26 Pink Syngonium Varieties

If you love plants with unique and striking foliage, consider growing some pink Syngonium varieties. These tropical plants, also known as arrowhead vines or pink splash plants, are part of the Araceae family. They are known for their arrow-shaped leaves and pink variegation patterns.  We’ve extensively researched popular pink Syngonium varieties like Syngonium Pink Spot,  … Read more

Philodendron moss pole: Is it necessary?

Are you in possession of a Philodendron plant and wondering whether you need a moss pole? Philodendrons can grow upwards or sideways in the wild or as indoor plants. While in their native habitat, these plants anchor themselves on tall trees.   When you grow them as houseplants, you can leave them spreading sideways. Or you … Read more

13 Asparagus Fern Types: Find Your Perfect Variety!

You’ve probably heard of asparagus ferns if you’re a plant lover. The plants are popular among gardeners due to their attractive feathery, fern-like leaves and clumping habit. Each type of Asparagus fern offers unique features, including different foliage shapes and growth habits.  This article will explore 13 types of asparagus ferns, their characteristics, and how … Read more

Black spots on monstera Leaves: 13 Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Are you looking to tackle those pesky black spots on Monstera leaves head-on? As a seasoned horticulturist and plant aficionado, I’ve battled this issue personally and invested endless hours researching to conquer it. This action-packed post will explore the factors causing those dreaded black spots on Monstera leaves. We’ll also share kick-butt preventative measures and … Read more