White Spots On Fiddle Leaf Fig

White Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Image

Have you noticed some white spots on your fiddle leaf fig leaves lately? Maybe you’re worried since you haven’t seen such spots before. If so, you are not alone. White spots are a common problem that house plant owners frequently encounter. But where do these spots come from? Several factors can cause white spots and … Read more

Best Moss Pole For Monstera

How to support a monstera plant

Is your Monstera plant spreading everywhere, or are the leaf tips yellowing? A moss pole could be an excellent solution. Moss poles can give your Monstera extra micronutrients and train the plant to climb in search of light, like in its nmoss pole you find onlineatural habitat. However, don’t just buy any moss pole The … Read more

Best Books on Houseplants

Best Books on Houseplants Image

Whether you are an ardent horticulturist or a fresh beginner in gardening, a good knowledge resource can be an excellent way to sharpen your knowledge. How better to learn about being an indoor plant owner than reading a book on the subject?  A good encyclopedia or guidebook can carry a wealth of information and expert … Read more

Monstera In The Wild

Monstera In The Wild Image

Monstera plants are a sight to behold. Their large, glossy leaves and unique perforations make them a striking addition.sub But did you know that these beautiful plants can also be found in the wild? That’s right – Monsteras actually grow in tropical forests around the world. Keep reading for the 13 amazing Monsteras in the … Read more

Rootbound Monstera: Do Monstera Like to Be Root Bound

rootbound monstera: do monstera like to be root bound

Monstera is fast-growing, and so are the roots. Unfortunately, this can mean outgrowing its pot sooner than you expect, especially for a small-sized vessel.  Since Monstera grows faster than most other potted plants, you may end up with root-bound Monstera by surprise. But, do Monstera like to be root bound? Notice that being root-bound can … Read more

Rootbound Pothos: Do Pothos Like to be Root Bound

Rootbound Pothos Image

Have you noticed your Pothos roots popping out of their pot’s drainage holes? Well, your Pothos roots could be root bound. A root-bound Pothos is a plant with compacted roots. With such, the plants can’t hold water and nutrients needed for growth. Several reasons could send your Pothos to root bound, but the main one … Read more

Harlequin Pothos Care

Harlequin Pothos Care Image

The Harlequin Pothos is rare, but it is a favorite to most plant lovers. Grown for its ease of care, pleasant foliage, and exceptional air-purifying abilities, this houseplant thrives quite well under good care. Unfortunately, there’s the challenge of actually keeping them alive. Keep reading to learn about harlequin pothos care to keep your own … Read more

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Toxic to Cats?

Are Fiddle Leaf Figs Toxic To Cats

Have you recently added a lovely fiddle fig to your home décor, but your curious cats can’t get away from it? You may be asking yourself, ‘Are fiddle leaf figs toxic to cats?” After all, you don’t want to put your furry friends at risk of getting intoxicated.  You want your pet and your precious … Read more

Glacier Pothos vs NJoy

Glacier Pothos vs NJoy Image

Glacier and NJoy Pothos are beautiful Pothos plants and are closely similar. You may find it challenging to tell the difference if you are a beginner plant parent. Furthermore, when the plants are young, the similarity is striking.  We all know both varieties belong to the same cluster group and require the same care routine. … Read more

Holes in Pothos Leaves

Image of Holes in Pothos Leaves

You’ve had your pothos plants for some time now, and suddenly, you notice holes. After all, the Pothos plants need very little attention, and developing holes was the last thing on your mind. The next question you’ll ask yourself is, how did my Pothos develop holes? What could I be doing wrong?    The problem could … Read more