life easier.


1) Bad for Outdoors

Gardeners or homeowners usually grow African violet plants indoors. But others prefer planting them outdoors.

The outdoor temperature sometimes fluctuates because of high humidity conditions or rain. Unfortunately, that leads to the pots overwatering due to trapped moisture. Because of that, your African violet plants may absorb excess water, causing death.

2) Non-economical and Expensive

Another major challenge with self watering pots is the pricing. Unlike ordinary planter pots, self-watering pots are pretty expensive. And when buying them initially, you feel like you’re paying a higher price. But in the long run, you’ll save lots of water.

3) Algae and Fungus

Most of us lose track of cleaning the planter pots’ reservoirs because of our busy schedules. So, dirty moisture may accumulate for more than a month. And if that happens, fungus and algae may creep up.

4) Mosquitoes Breeding

Due to favorable insect conditions, these pots create the perfect hub for mosquitoes.

Things to Remember While Using Self-Watering Pots

1. Water Correctly

  • Despite having a tight schedule, it would help to refill your planter pots once a week.
  • Never overwater the planter pot too.
  • Refrain from drying your African violet self-watering container completely.

2. Natural Composts over Fertilizers

  • Add well-matured compost rather than time-release fertilizers or liquid.
  • It would help to use homemade compost. The compost should include ginger covers, garlic, potato skins, or banana peels.
  • Salts can build up within your African violet pot because of unsuitable fertilizers. Moreover, the salt buildup can dehydrate your African violet plants faster.

3. Check Your Reservoir Regularly

  • It would be best if you didn’t leave your violet pot’s reservoir overflowing or completely dry.
  • Check if the moisture is clean or otherwise. I say so since fungus, dirt, algae, and insect infestation may come up.

4. Maintainance and Cleaning Self Watering Pots

Clean the Pot

Clean your African violet pot once a year. That’s because the plant roots will move towards the water reservoir. But don’t worry! You can clean your African violet planter pots using the following:

  • A rag
  • A towel
  • Water
  • Soap

Change the Pot

It would help to change your planter pot’s size once your violet plants grow. Otherwise, the plants may cram up within the small planter pot. Unfortunately, that negatively affects your African violet plants.

Maintenance in Winter Season

It would help to keep your African violet pot indoors when it’s chilly outside. Doing so prevents moisture from freezing within the reservoir.


When planting African violets, there are certain types of planter pots that you should avoid. Here are some of the worst types of African violet planter pots to steer clear of, along with the reasons why:

  1. Un-glazed terra cotta pots: While terra cotta pots are a popular choice for many plants, they are not ideal for African violets. Un-glazed terra cotta pots are porous, which means that they absorb water and can lead to over-watering and root rot. Additionally, the un-glazed surface of the pot can scratch and damage the delicate leaves of African violets.
  2. Metal pots: Metal pots can get very hot in direct sunlight, which can damage the roots of African violets. Additionally, metal pots can rust, which can lead to contamination of the soil.
  3. Small pots: African violets need room to grow, so planting them in small pots can be detrimental to their health. They should be planted in pots that are at least 4 inches in diameter.
  4. Deep pots: African violets have shallow root systems, so planting them in deep pots can be problematic. They need shallow pots that are no more than 4-5 inches deep.
  5. Plastic pots without drainage holes: African violets require well-draining soil, so planting them in plastic pots without drainage holes can lead to waterlogged soil and root rot. Make sure that any plastic pots you use have drainage holes in the bottom.


Do African Violets Need Special Pots?

African violet plants don’t need unique planter pots. Even though that’s true, African violets are among the best plants for self watering pots. For the best results, plant them in small ceramic or plastic self watering containers to provide the proper amount of continuous moisture to the plants.

What Types of Pots Are Best for African Violets?

Different factors matter when it comes to matters of the best pots for African pots. For example, ceramic or plastic pots are the best pick for African violets. But on the other side, most people dislike clay pots.

Also, it would help if you considered extra features a planner pot may have. The features should make growing African violet plants simpler.

Are Self-Watering Pots Good for African Violets?

Yes, self-watering plant pots are good for African Violets. These planter pots make your Gardening life simpler. Moreover, they’ll save you energy and time.

That’s because they help disperse moisture to your violets without your supervision.

How Often Do African Violets Need to Be Watered?

African violet plants need to be watered semi-frequently to prevent them from dying. But at the same time, watering these violets frequently waterlogs them.

New England Today recommends simple touch methods to check if your violets need watering. So, if the soil feels dry, then it’s for watering them.

Do African Violets Do Well In Clay Pots?

From the African Violet Society of America (AVSA), most Gardeners don’t like clay pots. Instead, they prefer ceramic or plastic pots. Thus, African violet plants don’t do well in clay pots.

For one, these clay pots over-evaporate excessively. That negatively affects your African violets’ watering schedule.

Also, clay pots are prone to mineral deposits faster than ceramic/plastic pots. The deposits accumulate around roots, threatening your violet’s livelihood.

When Should You Re-Pot African Violets?

It would help to repot your African violet plants semi-annually. Well, that’s from Optimara Violets. Moreover, replanting your violet plants twice a year is a popular recommendation.

At the bare minimum, repot your violets when the roots start bounding. When they do so, it means they’ve outgrown the current violet pot size.

What Are Some of the Best Plants to Grow in Self-watering Pots?

The best plants for self-watering pots are those that prefer consistently moist soil, such as ferns, peace lilies, African violets, and spider plants. Herbs like mint, oregano, and basil also thrive in self-watering pots. However, plants that require well-draining soil or are sensitive to overwatering should be avoided in self-watering pots.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pots for African Violets

In our best African Violet planter pots review, we’ve picked the Mkono pots. We’ve done so since it doubles up as a flower pot. So, It isn’t meant for growing African violets only.

Also, they’ve got an outer shell that holds moisture which they dispense later on to your plants. At the same time, they come with a Wick rope for distributing water slowly.

Our runner-up is the Decopots. They’re made of UV-stabilized plastic material. Therefore, they’re perfect for growing African violets outdoors in the sun. Also, they’ve got dual Wicks for efficient moisture absorption.

All said, let us know the African violet pots you’ve picked.

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